63 christmas text messages on 2013/1217

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,310 times that day including 1,215 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1217

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2013_12_17_17:00:24.931   098.167.057.xxx   Why 'ello Rachel___
2013_12_17_17:01:43.504   098.167.057.xxx   Payne Kaufman!
2013_12_17_17:04:07.393   098.167.057.xxx   Payne Kaufman smells like cheese
2013_12_17_17:04:52.110   067.190.029.xxx   prove it
2013_12_17_17:05:08.531   024.005.142.xxx   shut up
2013_12_17_17:05:47.205   067.190.029.xxx   prove it
2013_12_17_17:05:56.666   098.167.057.xxx   Smega souffle
2013_12_17_17:07:07.173   067.190.029.xxx   come on guys, please stop!
2013_12_17_17:08:09.945   098.167.057.xxx   Hi guy with glasses!
2013_12_17_17:08:32.434   076.099.155.xxx   Luke, I am your father.
2013_12_17_17:11:54.110   076.099.155.xxx   Who lives in a pineapple under the sea...
2013_12_17_17:13:12.750   076.099.155.xxx   Spongebob Squarepants!
2013_12_17_17:24:26.438   071.014.138.xxx   The weirdos are out tonight.
2013_12_17_17:26:42.765   203.013.144.xxx   Simon Miller
2013_12_17_17:27:20.525   071.014.138.xxx   Larry Boop
2013_12_17_17:28:00.548   203.013.144.xxx   Merry CHristmas, Simon
2013_12_17_17:35:58.947   072.200.220.xxx   Merry Christmas Derek
2013_12_17_17:37:45.539   098.085.200.xxx   merry christmas from cocoa FL
2013_12_17_17:38:53.676   075.071.215.xxx   Merry Christmas, We are free from the Republic! COS, CO USA
2013_12_17_17:42:54.963   050.164.175.xxx   Hi Watchers Merry Xmas from north of BostonMA  :)
2013_12_17_17:45:52.980   203.013.144.xxx   Marry Christmas from Sydney
2013_12_17_17:45:57.490   072.200.220.xxx   Hi from Norman Oklahoma!
2013_12_17_17:53:36.828   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I think Sydney wins the farthest away prize! ***ALEK***
2013_12_17_17:56:04.155   203.013.144.xxx   Thanks from Sydney, Alek. Great effort on your part!
2013_12_17_17:56:47.085   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome Down Under Dude!   ;-) ***ALEK***
2013_12_17_17:57:26.077   070.127.252.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek from Jerm in Fl.
2013_12_17_18:17:35.993   024.008.054.xxx   Hello World
2013_12_17_18:18:38.905   024.008.054.xxx   Squishies are good
2013_12_17_18:18:57.956   070.196.196.xxx   Hello :)How's the wind tonight?
2013_12_17_18:30:50.377   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wind is not too bad tonight ... balloon just struggles to stay up ***ALEK***
2013_12_17_19:07:31.925   096.002.098.xxx   GO WILD!!!!!
2013_12_17_19:12:53.900   067.083.204.xxx   love it!!!!
2013_12_17_19:14:06.629   072.211.174.xxx   Greetings from Green Valley, AZ
2013_12_17_19:14:06.830   067.083.204.xxx   Merry Christmas Vegas! =D
2013_12_17_19:14:58.368   072.211.174.xxx   Greetings from Green Valley, AZ
2013_12_17_19:19:34.360   067.083.204.xxx   ______Merry Christmas Vegas______
2013_12_17_19:20:54.212   096.002.098.xxx   Merry Christmas from Princeton, MN!!!!!!
2013_12_17_19:37:14.095   076.184.248.xxx   Watch the spaceman42 Channel on YouTUBE.  :)
2013_12_17_19:37:20.437   199.082.243.xxx   HO! HO! HO!
2013_12_17_19:42:52.215   076.184.248.xxx   Elect Pawn Stars CHUMLEE for President in 2016.
2013_12_17_19:45:28.468   072.092.067.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Pretzel State!
2013_12_17_19:49:38.638   076.184.248.xxx   Which icon works the guy with earphones in the house???
2013_12_17_19:58:28.615   162.196.198.xxx   Hi Alek from McDonough, GA.  I really enjoy your site!
2013_12_17_19:59:38.076   162.196.198.xxx   I've watched your site for 3 years now.  Mery Christmas!
2013_12_17_20:00:03.118   076.184.248.xxx   It is 8:00pm MST...You know where your elves are?
2013_12_17_20:01:26.348   162.196.198.xxx   Off
2013_12_17_20:02:50.145   162.196.198.xxx   on!
2013_12_17_20:09:02.646   162.196.198.xxx   Fun when there isn't much x10 traffic!
2013_12_17_20:15:56.537   174.003.212.xxx   Hello. I can see you through the screen.
2013_12_17_20:23:07.742   108.183.034.xxx   HO HO FROM JC NY
2013_12_17_20:24:25.128   108.183.034.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM JOHNSON CITY NY
2013_12_17_20:27:51.412   098.230.066.xxx   Merry Christmas mobile al
2013_12_17_20:37:04.194   099.090.079.xxx   hello
2013_12_17_20:37:42.576   099.090.079.xxx   wave to me
2013_12_17_20:54:33.601   068.150.161.xxx   Wave wave
2013_12_17_21:17:33.780   068.150.161.xxx   SomAlek,,how's the wind tonight?
2013_12_17_21:18:12.583   068.150.161.xxx   Oops I meant so
2013_12_17_21:21:46.444   072.239.181.xxx   i do believe that u were asked a q.
2013_12_17_21:22:20.378   068.150.161.xxx   It's ok, he does get busy
2013_12_17_21:41:22.935   096.002.098.xxx   Remember to vote for Alek. Details at top of Page
2013_12_17_21:51:15.700   068.150.161.xxx   Yes, vote
2013_12_17_21:53:00.653   068.150.161.xxx   Ooh a tree

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