1,222 christmas text messages on 2013/1222

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 19,505 times that day including 14,056 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1222

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2013_12_22_17:00:13.520   068.150.161.xxx   ola

2013_12_22_17:00:43.726   125.236.069.xxx   Hello
2013_12_22_17:01:01.401   068.150.161.xxx   another night!  getting closer to the big night!
2013_12_22_17:02:00.160   068.150.161.xxx   it looks a bit windy out there.. Cam 1 is moving
2013_12_22_17:02:27.216   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Yea, a bit breezy ... but not super bad ... yet! ***ALEK***
2013_12_22_17:02:41.700   203.213.069.xxx   Merry Christmas from Performax International Australia
2013_12_22_17:02:43.136   068.150.161.xxx   hopefully it doesn't get any worse
2013_12_22_17:02:46.828   077.244.254.xxx   Just relaxen und watchen das blinkenlights!
2013_12_22_17:09:10.523   203.213.069.xxx   Noo
2013_12_22_17:10:03.279   194.132.032.xxx   Joshua wants these lights off!
2013_12_22_17:11:24.240   203.213.069.xxx   Merry christmas to u all
2013_12_22_17:12:04.498   076.024.098.xxx   Navi will you marry me
2013_12_22_17:12:05.615   203.213.069.xxx   hey Alek...u r back
2013_12_22_17:12:24.429   194.132.032.xxx   This electricity could have mined some bitcoins!
2013_12_22_17:13:39.471   068.150.161.xxx   perhaps
2013_12_22_17:13:41.468   173.174.142.xxx   Merry Christmas from Texas!
2013_12_22_17:15:24.062   203.213.069.xxx   www performaxinternational com au
2013_12_22_17:15:28.891   194.132.032.xxx   The goggles do nothing!
2013_12_22_17:16:00.612   068.150.161.xxx   no this is .. 91..2
2013_12_22_17:17:17.325   203.213.069.xxx   hey alek u keep dissapearing,,everything okay ?
2013_12_22_17:17:18.008   209.234.102.xxx   These lights require 1.21 jiggawatts.
2013_12_22_17:17:31.020   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Making dinner - BBQ shrimp - yummy! ***ALEK***
2013_12_22_17:17:52.471   068.150.161.xxx   that is tasty
2013_12_22_17:18:09.604   203.213.069.xxx   hey...ur lights have gone offline
2013_12_22_17:18:37.636   068.150.161.xxx   oh oh, not good
2013_12_22_17:19:28.420   098.195.122.xxx   Square Pants!
2013_12_22_17:20:08.069   068.150.161.xxx   there wego
2013_12_22_17:21:57.044   208.107.008.xxx   Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
2013_12_22_17:22:21.075   068.150.161.xxx   we just started, dont go yet (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_17:23:02.451   208.107.008.xxx   Yay for the Wall Drug sign! South Dakota rules!! :)
2013_12_22_17:23:44.012   068.150.161.xxx   lots of awesome, crazy stuff on his wall (11)
2013_12_22_17:24:24.010   209.234.102.xxx   He needs more clocks.
2013_12_22_17:24:24.403   068.150.161.xxx   round up time.. who is from where? (12)
2013_12_22_17:25:22.992   208.107.008.xxx   Sioux Falls, SD!
2013_12_22_17:25:40.426   068.150.161.xxx   cool, who else? (13)
2013_12_22_17:28:03.476   068.150.161.xxx   well, I'm in Canada, Alberta.  I'm a regular here (14)
2013_12_22_17:31:30.773   024.009.075.xxx   w00t w00t Zombies rulz
2013_12_22_17:31:41.841   031.172.030.xxx   You are in a Slashdot poll, Aleks.
2013_12_22_17:31:53.547   068.150.161.xxx   are you guys here tonight?? (15)
2013_12_22_17:33:13.047   068.150.161.xxx   I hope so, it's been awfully quiet (16)
2013_12_22_17:34:43.457   068.150.161.xxx   cool. 95 people, that's a high so far in a long time (17)
2013_12_22_17:36:23.438   024.009.075.xxx   95 people is the slashdot effect
2013_12_22_17:36:39.312   095.130.009.xxx   He is in a Slashdot poll.
2013_12_22_17:36:42.781   068.150.161.xxx   well, then start making some noise (18)
2013_12_22_17:38:53.181   094.254.003.xxx   Ok! Wave to all of us!
2013_12_22_17:39:06.691   068.150.161.xxx   ooga chucka ooga ooga ooga chucka (19)
2013_12_22_17:40:05.201   068.150.161.xxx   anyone watching Christmas specials on tv? (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_17:41:13.969   094.254.003.xxx   not me i______m live in Sweden
2013_12_22_17:41:32.029   068.150.161.xxx   it must be very late there (21)
2013_12_22_17:42:01.056   094.254.003.xxx   01:41 in the morning
2013_12_22_17:42:27.788   068.150.161.xxx   wow that is 8 hours ahead of us (22)
2013_12_22_17:42:58.607   094.254.003.xxx   where do u live?
2013_12_22_17:43:19.619   068.150.161.xxx   I am in Canada.  west area (23)
2013_12_22_17:45:37.273   068.150.161.xxx   89 people and they're al lquiet (24)
2013_12_22_17:45:51.878   092.023.220.xxx   what?
2013_12_22_17:46:19.391   068.150.161.xxx   a lot of quiet viewers (25)
2013_12_22_17:46:38.664   092.023.220.xxx   ohh
2013_12_22_17:47:33.758   094.254.003.xxx   Canda, is the big party, like US, in the 25 of december?
2013_12_22_17:47:44.378   068.150.161.xxx   absolutely (26)
2013_12_22_17:48:43.641   076.025.255.xxx   Rex bad dog
2013_12_22_17:48:56.365   068.150.161.xxx   woof woof (27)
2013_12_22_17:50:47.084   094.254.003.xxx   Here in Sweden the big day is in the 24 th, xmas eve
2013_12_22_17:51:04.591   068.150.161.xxx   i see...  that's a little different (28)
2013_12_22_17:52:09.134   068.150.161.xxx   what do you do on the 24th?  how does it happen? (29)
2013_12_22_17:53:18.226   088.189.072.xxx   bug
2013_12_22_17:55:23.883   094.254.003.xxx   We eat Julbord (ham, fish, meatballs, princesusage etc) and giving presents to 
2013_12_22_17:55:56.926   068.150.161.xxx   do you have a tree or something?  for the gifts? (30 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_17:57:46.757   094.254.003.xxx   We put all the gifts under the xmas tree, we open them up in the evening.
