182 christmas text messages on 2013/1219

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 2,029 times that day including 815 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1219

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2013_12_19_17:00:05.925   068.227.056.xxx   WOW!!
2013_12_19_17:01:14.758   068.229.060.xxx   Second Post
2013_12_19_17:01:40.762   050.093.176.xxx   ROBIN R U HERE YET?
2013_12_19_17:02:06.692   068.229.060.xxx   Nope not yet I'm yet here
2013_12_19_17:02:24.930   068.227.056.xxx   BAMAN IT HERE!
2013_12_19_17:02:55.344   068.229.060.xxx   HUH? u mean Batman is here?
2013_12_19_17:03:27.468   068.227.056.xxx   No CAT MAN is here!
2013_12_19_17:03:37.536   070.191.252.xxx   This is awesome. I have been viewing this for years! Merry CHRISTmas
2013_12_19_17:04:06.112   068.229.060.xxx   completely awesome! Merry Christmas!
2013_12_19_17:04:21.076   070.191.252.xxx   Happy Happy Happy!
2013_12_19_17:04:35.385   068.227.056.xxx   Win! LOOK TO THE RIGHT Komar vote to win HIT IT DAILY!
2013_12_19_17:06:13.674   070.191.252.xxx   Nice glasses son!
2013_12_19_17:06:43.443   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** When you get to be my age, you will be wearing those glasses! ***ALEK***
2013_12_19_17:06:43.774   068.227.056.xxx   Cars out front - MOMMY!  MOMMY!  STOP IN FRONT OF KOMAR'S !!!
2013_12_19_17:06:46.834   068.229.060.xxx   ALL UR HOMEBASE BELONG TO US
2013_12_19_17:07:23.812   070.191.252.xxx   What's your power bill run this month?
2013_12_19_17:07:37.087   068.227.056.xxx   This is a secret NSA back door! I see what's happening at your house!
2013_12_19_17:07:43.724   086.172.017.xxx   Heya :D love ur display!
2013_12_19_17:07:50.765   068.229.060.xxx   Less than a dollar... we are all solar
2013_12_19_17:08:12.025   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** 42/day - scroll down on the main page - light count is 22,000 and 70 Amps ***ALEK***
2013_12_19_17:08:25.140   070.191.252.xxx   Sweet. I wish I had solar
2013_12_19_17:08:25.433   068.227.056.xxx   Solar - meter spins BACKWARDS!
2013_12_19_17:09:10.664   070.191.252.xxx   whats for dinner?
2013_12_19_17:09:42.093   068.229.060.xxx   Sorry Alek... One day you WILL be all Solar !!!
2013_12_19_17:10:09.513   068.227.056.xxx   There is a looooong FAQ
2013_12_19_17:10:29.791   086.172.017.xxx   How long does it take to set up all those lights and stuff?
2013_12_19_17:10:31.557   070.191.252.xxx   How'd ya know?
2013_12_19_17:11:08.026   068.227.056.xxx   L E D s
2013_12_19_17:12:11.755   086.172.017.xxx   How long does it take to put up all your lights? :)
2013_12_19_17:12:38.266   068.227.056.xxx   MERRY SWISSMISS ! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_19_17:13:09.695   108.129.127.xxx   Reddit ___3s you
2013_12_19_17:13:34.298   068.227.056.xxx   KOMAR TO WIN 5,000! BLOG, POST, SLASHDOT, REDIT, VOTE! (11)
2013_12_19_17:13:55.539   068.229.060.xxx   Are you drinking spiked Swiss Miss choco?
2013_12_19_17:14:30.078   068.227.056.xxx   Who is that who know what I am drinking? (12)
2013_12_19_17:14:30.723   108.129.127.xxx   ___script___alert("test")___/script___
2013_12_19_17:15:26.043   184.007.174.xxx   Hello Marshall!
2013_12_19_17:15:37.013   068.227.056.xxx   does_______this___go___off___screen (13)
2013_12_19_17:16:10.870   068.229.060.xxx   All your base belong to us
2013_12_19_17:16:18.303   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Pizza for dinner tonight - wife bringing back about 6:30 ***ALEK***
2013_12_19_17:16:36.736   068.227.056.xxx   does_______this___go___off___screen_______this2___go2___off2___screen2 (14)
2013_12_19_17:16:54.032   068.229.060.xxx   oops... all your base are belong to us (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_19_17:17:11.252   086.172.017.xxx   Merry Xmas from the Cullen family :)
2013_12_19_17:17:22.373   068.227.056.xxx   Line wrap on screen NOT! (15)
2013_12_19_17:18:13.183   068.227.056.xxx   At some amount of characters you should wrap anyway (16)
2013_12_19_17:18:22.471   078.146.090.xxx   Merry Christmas from N. Ireland Alek!
