149 christmas text messages on 2013/1218

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,326 times that day including 1,046 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1218

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2013_12_18_17:00:55.498   024.016.001.xxx   FIRST--WOOHOO
2013_12_18_17:02:34.475   024.016.001.xxx   Merry Christmas from the shadow of the Space Needle!!
2013_12_18_17:03:45.080   024.016.001.xxx   Is it cold where you are?
2013_12_18_17:04:37.447   024.016.001.xxx   Mele Kalikimaka to you all in Hawaii!!
2013_12_18_17:05:19.199   024.016.001.xxx   Feliz Navidad!!
2013_12_18_17:05:42.102   024.212.132.xxx   feliz navodad
2013_12_18_17:05:55.663   024.181.211.xxx   merry christmas!!
2013_12_18_17:06:21.084   024.212.132.xxx   this is a shout out to my friend kag
2013_12_18_17:06:40.839   024.016.001.xxx   hey Kag (wave)
2013_12_18_17:07:48.877   024.016.001.xxx   Alek--thanks for another year of fun!!
2013_12_18_17:08:06.328   024.181.211.xxx   hope you all have a merry christmas this year
2013_12_18_17:08:21.290   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Fun for me too ... HO-HO-HO! ***ALEK***
2013_12_18_17:08:40.704   024.212.132.xxx   where is the pbr
2013_12_18_17:10:38.382   024.016.001.xxx   no PBR--it's Raineeeeeeeer Beeeeeeeeeer!!
2013_12_18_17:10:42.511   024.009.087.xxx   rest in peace paul walker
2013_12_18_17:11:25.511   024.016.001.xxx   Happy 50th Brad Pitt!!
2013_12_18_17:12:05.969   024.009.087.xxx   rest in peace brad pitt
2013_12_18_17:12:07.468   024.181.211.xxx   hey
2013_12_18_17:13:00.237   024.009.087.xxx   whats up komar
2013_12_18_17:14:55.979   024.009.087.xxx   looking good komar!
2013_12_18_17:14:56.325   024.181.211.xxx   merry christmas
2013_12_18_17:15:06.481   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Who asked for the PBR? ***ALEK***
2013_12_18_17:16:15.054   024.009.087.xxx   how many pbrs have you had this evening komar
2013_12_18_17:17:16.195   192.183.146.xxx   Hi Santa
2013_12_18_17:18:28.664   093.174.093.xxx   ho ho ho
2013_12_18_17:19:46.928   093.174.093.xxx   This is as much fun as p***ing on spark plugs
2013_12_18_17:19:49.246   024.181.211.xxx   hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013_12_18_17:21:25.663   174.055.058.xxx   Hello from Emerge Youth!
2013_12_18_17:23:54.805   024.181.211.xxx   hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013_12_18_17:24:34.482   192.183.146.xxx   Hello have you seen Santa?
2013_12_18_17:25:08.759   024.009.087.xxx   komar 2.0
2013_12_18_17:26:55.021   075.032.008.xxx   Merry Christmas and Santa needs Tacos Now!!!
2013_12_18_17:27:19.038   024.181.211.xxx   bye for now
2013_12_18_17:28:36.602   024.016.001.xxx   cya (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_18_17:29:47.639   024.016.001.xxx   what does the fox say?? (11)
2013_12_18_17:31:39.139   024.016.001.xxx   59 degrees Alek? That's a heat wave! (12)
2013_12_18_17:34:55.781   024.016.001.xxx   You are one "smart Alek!" (13)
2013_12_18_17:36:43.279   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I've never heard that before - LOL! ***ALEK***
2013_12_18_17:37:42.936   024.016.001.xxx   wink wink (14)
2013_12_18_17:42:12.087   024.212.132.xxx   komar simpson
2013_12_18_17:46:05.062   024.212.132.xxx   garfield the movie is a good movie
2013_12_18_17:47:08.574   024.016.001.xxx   everyone watch the documentary "Blackfish" (15)
2013_12_18_17:51:33.791   071.230.111.xxx   why?
2013_12_18_17:56:06.117   075.131.171.xxx   Merry Christmas Alex from Roanoke Island, nc.
2013_12_18_18:01:40.589   024.181.211.xxx   hey everyone
2013_12_18_18:03:27.659   068.150.161.xxx   47th!
2013_12_18_18:17:36.473   082.046.228.xxx   48th
2013_12_18_18:37:39.214   108.183.034.xxx   49th
2013_12_18_18:37:51.084   024.181.211.xxx   hi everyone at  the north pole =)
2013_12_18_18:38:21.158   108.183.034.xxx   Hello from the south pole
2013_12_18_18:39:43.161   108.183.034.xxx   amish mafia not real
2013_12_18_18:42:07.802   086.029.124.xxx   Festive.