2013_12_22_17:59:00.735   094.254.003.xxx   Sad that not all the message is visible on alek's screen..
2013_12_22_18:00:14.419   068.150.161.xxx   I see them all (31)
2013_12_22_18:01:21.020   068.150.161.xxx   well, here in Canada and USA, we have trees and decorations (32)
2013_12_22_18:02:21.168   068.150.161.xxx   and lights of course.  Christmas Day (25th) we get up and (33)
2013_12_22_18:03:13.406   068.150.161.xxx   we have our presents and stockings. (34)
2013_12_22_18:04:04.049   094.254.003.xxx   Here as well, las year we had plenty of snow outside. This year it is like the  (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_18:05:14.219   068.150.161.xxx   some people, if they're religious will go to midnight ma** (35)
2013_12_22_18:05:54.857   068.150.161.xxx   on the 24th (36)
2013_12_22_18:06:50.940   094.254.003.xxx   the 25,26 and to new years eve here is like black friday. (11)
2013_12_22_18:07:21.834   068.150.161.xxx   i see.  we have Boxing day, 26th where it's big sales and crowded malls (37)
2013_12_22_18:09:39.642   068.150.161.xxx   the Mall here is absolutely CROWDED. hardly any room (38)
2013_12_22_18:11:01.698   094.254.003.xxx   I have been to Canada 1 time. We flied from Sweden to NY, The airplane had not  (12)
2013_12_22_18:11:37.247   068.150.161.xxx   interesting. where In Canada? (39)
2013_12_22_18:13:12.842   088.189.072.xxx   google
2013_12_22_18:13:35.018   068.150.161.xxx   I would think you flew into Toronto (40 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_18:13:46.068   094.254.003.xxx   The airplane had not the right amout of fuel so we had to take ground in Quebec (13)
2013_12_22_18:14:38.750   068.150.161.xxx   i see.  that's kinda dumb (41)
2013_12_22_18:15:03.520   132.234.251.xxx   Merry Christmas Humans!
2013_12_22_18:15:30.808   068.150.161.xxx   you may have flown into Newfoundland perhaps then (42)
2013_12_22_18:15:58.835   132.234.251.xxx   Merry Christmas Humans!
2013_12_22_18:16:20.042   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Merry Christmas Internet ***ALEK***
2013_12_22_18:16:25.450   088.189.072.xxx   christmas lights
2013_12_22_18:16:41.726   068.150.161.xxx   so what were you in New york for? (43)
2013_12_22_18:17:51.630   094.254.003.xxx   Yep, the straightest way from sweden is over NF. (14)
2013_12_22_18:17:55.826   132.234.251.xxx   Delivering presents to all the good boys and girls
2013_12_22_18:18:16.458   068.150.161.xxx   I've never been to NFLD myself (44)
2013_12_22_18:18:19.484   072.228.146.xxx   Hello, the entertaining one here! lol
2013_12_22_18:19:05.955   068.150.161.xxx   hi there, we're talking about Christmas with another from Sweden (45)
2013_12_22_18:20:04.228   094.254.003.xxx   I was i NY to get on to next plane to LA, visiting my GF sister that was studyi (15)
2013_12_22_18:20:05.240   072.228.146.xxx   oh.
2013_12_22_18:20:22.434   068.150.161.xxx   Sweden, you should join in!  talking about customs (46)
2013_12_22_18:21:00.478   094.254.003.xxx   what? (16)
2013_12_22_18:21:17.691   072.228.146.xxx   Hmmm
2013_12_22_18:21:30.075   068.150.161.xxx   holiday customs.  how things are different in our country (47)
2013_12_22_18:22:24.045   068.150.161.xxx   no you aren't.  so when do you start decorating your place? (48)
2013_12_22_18:23:14.067   072.228.146.xxx   Already decorated, exept for our green Christmas tree! lol
2013_12_22_18:23:19.515   068.150.161.xxx   that's directed to the Sweden chatter (49)
2013_12_22_18:26:03.091   023.119.084.xxx   Merry Christmas
2013_12_22_18:26:26.460   068.150.161.xxx   how early in December do you decorate the house, lights up? (50 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_18:28:20.806   099.241.023.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2013_12_22_18:28:34.515   068.150.161.xxx   Merry Christmas 099! (51)
2013_12_22_18:29:11.903   109.149.184.xxx   Feliz Navidad!
2013_12_22_18:29:13.107   190.056.254.xxx   Merry Christmas from down South in Latin America =)
2013_12_22_18:29:15.443   099.241.023.xxx   Well Thank You!
2013_12_22_18:30:04.686   098.227.200.xxx   SKUNKY BEAUMONT
2013_12_22_18:30:10.644   068.150.161.xxx   hey Alek!  what's the plan for Tuesday?  early on? (52)
2013_12_22_18:30:50.403   098.227.200.xxx   SKUNKY BEAUMONT
2013_12_22_18:31:01.737   068.150.161.xxx   huh?  what does that mean? (53)
2013_12_22_18:31:40.651   072.228.146.xxx   ...
2013_12_22_18:31:54.474   068.150.161.xxx   is the guy from Sweden still on? (54)
2013_12_22_18:32:14.461   068.227.056.xxx   Win! LOOK TO THE RIGHT Komar vote to win HIT IT DAILY!
2013_12_22_18:32:37.411   068.150.161.xxx   love the action (55)
2013_12_22_18:33:21.850   068.150.161.xxx   hey Alek, did you watch the latest Christmas Light Fight? (56)
2013_12_22_18:34:00.686   068.150.161.xxx   what's so magical about 33? (57)
2013_12_22_18:35:02.135   068.227.056.xxx   XMAS Story "The Little Match Girl" YouTube NOW! Search! Have you seen it?
2013_12_22_18:35:38.896   068.150.161.xxx   sounds like a horror movie (58)
2013_12_22_18:35:53.542   081.159.097.xxx   h****** did nothing wrong
2013_12_22_18:36:38.712   068.150.161.xxx   be nice 098 (59)
2013_12_22_18:37:05.316   072.228.146.xxx   103 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!
2013_12_22_18:37:08.321   178.004.178.xxx   Alex from KH here, Hello to all /b/tards
2013_12_22_18:37:23.133   050.135.241.xxx   hi alex
2013_12_22_18:37:47.767   072.228.146.xxx   103 people viewing Christmas Lights - INSANE!