2013_12_19_17:19:12.898   086.172.017.xxx   And from England
2013_12_19_17:19:17.173   068.227.056.xxx   Reddit ? Is this on Reddit tonight? YEAAAA (17)
2013_12_19_17:20:36.971   068.229.060.xxx   All your base are belong to us (11)
2013_12_19_17:22:04.122   068.227.056.xxx   Your face belongs to you! (18)
2013_12_19_17:22:55.842   068.229.060.xxx   Anyone Google "all your base belong to us" alien (12)
2013_12_19_17:23:43.669   086.172.017.xxx   Just wanted to see my name on the screen in America :) -- Cher Cullen
2013_12_19_17:24:23.414   068.229.060.xxx   Alek is back.. hmmm quick p**e? (13)
2013_12_19_17:26:34.169   068.227.056.xxx   AMERICA! YEA!!!! We have NSA for you! Aren't we cool? (19)
2013_12_19_17:28:39.290   068.171.187.xxx   Thin and crispy or stuffed crust?
2013_12_19_17:29:00.077   068.227.056.xxx   Free on youtube! Charlie Brown Christmas it's on right now! (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_19_17:29:07.536   184.095.104.xxx   Ohai
2013_12_19_17:30:31.506   184.095.104.xxx   ohai badger
2013_12_19_17:30:55.168   068.227.056.xxx   Santa put a ROCK in my stocking last year! (21)
2013_12_19_17:31:29.384   069.204.067.xxx   hi there from Holland ny
2013_12_19_17:31:33.911   184.095.104.xxx   The guy in the background wave to us
2013_12_19_17:35:46.574   071.204.205.xxx   hi office man!!!
2013_12_19_17:36:33.756   071.204.205.xxx   aw hes ignoring us :(
2013_12_19_17:37:22.173   184.095.104.xxx   naw i got him to wave before
2013_12_19_17:38:33.629   071.204.205.xxx   lol theres great
2013_12_19_17:39:14.007   071.204.205.xxx   sorry i meant "that"
2013_12_19_17:41:02.603   070.209.009.xxx   what's up people
2013_12_19_17:41:39.389   184.095.104.xxx   the ceiling
2013_12_19_17:42:03.434   070.209.009.xxx   that's true bro
2013_12_19_17:42:09.895   204.045.133.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's laugh if he picks his nose :-DWo
2013_12_19_17:43:17.162   070.209.009.xxx   I like bananas
2013_12_19_17:44:16.164   070.209.009.xxx   merry Christmas
2013_12_19_17:44:34.377   024.161.042.xxx   very kool
2013_12_19_17:45:43.049   024.161.042.xxx   wow this is so kewl
2013_12_19_17:46:17.191   024.161.042.xxx   swagger
2013_12_19_17:46:45.843   067.137.012.xxx   Happy Holidays from HomieLive.US - Boise, Idaho
2013_12_19_17:46:55.762   024.161.042.xxx   yoyo this is swagish
2013_12_19_17:48:06.253   204.045.133.xxx   English please ___-)
2013_12_19_17:48:17.221   024.161.042.xxx   um hop off
2013_12_19_17:50:21.175   024.161.042.xxx   that was english
2013_12_19_17:55:29.232   204.045.133.xxx   Bah Humbug
2013_12_19_17:56:06.810   024.161.042.xxx   bah humbug? then get off this website
2013_12_19_17:58:43.965   204.045.133.xxx   that's not very festive of you is it
2013_12_19_17:59:35.698   024.161.042.xxx   neither was bah humbug
2013_12_19_18:00:53.089   204.045.133.xxx   lol Merry Christmas Scrooge!
2013_12_19_18:01:19.278   024.161.042.xxx   hahaha your not funny -___-
2013_12_19_18:01:40.900   173.169.194.xxx   Merry Christmas from Land of Liberte' Realty/T.I., Fl
2013_12_19_18:02:30.704   024.161.042.xxx   why is everyone here so annoying (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_19_18:02:55.681   173.169.194.xxx   they have no christmas spirit
2013_12_19_18:03:21.278   024.161.042.xxx   i k (11)
2013_12_19_18:03:54.923   173.169.194.xxx   Does not hurt anyone to be friendly
2013_12_19_18:04:19.638   024.161.042.xxx   ughhh (12)
2013_12_19_18:05:40.743   173.169.194.xxx   vacation in Florida...its 75 degrees
2013_12_19_18:06:00.164   024.161.042.xxx   lucky you? (13)
2013_12_19_18:06:30.186   173.169.194.xxx   1-800-***-****
2013_12_19_18:07:08.369   024.161.042.xxx   ew noones calling you (14)
2013_12_19_18:07:35.586   173.169.194.xxx   That's fine...