2013_12_18_18:44:55.999   068.150.161.xxx   It's always better to see this site on a real PC
2013_12_18_18:50:53.734   068.150.161.xxx   hey Alek, if you put your hand on that Electric ball will
2013_12_18_18:51:28.422   068.150.161.xxx   your hair stand on end?
2013_12_18_18:52:45.363   071.046.100.xxx   Hello from Indiana
2013_12_18_18:53:25.374   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** LOL on the hair stand up on end - it does that by itself already! ***ALEK***
2013_12_18_18:56:17.367   071.230.111.xxx   Hi Alek!!!
2013_12_18_19:04:03.114   069.140.008.xxx   hulk smash me
2013_12_18_19:04:40.475   069.140.008.xxx   merry christmas
2013_12_18_19:07:55.000   068.150.161.xxx   who here watches Christmas TV shows?
2013_12_18_19:08:37.650   071.046.100.xxx   Christmas Story, Bad Santa, Elf, Emmit Otters Jug Band Christmas  :)
2013_12_18_19:09:04.502   068.150.161.xxx   i see.  any animated ones?
2013_12_18_19:09:25.866   071.046.100.xxx   Rudolph and the like
2013_12_18_19:09:55.865   068.150.161.xxx   ok right on
2013_12_18_19:10:38.057   071.046.100.xxx   Mr Magoo had a good one years ago  :)
2013_12_18_19:10:58.861   068.150.161.xxx   yes, certain years they don't show some shows..
2013_12_18_19:15:45.361   096.002.098.xxx   Remember to vote for Alek. Details at top of Page
2013_12_18_19:15:59.770   068.150.161.xxx   already did!
2013_12_18_19:16:24.970   096.002.098.xxx   GO WILD!!!!!
2013_12_18_19:16:49.732   068.150.161.xxx   hey the Wild Fan is back! :D (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_18_19:17:18.148   096.002.098.xxx   Yes I am.....love this site
2013_12_18_19:17:50.098   068.150.161.xxx   we need to chat it up.. not a lot of action going on here (11)
2013_12_18_19:18:27.477   096.002.098.xxx   I am watching it's a wonderful life.......
2013_12_18_19:18:46.064   068.150.161.xxx   that's on tonight? (12)
2013_12_18_19:19:11.478   096.002.098.xxx   Nope....on DVD
2013_12_18_19:20:03.185   096.002.098.xxx   I try to watch one Christmas movie a night.
2013_12_18_19:20:11.299   068.150.161.xxx   oh ok.  well that's different (13)
2013_12_18_19:20:49.487   068.150.161.xxx   yea me too. (14)
2013_12_18_19:21:13.774   096.002.098.xxx   What's your favorite Christmas movie???
2013_12_18_19:21:27.732   068.150.161.xxx   Christmas Vacation (15)
2013_12_18_19:22:00.474   096.002.098.xxx   Home Alone
2013_12_18_19:23:14.511   068.150.161.xxx   one I don't see on the schedule, which is sad is "Scrooged" (16)
2013_12_18_19:26:08.371   068.150.161.xxx   there are a lot of good movies for Christmas on TV (17)
2013_12_18_19:27:55.937   071.114.164.xxx   hello alek how ru
2013_12_18_19:28:16.872   068.150.161.xxx   Alek ain't here man! (18)
2013_12_18_19:30:01.390   068.150.161.xxx   someone needs to win the lottern and donate a Million to Alek (19)
2013_12_18_19:34:04.095   068.150.161.xxx   this place is gonna be a rocking in a week! (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_18_19:35:51.330   068.150.161.xxx   Will likely see 5,000 people on here Christmas Eve (21)
2013_12_18_19:49:37.040   068.150.161.xxx   that's the best day to be on here.. not sure if he'll turn on early (22)
2013_12_18_19:50:35.297   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Things will be turned on early Christmas Eve - yea, that tends to be a crazy night ***ALEK***
2013_12_18_19:51:18.670   068.150.161.xxx   Alek should dress up in Christms gear that night! (23)
2013_12_18_19:53:28.792   068.150.161.xxx   shingle bells shingle bells (24)
2013_12_18_20:00:17.011   068.150.161.xxx   The Santa Clause 2 is on now but only in Canada (25)
2013_12_18_20:10:10.512   068.150.161.xxx   De la vue (26)
2013_12_18_20:13:38.318   201.161.234.xxx   hello aleks
2013_12_18_20:16:00.623   068.150.161.xxx   lets see if we can talk backwards (27)
2013_12_18_20:17:21.692   201.161.234.xxx   GREETINGS FROM CAMPECHE MEXICO
2013_12_18_20:18:09.246   068.150.161.xxx   must be realllllly nice there (28)
2013_12_18_20:20:29.603   201.161.234.xxx   ALL DARK EVERYTHING HAHA
2013_12_18_20:20:57.249   068.150.161.xxx   where ya from dark boy? (29)
2013_12_18_20:21:13.935   201.161.234.xxx   MEXICO... U?