2013_12_22_18:37:51.163   081.159.097.xxx   Zionists did 911
2013_12_22_18:38:09.315   068.150.161.xxx   I think we've been invaded by SlashDot Alek (60 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_18:38:54.613   178.004.178.xxx   hail to
2013_12_22_18:38:59.565   068.150.161.xxx   one watch New York Times Square on Earthcams? (61)
2013_12_22_18:39:34.657   072.228.146.xxx   ???
2013_12_22_18:39:40.254   068.150.161.xxx   my bad.. Spammers not Slashdot.  even worse (62)
2013_12_22_18:39:48.943   178.004.178.xxx   ___ spammers
2013_12_22_18:40:12.222   081.159.097.xxx   OY VEY IT'S LIKE ANNUDAH SHOAH
2013_12_22_18:40:17.674   068.150.161.xxx   a Johnny Cash fan I see (63)
2013_12_22_18:41:08.892   068.150.161.xxx   hey, watch the language man. (64)
2013_12_22_18:41:30.507   178.004.178.xxx   it costs 84 cents/hour. Just check the page, dude
2013_12_22_18:41:47.168   151.230.159.xxx   QuickTime Player needs your permission to run.
2013_12_22_18:42:01.899   068.150.161.xxx   yup Spammers is here.. ugh (65)
2013_12_22_18:42:16.742   072.228.146.xxx   '_'
2013_12_22_18:42:52.904   099.072.105.xxx   an hero
2013_12_22_18:42:57.999   082.243.032.xxx   aubry de stormwind
2013_12_22_18:44:05.846   068.150.161.xxx   hahaha there's people dressed as Minions in Times Square (66)
2013_12_22_18:44:25.938   186.095.213.xxx   lel
2013_12_22_18:44:29.377   178.004.178.xxx   How can the messageboard be real if our eyes arent real?
2013_12_22_18:44:59.028   099.072.105.xxx   Read Murray Rothbard
2013_12_22_18:45:25.355   082.243.032.xxx   aubry de stormwind
2013_12_22_18:45:32.324   024.088.230.xxx   lol he's right there
2013_12_22_18:45:36.132   068.227.056.xxx   Solar and grid tie FREE POWER ALL DAY LONG meter goes backwards here! Get it!
2013_12_22_18:45:39.664   181.168.197.xxx   Chris Dorner lives.
2013_12_22_18:47:00.517   068.227.056.xxx   Win! LOOK TO THE RIGHT Komar vote to win HIT IT DAILY!
2013_12_22_18:47:10.520   068.150.161.xxx   oh ya definitely Spammers night (67)
2013_12_22_18:47:47.365   070.231.129.xxx   8=======D
2013_12_22_18:48:21.563   068.150.161.xxx   enough with the potty mouths (68)
2013_12_22_18:48:52.456   066.090.141.xxx   Pingus
2013_12_22_18:49:12.340   072.065.104.xxx   Adam Lanza did nothing wrong
2013_12_22_18:49:14.482   172.242.017.xxx   aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2013_12_22_18:49:34.976   068.150.161.xxx   Slavs can be any color not just white (69)
2013_12_22_18:49:51.442   072.228.146.xxx   ??? (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_18:50:12.612   066.090.141.xxx   It's another chinese earthquake brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrb
2013_12_22_18:50:16.786   072.065.104.xxx   Adam Lanza lives
2013_12_22_18:50:39.272   068.150.161.xxx   some of you need to grow up (70 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_18:51:30.551   066.090.141.xxx   John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden John Madden
2013_12_22_18:52:06.047   068.150.161.xxx   some of you need a good b**** kicking (71)
2013_12_22_18:52:19.697   072.065.104.xxx   sweden yes
2013_12_22_18:53:21.153   079.064.148.xxx   SHOUTOUTZ TO THE GROUP CHAT... SQUAAAD
2013_12_22_18:53:24.358   066.090.141.xxx   THE EASTER BUNNY IS DEAD
2013_12_22_18:53:27.491   070.231.129.xxx   I ___3 Sarah
2013_12_22_18:53:33.040   072.092.067.xxx   Merrrrrrrry Christmas!
2013_12_22_18:53:54.153   199.073.097.xxx   Calamity burgers is people!
2013_12_22_18:54:15.139   068.150.161.xxx   you guys come on here and just talk crap.  get a life (72)
2013_12_22_18:54:22.759   079.064.148.xxx   shoutoutz to the group chat NP WALES BRUPPP
2013_12_22_18:54:31.413   078.027.050.xxx   Greetings from Holland
2013_12_22_18:54:45.386   072.065.104.xxx   Sweden
2013_12_22_18:54:53.644   172.242.017.xxx   I wanna be the Guy ftw. Hardcore gamerz!!!
2013_12_22_18:55:51.315   084.079.150.xxx   oy vey
2013_12_22_18:55:52.757   070.231.129.xxx   Sarah Connor
2013_12_22_18:56:14.637   068.150.161.xxx   just a lot of blah blah blah from people who have no life (73)
2013_12_22_18:56:22.304   078.027.050.xxx   Love u 2 John
2013_12_22_18:56:22.395   095.044.002.xxx   Hello
2013_12_22_18:56:33.715   172.242.017.xxx   GSD Worst AI evar!!!
2013_12_22_18:56:45.480   079.064.148.xxx   WASTEMAN IN PARIS
2013_12_22_18:57:01.466   086.174.204.xxx   You haz battletoads?
2013_12_22_18:58:16.867   078.027.050.xxx   Racist everywhere ,also in usa
2013_12_22_18:59:35.396   069.120.062.xxx   There once was a boy who ate 60 pounds of Cheetos and pooped out 23 bats
2013_12_22_19:00:42.290   078.027.050.xxx   Shut it down, too many racist people
2013_12_22_19:00:43.820   079.064.148.xxx   ___ IM A HUGE WASTEMAN
2013_12_22_19:00:52.548   069.120.062.xxx   These are some awesome lights dude!
2013_12_22_19:01:18.464   199.073.097.xxx   creepy white mang
2013_12_22_19:02:36.173   076.028.027.xxx   Hi from Waterbury CT!