2013_12_19_18:07:57.920   024.161.042.xxx   -_- you annoy me (15)
2013_12_19_18:08:40.556   173.169.194.xxx   Sorry for you....Merry Christmas anyhow
2013_12_19_18:09:08.360   065.096.133.xxx   RIP santa balloon o.O
2013_12_19_18:09:09.041   024.161.042.xxx   you know waht (16)
2013_12_19_18:09:34.063   173.169.194.xxx   Very nice Christmas Light displays...
2013_12_19_18:10:20.053   024.161.042.xxx   why dont i call that number and see who it is (17)
2013_12_19_18:10:32.248   173.169.194.xxx   go right ahead
2013_12_19_18:11:14.270   024.161.042.xxx   I WILL (18)
2013_12_19_18:11:15.561   173.169.194.xxx   Merry Christmas to All! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_19_18:13:20.688   024.161.042.xxx   wow that was just some office , too scared to put your real #? (19)
2013_12_19_18:14:09.003   173.169.194.xxx   a Florida Vacation Company... (11)
2013_12_19_18:14:35.059   024.161.042.xxx   ughhh youre soo annoying just be quiet already (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_19_18:15:08.240   173.169.194.xxx   Change websites then...I have said nothing annoying...unable to keep up with you (12)
2013_12_19_18:15:39.706   024.161.042.xxx   no thanks i was here first (21)
2013_12_19_18:18:41.057   068.229.060.xxx   Everyone ... forward this link! Tell your Friends!!!! NOW (14)
2013_12_19_18:19:45.207   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for spreading the word!   Wife currently picking up pizza ***ALEK***
2013_12_19_18:31:47.139   071.204.205.xxx   hes back!!!
2013_12_19_18:35:01.192   078.145.182.xxx   hey alec! been visiting komar.org for years! im back again!
2013_12_19_18:35:39.813   078.145.182.xxx   Give us a wave Alek! :)
2013_12_19_18:38:18.314   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Was that a good wave?  Watch garage for wife with pizza! ***ALEK***
2013_12_19_18:39:43.715   078.145.182.xxx   Nice wave! Amazing display again Alek :)
2013_12_19_18:41:22.773   096.002.098.xxx   I WANT PIZZA!!!!!
2013_12_19_18:49:13.519   173.070.043.xxx   There is no spoon
2013_12_19_18:54:28.926   067.087.015.xxx   Hi Kevin!
2013_12_19_18:54:54.370   173.070.043.xxx   bye kevin
2013_12_19_18:55:57.037   067.087.015.xxx   Brittany is Kevin's favorite sibling!
2013_12_19_18:56:21.200   173.070.043.xxx   No, he loves them all equally
2013_12_19_18:57:12.277   067.087.015.xxx   Kevin is awesome
2013_12_19_18:57:23.691   173.070.043.xxx   You are awesome
2013_12_19_18:57:55.311   067.087.015.xxx   Brittany is awesomeeeee
2013_12_19_18:59:22.648   067.087.015.xxx   Christmas Eve is in 5 days
2013_12_19_19:00:36.605   067.087.015.xxx   Kevin loves Brittany___3
2013_12_19_19:02:33.008   067.087.015.xxx   Kevin hates Britt
2013_12_19_19:05:54.544   067.087.015.xxx   Kevin loves Christmas!
2013_12_19_19:09:51.600   070.178.076.xxx   Hey Alek, you're a Christmas tradition for my grandkids and me, thank you!
2013_12_19_19:11:14.645   067.087.015.xxx   This is fun
2013_12_19_19:12:05.128   067.087.015.xxx   Goodnight people (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_19_19:13:24.330   067.233.074.xxx   hey alek
2013_12_19_19:14:04.794   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome 070 - glad to make the grandkids smile! ***ALEK***
2013_12_19_19:17:04.420   067.233.074.xxx   how do you have the time to to this
2013_12_19_19:22:17.084   067.233.074.xxx   christmas is in 6 days yay
2013_12_19_19:23:50.816   064.124.009.xxx   whens the next chance of snow there??