2013_12_18_20:21:33.136   068.150.161.xxx   Canada (30 IM's so far today)
2013_12_18_20:22:05.602   201.161.234.xxx   COOL
2013_12_18_20:22:14.254   068.150.161.xxx   wow so far away (31)
2013_12_18_20:24:31.357   068.150.161.xxx   what's the temperature in Mexico? (32)
2013_12_18_20:27:27.139   201.161.234.xxx   23______C
2013_12_18_20:28:40.273   201.161.234.xxx   23 degrees celsius
2013_12_18_20:30:27.434   201.161.234.xxx   See you later Stranger =)
2013_12_18_20:34:30.187   068.150.161.xxx   i miss that*** definitely not that warm (33)
2013_12_18_21:02:08.374   071.204.205.xxx   Hi everyone
2013_12_18_21:03:15.968   071.204.205.xxx   Everyone should go watch Frozen! such an awesome film :)
2013_12_18_21:05:36.310   024.212.132.xxx   i am very sad and i don't know what to do
2013_12_18_21:06:03.146   068.150.161.xxx   Sad about what? (34)
2013_12_18_21:06:13.709   071.204.205.xxx   Im sorry to hear that...
2013_12_18_21:06:28.421   024.212.132.xxx   thank you i am happier now cool christmas
2013_12_18_21:06:51.251   071.204.205.xxx   oh alright :)
2013_12_18_21:07:36.337   071.204.205.xxx   hi dude in the office!
2013_12_18_21:07:39.950   024.212.132.xxx   cOOL komar FX awesome LIGHTS greetings from HO___LLAND!!!!
2013_12_18_21:12:42.750   024.212.132.xxx   anime is the only thing keeping me going
2013_12_18_21:14:15.009   068.150.161.xxx   hey Alek (35)
2013_12_18_21:15:15.781   068.150.161.xxx   how big is your workshop, beyond the camera? (36)
2013_12_18_21:18:04.970   096.235.045.xxx   Happy Christmas Alex! Hope your family is well this year!
2013_12_18_21:18:09.640   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa's workshop is just a regular size room - better picture on the blog ***ALEK***
2013_12_18_21:19:24.682   096.235.045.xxx   I love your disiplay. I visit it every year!
2013_12_18_21:20:14.644   068.150.161.xxx   the weather outside is crazy and the fire is getting lazy (37)
2013_12_18_21:20:40.787   096.235.045.xxx   I'm curious what the electric bill is after all this
2013_12_18_21:21:08.206   068.150.161.xxx   they spin a wheel and whatever it lands on, he pays (38)
2013_12_18_21:23:41.766   024.212.132.xxx   komar cool site whoa very nice very cool (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_18_21:28:19.976   068.150.161.xxx   stop trying to keep the lights off (39)
2013_12_18_21:29:05.128   024.212.132.xxx   save the planet save energy (11)
2013_12_18_21:29:26.415   068.150.161.xxx   its not wasting, it's renewable (40 IM's so far today)
2013_12_18_21:31:07.034   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** HEY ... was that Al Gore that turned all the lights off?!? ***ALEK***
2013_12_18_21:32:39.069   067.176.029.xxx   Bumbles bounce!
2013_12_18_21:34:52.514   024.212.132.xxx   is komar sad how do I know (12)
2013_12_18_21:42:21.459   068.150.161.xxx   how many letters of the alphabet can you use with ad (41)
2013_12_18_21:43:22.192   068.150.161.xxx   ad bad cad dad fad had lad mad nad pad rad sad tad wad yad (42)
2013_12_18_21:43:57.773   068.150.161.xxx   now ud (43)
2013_12_18_21:45:03.521   068.150.161.xxx   bud cud dud fud hud jud lud mud nud pud rud sud zud (44)
2013_12_18_21:49:49.979   068.150.161.xxx   Simply having a wonderful Christmas time (45)
2013_12_18_21:51:05.020   068.150.161.xxx   quazzy Modo (46)
2013_12_18_21:51:55.469   068.150.161.xxx   fozzy bear (47)
2013_12_18_21:52:46.207   096.002.098.xxx   Remember to vote for Alek. Details at top of Page
2013_12_18_21:52:51.569   068.150.161.xxx   Waka waka waka (48)
2013_12_18_21:54:45.007   068.150.161.xxx   We are Santa's elves, filling santa's Shelves (49)
2013_12_18_21:56:38.854   068.150.161.xxx   I'll have a Blue Christmas without you... (50 IM's so far today)
2013_12_18_21:57:33.974   068.150.161.xxx   yawn.. getting tired.  almost time (51)
2013_12_18_21:57:56.517   096.002.098.xxx   Share this page with all your friends!!!!! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_18_21:58:33.385   068.150.161.xxx   why not (52)

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