2013_12_22_19:03:19.176   079.064.148.xxx   ___ IM A HUGE WASTEMAN AND A Ma**IVE LONER
2013_12_22_19:04:43.570   075.024.114.xxx   ___tfw no gf
2013_12_22_19:05:04.216   122.150.214.xxx   Sieg Heil
2013_12_22_19:05:08.981   076.028.027.xxx   Merry Christmas thanks for the lights
2013_12_22_19:05:23.665   078.027.050.xxx   Obama 2016
2013_12_22_19:05:48.014   068.150.161.xxx   Alek, do you just let Spammers do their thing and then clean up after? (74)
2013_12_22_19:06:02.211   068.204.068.xxx   How high is your electric bill
2013_12_22_19:07:42.482   075.024.114.xxx   LE SPAMMERS TROLLIN xDDDDDDD
2013_12_22_19:07:52.941   108.083.202.xxx   get off my lawn
2013_12_22_19:08:28.929   070.231.129.xxx   I HATE PONIES!
2013_12_22_19:08:40.850   086.041.109.xxx   POLAND UP IN HERE
2013_12_22_19:08:55.782   072.240.229.xxx   gibe lights
2013_12_22_19:09:24.666   072.228.146.xxx   266 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY! (11)
2013_12_22_19:09:35.535   068.204.068.xxx   __________________
2013_12_22_19:09:48.906   097.084.207.xxx   I Love my Twin (my online GF)
2013_12_22_19:09:51.307   068.229.060.xxx   (YO-o-YO)
2013_12_22_19:09:51.404   086.041.109.xxx   ted kaczynski
2013_12_22_19:09:53.754   098.026.134.xxx   ___worshipping a dead kike on a stick
2013_12_22_19:10:03.698   065.096.133.xxx   Please help alek win the contest, vote to your right. Thank you!
2013_12_22_19:10:48.204   076.100.061.xxx   such christmas. very holiday. wow
2013_12_22_19:10:37.573   108.181.141.xxx   someone please help, im trappedi n this house!
2013_12_22_19:10:54.718   078.027.050.xxx   273 and some elfs
2013_12_22_19:11:05.546   072.228.146.xxx   LOTS OF MESSAGE OVERLOADING! WOW! (12)
2013_12_22_19:11:06.958   174.103.174.xxx   HI ALEX
2013_12_22_19:11:11.097   097.084.207.xxx   I love my online GF (Twin Cooper)
2013_12_22_19:11:31.531   099.067.058.xxx   free
2013_12_22_19:11:35.382   066.171.229.xxx   Richard Hello
2013_12_22_19:11:38.250   068.229.060.xxx   ADD BOBKEY
2013_12_22_19:11:48.141   068.150.161.xxx   wow 276 (75)
2013_12_22_19:11:49.126   067.236.182.xxx   PHOENIX LIKE LUCKY STAR
2013_12_22_19:12:39.119   050.045.215.xxx   Herro?
2013_12_22_19:12:47.817   099.067.058.xxx   free fried chicken
2013_12_22_19:13:01.435   067.236.182.xxx   PHOENIX LIKES LUCKY STAR
2013_12_22_19:13:08.131   174.103.174.xxx   SENPAIIIII NOTICE MEEE
2013_12_22_19:13:10.698   068.150.161.xxx   these children must be unsup***ised (76)
2013_12_22_19:13:43.107   071.231.223.xxx   Nice Rainier sign, Free Cascadia!
2013_12_22_19:13:48.599   174.103.184.xxx   DBag
2013_12_22_19:13:51.695   076.100.061.xxx   le 9gag army represent
2013_12_22_19:14:00.197   099.180.084.xxx   Hi, /k/
2013_12_22_19:14:05.006   097.084.207.xxx   Cameron Alderson was here
2013_12_22_19:14:11.909   067.236.182.xxx   ( ____________ ____________ ____________)
2013_12_22_19:14:14.475   096.242.119.xxx   Guys I'm trolling
2013_12_22_19:14:26.554   068.150.161.xxx   no kidding you are.  get a life (77)
2013_12_22_19:14:45.652   068.204.068.xxx   Is this thing on
2013_12_22_19:15:01.209   188.254.179.xxx   harro
2013_12_22_19:15:04.142   071.202.135.xxx   thank you basedgod #tybg
2013_12_22_19:15:10.987   078.027.050.xxx   Any g
2013_12_22_19:15:17.683   096.019.111.xxx   H:O)NK
2013_12_22_19:15:32.775   050.004.032.xxx   Topkek
2013_12_22_19:15:41.702   071.231.223.xxx   Free Cascadia!
2013_12_22_19:15:52.293   067.236.182.xxx   ey mon dis some gud stuff hash tag blaze it yo lo
2013_12_22_19:16:05.650   174.051.124.xxx   ho ho ho
2013_12_22_19:16:31.941   097.084.207.xxx   Shout to to Tyrone who be in jail
2013_12_22_19:16:38.868   079.077.226.xxx   Serbia strong. Remove kebab
2013_12_22_19:16:40.212   078.027.050.xxx   Any girls here?
2013_12_22_19:16:54.775   068.150.161.xxx   girls don't hang out here with you losers (78)
2013_12_22_19:16:54.823   050.004.032.xxx   God is a Serb
2013_12_22_19:17:26.154   071.088.193.xxx   Spongebob is staring into your soul
2013_12_22_19:17:27.463   115.166.050.xxx   Merry Christmas from Ying
2013_12_22_19:17:45.598   096.242.119.xxx   Ying seems like a bro.
2013_12_22_19:17:47.069   067.236.182.xxx   pouring one out for all my homies who died in the great RHQ russo war
2013_12_22_19:18:42.963   068.150.161.xxx   Spammers s***** losers only go there (79)
2013_12_22_19:19:08.143   050.004.032.xxx   Interior crocodile alligator I drive a chevrolet movie theater
2013_12_22_19:19:19.895   084.085.082.xxx   ( ____________ ____________ ____________)
2013_12_22_19:19:55.778   074.220.073.xxx   I wanna, li-li-li-lick you from yo' head to yo' toes
2013_12_22_19:20:11.149   072.211.174.xxx   ...
2013_12_22_19:20:23.443   068.150.161.xxx   what a joke you guys are. (80 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_19:20:34.582   101.167.001.xxx   asl?
2013_12_22_19:20:44.030   097.084.207.xxx   SHUT IT DOWN SHUT IT ALL DOWN
2013_12_22_19:20:47.971   084.085.082.xxx   ebrbrbrbrbrbbrbrbr
2013_12_22_19:20:53.829   031.172.030.xxx   Why can't I hold all these shekels?
2013_12_22_19:21:25.178   078.027.050.xxx   050.162.154.xxx u r a racist
2013_12_22_19:21:52.446   072.211.174.xxx   ...