2013_12_19_19:25:17.755   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Possible very light snow tonight ... but otherwise, none forecast - darn! ***ALEK***
2013_12_19_19:26:05.760   064.124.009.xxx   maryland is gonna be almost 70 on sunday, our 6 inch snow pack will be gone
2013_12_19_19:30:48.720   076.121.039.xxx   We havent got a inch of snow yet!
2013_12_19_20:00:49.381   068.150.161.xxx   we have plenty of snow
2013_12_19_20:11:40.691   068.150.161.xxx   if anyone wants our snow, come and get it
2013_12_19_20:25:03.253   096.252.152.xxx   haha swag
2013_12_19_20:32:48.252   174.098.158.xxx   Only 43 people tonight wow
2013_12_19_20:33:27.726   068.150.161.xxx   it is a pretty common number these nights
2013_12_19_20:33:59.871   174.098.158.xxx   My seven year old is telling me that I have to do our house like his next year
2013_12_19_20:39:51.081   109.224.138.xxx   Ho Ho Ho from England :-)
2013_12_19_20:46:37.591   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** HO-HO-HO from Hulkville! ***ALEK***
2013_12_19_20:51:30.641   071.204.205.xxx   goodnight
2013_12_19_20:59:24.081   068.229.060.xxx   Merry Christmas from Las Vegas! (15)
2013_12_19_21:11:17.695   068.229.060.xxx   out (16)
2013_12_19_21:21:22.882   173.175.220.xxx   Merry Christmas
2013_12_19_21:23:24.479   068.229.060.xxx   out (17)
2013_12_19_21:24:12.814   068.229.060.xxx   out (18)
2013_12_19_21:30:19.217   172.251.043.xxx   Hap-py Holidays from Encino, CA
2013_12_19_21:44:20.116   068.227.056.xxx   tax deductible) (22)
2013_12_19_21:45:32.826   068.227.056.xxx   Dont give it to the government, DONATE TO Celiac Research. this year! (23)
2013_12_19_21:48:13.432   068.150.161.xxx   you don't donate to the Govt... they steal it haha
2013_12_19_21:48:40.100   076.026.089.xxx   Donate to Celiac research...then donate to pay electric bill :-)
2013_12_19_21:49:21.645   068.150.161.xxx   donate to the Balloon Boy repair fund
2013_12_19_21:49:36.058   068.227.056.xxx   Want to play a game of whack a mole? (24)
2013_12_19_21:49:59.276   068.150.161.xxx   how do you play that on here?
2013_12_19_21:50:24.313   068.227.056.xxx   Lights off and when a zone comes on WHACK IT! (25)
2013_12_19_21:50:36.555   068.150.161.xxx   ah yes..
2013_12_19_21:51:15.294   068.227.056.xxx   AND GO! (26)
2013_12_19_21:52:24.253   068.150.161.xxx   games broken
2013_12_19_21:52:30.018   068.229.060.xxx   off (19)
2013_12_19_21:52:56.804   076.026.089.xxx   ?sdrawakcab pu gniwohs ega**em ym si yhW
2013_12_19_21:53:09.093   068.227.056.xxx   As long as Alek doesn't disable the RANDOM ON PROGRAM! (27)
2013_12_19_21:54:06.540   068.150.161.xxx   i don't believe he has that
2013_12_19_21:55:40.678   068.150.161.xxx   man, time flies too fast........ (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_19_21:55:53.565   068.229.060.xxx   yes he has that (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_19_21:56:02.583   076.026.089.xxx   Who wants the Hulk to be somewhat controllable? :-D
2013_12_19_21:56:27.117   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Don't try to control the HULK - you will make him angry! ***ALEK***
2013_12_19_21:57:43.717   076.026.089.xxx   Would I be better off trying to divide by 0 than to control Hulk?
2013_12_19_21:57:51.954   068.229.060.xxx   because he's green with envy (21)
2013_12_19_21:58:00.907   069.014.170.xxx   Wow, back down into the deep freeze after being in the 50s the other day!
2013_12_19_21:58:09.890   068.227.056.xxx   Kinda hard to play whack a mole when one player hits on on on (28)
2013_12_19_21:58:16.076   068.150.161.xxx   :( if only this was on till 11...  phooey. oh well in a few days (11)
2013_12_19_21:58:54.164   068.150.161.xxx   the game is more fun if there's a challenge (12)
2013_12_19_21:59:58.988   068.227.056.xxx   LAST POST AS ALWAYS! HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas Homer Santa! (29)

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