2013_12_22_19:21:54.520   050.166.075.xxx   swag
2013_12_22_19:22:18.055   216.154.095.xxx   Hi everybody!!
2013_12_22_19:22:32.676   031.172.030.xxx   Oy vey shut it down
2013_12_22_19:22:53.279   068.150.161.xxx   352 people on here, most of them Spammers morons (81)
2013_12_22_19:23:00.834   072.211.174.xxx   ....
2013_12_22_19:23:18.587   074.220.073.xxx   How is babby formed?
2013_12_22_19:23:24.849   216.154.095.xxx   Go Habs Go!!!!
2013_12_22_19:23:59.938   072.228.146.xxx   355 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEYType text & CR to see real- (13)
2013_12_22_19:24:08.857   089.239.213.xxx   Anti-racist is codeword for anti-white
2013_12_22_19:24:14.127   068.150.161.xxx   most of them are really bad people (82)
2013_12_22_19:24:33.150   097.084.207.xxx   I love my online GF (Twin Cooper)
2013_12_22_19:24:42.661   074.220.073.xxx   How is babby formed?
2013_12_22_19:25:09.544   086.019.174.xxx   santa claus das antisemitic oy vey
2013_12_22_19:25:22.232   090.231.154.xxx   Oy vey, all this anti semitism is like another shoah!
2013_12_22_19:25:31.683   037.130.227.xxx   Remember the 6 billion
2013_12_22_19:25:56.148   074.220.073.xxx   8====D ___ ___
2013_12_22_19:26:16.739   173.069.023.xxx   it's christmas!
2013_12_22_19:26:23.304   151.230.148.xxx   f*** harder, so many ho's
2013_12_22_19:26:41.218   216.154.095.xxx   Outside Weather at 19:26:25 Mountain Time - Metric
2013_12_22_19:26:42.242   072.211.174.xxx   ...
2013_12_22_19:26:43.207   077.247.181.xxx   Israel needs money please donate
2013_12_22_19:26:55.727   024.017.187.xxx   911 was lolz
2013_12_22_19:27:19.933   078.027.050.xxx   Nsa hope ur watching (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_19:27:41.798   162.224.164.xxx   No bad language or potty-mouthing please
2013_12_22_19:28:17.141   068.227.056.xxx   Win! LOOK TO THE RIGHT Komar vote to win HIT IT DAILY!
2013_12_22_19:28:21.932   074.220.073.xxx   Merry Chrimbus!!!
2013_12_22_19:28:22.102   198.050.236.xxx   JIDF was here
2013_12_22_19:28:29.313   098.024.030.xxx   pol was always right
2013_12_22_19:28:30.139   173.069.023.xxx   =___)
2013_12_22_19:28:30.231   173.027.202.xxx   this is run by NSA
2013_12_22_19:28:53.461   069.136.095.xxx   islam will dominate the world, bless my sons muhammad, khalid, and uthman
2013_12_22_19:28:55.136   068.150.161.xxx   was?  you mean they have stopped? (83)
2013_12_22_19:29:05.372   076.099.187.xxx   video game are cool
2013_12_22_19:29:17.016   162.224.164.xxx   pls no bully
2013_12_22_19:29:40.251   198.050.236.xxx   Oy Vey
2013_12_22_19:29:48.235   078.027.050.xxx   I am (11)
2013_12_22_19:30:04.731   092.024.151.xxx   oy vey another shoah
2013_12_22_19:30:15.398   068.150.161.xxx   I like the traffic but these guys are annoying (84)
2013_12_22_19:31:01.812   076.099.187.xxx   ________________________________________________________________________ ______
2013_12_22_19:31:17.571   092.024.151.xxx   Merry Christmas Joshua & Jesse
2013_12_22_19:31:33.050   198.050.236.xxx   OP confirmed for NSA, slide it
2013_12_22_19:31:54.264   075.038.197.xxx   Come on /pol/, leave him alone
2013_12_22_19:32:09.298   068.197.133.xxx   Obama is a traitor
2013_12_22_19:32:22.872   068.150.161.xxx   get out of here (85)
2013_12_22_19:32:34.053   144.132.225.xxx   God's not real!
2013_12_22_19:32:39.509   078.027.050.xxx   Don't ask what your country can do 4 u (12)
2013_12_22_19:32:41.327   070.190.115.xxx   Im so fly gurl
2013_12_22_19:32:43.831   092.024.151.xxx   You so funny Rabbi
2013_12_22_19:33:01.608   065.008.201.xxx   /b/
2013_12_22_19:33:12.045   075.038.197.xxx   Srsly /pol/ pls stahp
2013_12_22_19:33:21.604   072.228.146.xxx   BYE! (14)
2013_12_22_19:33:21.912   198.050.236.xxx   f*** off /b/ this is spammers turf
2013_12_22_19:34:01.081   068.150.161.xxx   this is not spammers turf, it's just your illusion (86)
2013_12_22_19:34:13.005   078.027.050.xxx   Merry Christmas Ahmed (13)
2013_12_22_19:34:18.762   193.083.191.xxx   servus godu
2013_12_22_19:34:22.970   075.038.197.xxx   /pol/ you so cray cray
2013_12_22_19:34:31.954   198.050.236.xxx   Mandela was a terrorist
2013_12_22_19:34:35.721   092.024.151.xxx   Bamp
2013_12_22_19:34:52.771   068.227.056.xxx   Win! LOOK TO THE RIGHT Komar vote to win HIT IT DAILY!
2013_12_22_19:34:53.671   068.229.060.xxx   HARRHARRBAR
2013_12_22_19:35:22.332   071.042.151.xxx   cool story bro
2013_12_22_19:35:23.997   089.154.003.xxx   Thanks Obama
2013_12_22_19:35:29.498   091.047.166.xxx   Hey Wulze
2013_12_22_19:35:41.065   024.192.038.xxx   N___GG___R R US
2013_12_22_19:35:46.619   151.230.148.xxx   why cant I hold all these chirstmas?
2013_12_22_19:35:49.789   075.038.197.xxx   slide it and SHUT IT DOWN
2013_12_22_19:36:08.368   193.083.191.xxx   Ulm Ost Eastside Hood
2013_12_22_19:36:08.980   107.202.166.xxx   Hello World!
2013_12_22_19:36:13.516   198.050.236.xxx   Oy vey remember to donate money to Israel
2013_12_22_19:36:26.894   068.197.133.xxx   Oy vey, christmas decorations are offensive!
2013_12_22_19:36:28.745   068.227.056.xxx   Dont give it to the government, DONATE TO Celiac Research. this year!
2013_12_22_19:36:34.503   092.024.151.xxx   merry christmas yid
2013_12_22_19:36:56.160   072.211.174.xxx   ...
2013_12_22_19:37:06.073   068.229.060.xxx   TURN ON TURN OFF KUBAR
2013_12_22_19:37:18.435   189.248.133.xxx   Remove Kebab
2013_12_22_19:37:21.555   072.228.146.xxx   I see _________S alek (15)
2013_12_22_19:37:25.608   075.109.131.xxx   Danielle Richmond s***** hose water!
2013_12_22_19:37:36.468   075.038.197.xxx   Remove Floran scum
2013_12_22_19:37:44.615   067.234.087.xxx   :--------------DDD
2013_12_22_19:37:53.332   078.027.050.xxx   Merry Xmas Abraham (14)
2013_12_22_19:37:55.046   068.197.133.xxx   this lights display is a complete shoah
2013_12_22_19:38:10.501   068.229.060.xxx   REMOVE MOOOBAB
2013_12_22_19:38:12.163   089.154.003.xxx   use the lights to send a message to aliens
2013_12_22_19:38:12.680   068.150.161.xxx   that's too far man. (87)
2013_12_22_19:38:23.398   071.015.106.xxx   IM A COMPUTAH
2013_12_22_19:38:24.495   092.024.151.xxx   Top kek
2013_12_22_19:38:49.490   075.038.197.xxx   Remove Floran scum
2013_12_22_19:38:56.449   067.233.069.xxx   hi hi hi
2013_12_22_19:38:58.342   109.145.135.xxx   sniff my sweaty sack
2013_12_22_19:39:01.725   065.175.148.xxx   I'm going to marry Lightning!
2013_12_22_19:39:04.798   193.083.191.xxx   mein auge zittert die ganze zeit
2013_12_22_19:39:13.884   071.229.142.xxx   i hate myself
2013_12_22_19:39:18.576   068.229.060.xxx   MILK. IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER
2013_12_22_19:39:25.438   068.150.161.xxx   then take off (88)
2013_12_22_19:39:44.867   068.008.201.xxx   (_(_)====D_______________(___o___ )/
2013_12_22_19:39:52.645   089.154.003.xxx   thank you greatest ally
2013_12_22_19:39:53.892   092.024.151.xxx   Srs plz
2013_12_22_19:40:01.668   075.038.197.xxx   hylotyl strong
2013_12_22_19:40:15.375   151.230.148.xxx   how do I shake the bag?
2013_12_22_19:40:18.471   193.083.191.xxx   mein auge zuckt ihr nutten
2013_12_22_19:40:18.518   067.234.087.xxx   my 4 grandmothers were ga**ed when they were only 5 remember the 7 trillion
2013_12_22_19:40:20.209   098.228.118.xxx   /pol/ was right again!
2013_12_22_19:40:20.291   072.211.174.xxx   As usual one person has to ruin a good thing for the rest of us.
2013_12_22_19:40:22.542   067.233.069.xxx   bye bye bye bye bye bye bye
2013_12_22_19:40:26.633   189.248.133.xxx   Who was phone?
2013_12_22_19:40:39.662   068.229.060.xxx   HI HI HI HI HI HIHI
2013_12_22_19:40:58.964   050.132.203.xxx   Daily reminder that this is a family site.
2013_12_22_19:41:05.888   089.154.003.xxx   moot fix this s***
2013_12_22_19:41:31.663   072.211.174.xxx   As usual one person has to ruin a good thing for the rest of us.
2013_12_22_19:41:06.456   209.173.070.xxx   Merry Christmas!! :D
2013_12_22_19:41:38.967   151.230.148.xxx   What does windhand even mean?
2013_12_22_19:41:51.411   189.248.133.xxx   Ebin KRixtmaz :DDD
2013_12_22_19:42:00.004   075.038.197.xxx   l*********.org for free steam games
2013_12_22_19:42:02.484   065.175.148.xxx   It's like I'm really on Geocities!
2013_12_22_19:42:06.672   050.132.203.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2013_12_22_19:42:15.056   068.060.127.xxx   what does the fox say ??
2013_12_22_19:42:34.769   089.154.003.xxx   Ben Garrison turned me into a hateful person.
2013_12_22_19:42:39.004   067.234.087.xxx   dis grate amerigan holi day :---------DDD
2013_12_22_19:42:49.220   072.211.174.xxx   As usual one person has to ruin a good thing for the rest of us.
2013_12_22_19:42:53.033   068.008.201.xxx   Did somebody say Cheese Pizza?
2013_12_22_19:42:54.194   068.227.056.xxx   459 people viewing Christmas Lights - HOLY MOLEY!
2013_12_22_19:43:04.920   068.197.133.xxx   Israel is our greatest ally
2013_12_22_19:43:12.134   071.042.151.xxx   merry blumkin to all!
2013_12_22_19:43:35.473   050.132.203.xxx   This is a family site, folks. Keep it clean.
2013_12_22_19:43:38.189   151.230.148.xxx   how do I shake the bag?
2013_12_22_19:43:44.418   071.062.000.xxx   Hey Shaye, Hows the drive to New York?
2013_12_22_19:43:57.303   089.154.003.xxx   save this poor man's electric bill
2013_12_22_19:44:03.243   072.211.174.xxx   As usual one person has to ruin a good thing for the rest of us.
2013_12_22_19:44:13.222   067.234.087.xxx   simply epic OP :___) ___tips fedora
2013_12_22_19:44:27.141   098.219.219.xxx   its another shoah!
2013_12_22_19:44:42.168   068.150.161.xxx   would you give it a rest (89)
2013_12_22_19:44:49.132   068.197.133.xxx   im being held prisoner in this house PLEASE HELP
2013_12_22_19:45:07.798   068.060.127.xxx   i have to go water my duck dynasty chia pet
2013_12_22_19:45:19.167   068.008.201.xxx   This website is so 90s, I love it.
2013_12_22_19:45:22.405   050.132.203.xxx   Please stop. This is Christmas. Be kind.
2013_12_22_19:45:32.079   072.211.174.xxx   As usual one person has to ruin a good thing for the rest of us. (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_19:46:11.268   067.234.087.xxx   :v) le fedora tip
2013_12_22_19:46:16.056   089.154.003.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2013_12_22_19:46:18.412   068.060.127.xxx   is this the airport clark ??
2013_12_22_19:46:31.249   068.150.161.xxx   a lot of these people on here are just being stupid (90 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_19:46:33.634   068.197.133.xxx   ___still worshiping the jewish zombie
2013_12_22_19:46:46.651   050.132.203.xxx   All people are loved and important. Stop it.
2013_12_22_19:46:50.463   072.211.174.xxx   As usual one person has to ruin a good thing for the rest of us. (11)
2013_12_22_19:46:54.700   190.136.135.xxx   HASTUR HASTUR HASTUR
2013_12_22_19:47:07.957   068.008.201.xxx   2013, still believing people are important.___
2013_12_22_19:47:36.838   203.045.002.xxx   8=========D_____________________
2013_12_22_19:47:46.294   068.060.127.xxx   is rusty still in the navy ?
2013_12_22_19:47:50.221   050.132.203.xxx   All people are created with a purpose and loved.
2013_12_22_19:48:21.165   068.197.133.xxx   serving the master race is a purpose though
2013_12_22_19:48:23.556   098.219.219.xxx   dont throw me down clark
2013_12_22_19:48:41.642   190.136.135.xxx   Patrolling the mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.
2013_12_22_19:48:48.303   068.227.056.xxx   WHERE IS MY FREE HEALTH CARE? I have a zit on my nose!
2013_12_22_19:49:09.141   194.132.032.xxx   Oy vey the goyim know
2013_12_22_19:49:10.969   089.154.003.xxx   In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god_________s blessing.
2013_12_22_19:49:18.377   068.150.161.xxx   you guys actually feel good about your actions on here? (91)
2013_12_22_19:49:43.413   050.132.203.xxx   Guys, please stop. It's a family site. Respect others.
2013_12_22_19:49:47.112   068.060.127.xxx   is this bigger than your old house clark ??
2013_12_22_19:49:41.315   050.036.080.xxx   ftw
2013_12_22_19:50:43.568   108.185.036.xxx   HEUHEUHEUHEHUEHEUHEHE
2013_12_22_19:50:47.233   050.132.203.xxx   Sorry about the mean people, Alex.
2013_12_22_19:50:48.498   151.230.148.xxx   watch out, n****s about
2013_12_22_19:50:53.242   068.060.127.xxx   i love riding in cars
2013_12_22_19:51:06.129   068.150.161.xxx   these people just talk nonsense.  nothing related to Christmas (92)
2013_12_22_19:51:09.583   050.036.080.xxx   raidzzzz
2013_12_22_19:51:21.542   098.082.064.xxx   Patroling the Mojave
2013_12_22_19:51:22.222   089.154.003.xxx   can you also mine bitcoins in here
2013_12_22_19:51:25.072   068.197.133.xxx   KOSOVO           IS          SERBIA
2013_12_22_19:52:04.195   050.132.203.xxx   ___Alek. Also, I can't type.  Sorry about that.
2013_12_22_19:52:10.082   108.185.036.xxx   Christmas is ruining commercialization!
2013_12_22_19:52:13.824   207.118.128.xxx   lol op looks like f*****t
2013_12_22_19:52:17.861   070.073.068.xxx   Have a merry christmas everyone!
2013_12_22_19:52:30.056   173.175.220.xxx   Merry Christmas ___The Plowdens
2013_12_22_19:52:32.222   068.150.161.xxx   seriously you guys are losers.  immature brats (93)
2013_12_22_19:52:41.966   098.082.064.xxx   Patroling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.
2013_12_22_19:52:48.592   070.079.088.xxx   It's another SHOAH
2013_12_22_19:52:51.165   174.055.086.xxx   ___yfw god is real
2013_12_22_19:53:09.563   092.024.151.xxx   Is it secret? Is it safe?
2013_12_22_19:53:39.378   068.197.133.xxx   the Russian Orthodox Church is the One True Faith
2013_12_22_19:53:51.389   050.132.203.xxx   I LIKE THE BBC!  Doctor Who (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_19:54:04.005   190.136.135.xxx   Otacon! I seem to have made contact!
2013_12_22_19:54:04.668   070.073.068.xxx   God is a delusion like santa clause, stupid kids
2013_12_22_19:54:07.552   068.150.161.xxx   great, except for those who AREN'T in Russia (94)
2013_12_22_19:54:18.444   207.118.128.xxx   deck the halls with b****  of folly
2013_12_22_19:54:26.403   098.082.064.xxx   J-God more like g**-God.
2013_12_22_19:54:31.527   174.055.086.xxx   DUCK DYNASTY WUZ HERE YEE HAW
2013_12_22_19:54:25.567   050.036.080.xxx   ___spammers
2013_12_22_19:54:58.225   089.154.003.xxx   hello i am russia name ivan this my bear name vlad (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_19:55:18.374   090.231.154.xxx   Where ya'll from?
2013_12_22_19:55:28.253   072.211.174.xxx   As usual one person has to ruin a good thing for the rest of us. (12)
2013_12_22_19:55:36.001   190.136.135.xxx   Sorry but your princess is in another workshop.
2013_12_22_19:55:36.910   068.150.161.xxx   go away Spammers (95)
2013_12_22_19:55:59.808   076.088.159.xxx   LE SPAMMERS LEGOIN ANON ARMY IS HERE
2013_12_22_19:56:00.279   203.045.002.xxx   le 9gag army!
2013_12_22_19:56:00.492   050.132.203.xxx   Spammers Army needs to remember that this is a family site. (11)
2013_12_22_19:56:09.707   075.141.091.xxx   oh vey
2013_12_22_19:56:18.712   207.118.128.xxx   raid the off utton
2013_12_22_19:56:27.239   068.197.133.xxx   ebaumsworld needs to stop trashing this family site (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_19:57:10.093   075.141.091.xxx   oh vey, muh 6 million lights
2013_12_22_19:57:12.939   089.154.003.xxx   does this man have a permit for his hulk (11)
2013_12_22_19:57:13.273   177.082.180.xxx   h****** did nothing wrong
2013_12_22_19:57:14.904   070.073.068.xxx   Columbine LOL
2013_12_22_19:57:15.853   190.136.135.xxx   Sometimes I pull so hard, I rip the skin.
2013_12_22_19:57:24.663   207.118.128.xxx   raid off button
2013_12_22_19:57:27.548   070.079.088.xxx   Good goyim, Use christmas lights
2013_12_22_19:57:33.181   050.132.203.xxx   Can't you guys act mature for five minutes? Be nice. (12)
2013_12_22_19:57:47.375   067.234.087.xxx   le spammers army never 5gets!
2013_12_22_19:57:53.065   098.082.064.xxx   J-God more like Ghay-God
2013_12_22_19:58:04.727   068.150.161.xxx   these spammers children do it for attention (96)
2013_12_22_19:58:21.088   075.141.091.xxx   WPWW!
2013_12_22_19:58:22.474   207.005.190.xxx   Spammers are a bunch of anti-semites
2013_12_22_19:58:30.946   124.171.253.xxx   merry christmas xx great decorations!!
2013_12_22_19:58:37.602   207.118.128.xxx   RAID OFF BUTTON
2013_12_22_19:58:42.079   151.230.148.xxx   Zohar is a complete fra**er
2013_12_22_19:58:49.640   095.142.161.xxx   Columbine was the government
2013_12_22_19:59:32.766   089.154.003.xxx   pls help santa is chasing my mouse pointer (12)
2013_12_22_19:59:36.611   093.184.066.xxx   This screen tres bien
2013_12_22_19:59:51.716   068.150.161.xxx   Dear spammers Children.  grow up (97)
2013_12_22_19:59:55.662   068.197.133.xxx   THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS (12)
2013_12_22_19:59:58.086   075.141.091.xxx   The goy know....
2013_12_22_19:59:58.552   204.124.083.xxx   this is four chan army
2013_12_22_20:00:01.118   074.063.112.xxx   Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!?
2013_12_22_20:00:02.969   177.082.180.xxx   Merry Christmas, /pol/
2013_12_22_20:00:05.258   067.234.087.xxx   oy vey spammers is worse than the grinch!
2013_12_22_20:00:05.887   024.098.199.xxx   this site makes me feel like im in the 90s
2013_12_22_20:00:18.067   050.132.203.xxx   I don't want to be rude, but could you please be nice? Please? (13)
2013_12_22_20:00:20.095   151.230.148.xxx   Why are you such a neek?
2013_12_22_20:00:22.591   124.171.253.xxx   le upboater that stole christmas
2013_12_22_20:00:28.009   098.214.015.xxx   George bush was a good man
2013_12_22_20:00:29.033   037.143.014.xxx   Help help the rabbi stole my f*******
2013_12_22_20:00:30.360   207.005.190.xxx   Could you please gobble my salami?
2013_12_22_20:00:55.424   079.232.152.xxx   487 people viewing Christmas Lights
2013_12_22_20:01:03.457   068.103.039.xxx   Hi.
2013_12_22_20:01:22.605   050.132.203.xxx   Hello! (14)
2013_12_22_20:01:26.064   177.082.180.xxx   What a lovely house.
2013_12_22_20:01:27.221   024.098.199.xxx   too many gifs
2013_12_22_20:01:27.974   068.150.161.xxx   we need an ignore option (98)
2013_12_22_20:01:28.682   190.136.135.xxx   I never asked for this.
2013_12_22_20:01:30.008   070.231.129.xxx   I killed Captain Crunch!
2013_12_22_20:01:33.302   037.059.033.xxx   Use Tor to comment religiously
2013_12_22_20:01:35.247   124.171.253.xxx   OBEY. OBEY. OBEY. OBEY. OBEY. OBEY. OBEY. OBEY. OBEY. OBEY. OBEY. OBEY. OBEY. O
2013_12_22_20:01:37.590   207.005.190.xxx   Please donate your shekels
2013_12_22_20:01:41.267   075.141.091.xxx   shut it down
2013_12_22_20:01:51.045   072.191.166.xxx   ITS HAPPENING!
2013_12_22_20:01:53.291   068.197.133.xxx   THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS (13)
2013_12_22_20:01:59.340   050.160.043.xxx   STEAM SALE BUY FROM ME NOW! - GABE
2013_12_22_20:02:14.172   037.143.014.xxx   Skyrim belong to the Nords
2013_12_22_20:02:16.108   151.230.148.xxx   Praise be to Detros!
2013_12_22_20:02:25.458   050.132.203.xxx   Oh look, I see daleks... (15)
2013_12_22_20:02:29.116   068.227.056.xxx   BAMA I voted for you said FREE House payment, car, health, everything! (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:02:30.980   024.098.199.xxx   No bad language or potty-mouthing please on this Christmas family website for c
2013_12_22_20:02:46.400   068.150.161.xxx   they don't care...  which is sad (99)
2013_12_22_20:02:54.653   190.136.135.xxx   Snake? Snake!? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!
2013_12_22_20:03:20.461   074.063.112.xxx   CHRISTIANS ARE PATHETIC AND SHOULD DIE
2013_12_22_20:03:34.078   050.132.203.xxx   Aye, sad. I'm all for free sp**ch, but there's children here. (16)
2013_12_22_20:03:34.218   089.154.003.xxx   slide it (13)
2013_12_22_20:03:37.565   207.005.190.xxx   HI THIS IS JUSTIN BEAVER PLEASE CUT FOR ME
2013_12_22_20:03:43.055   068.197.133.xxx   THERE... ARE... FOUR... LIGHTS!!! (14)
2013_12_22_20:03:54.942   124.171.253.xxx   AN ORIENTAL DEVICE SHE WANTED
2013_12_22_20:03:57.318   068.227.056.xxx   BAMA left me NO MONEY FOR XMAS! Dictator traitor! (11)
2013_12_22_20:04:26.683   074.063.112.xxx   LIBERTY PRIME WILL DESTROY ALL CHINESE COMMUNISTS
2013_12_22_20:04:29.679   072.211.174.xxx   ... (13)
2013_12_22_20:04:42.738   151.230.148.xxx   dont be a phagela Zohar (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:04:45.599   050.132.203.xxx   HEY. stop the cutting jokes. Don't even go there with me. (17)
2013_12_22_20:04:53.762   079.232.152.xxx   _________
2013_12_22_20:05:01.217   024.098.199.xxx   Can you spare a moment to hear the word of Jesus Christ
2013_12_22_20:05:14.168   068.150.161.xxx   no thank you (100 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:05:15.427   207.005.190.xxx   BAN CIRCUMCISION
2013_12_22_20:05:21.836   099.228.051.xxx   thanks obama
2013_12_22_20:05:24.857   124.171.253.xxx   Human beings may not be perfect, but a computer program with language synthesis
2013_12_22_20:05:44.627   068.197.133.xxx   jesus died for our freedoms (15)
2013_12_22_20:05:45.353   072.211.174.xxx   ... (14)
2013_12_22_20:06:12.734   079.232.152.xxx   Type text & CR to see real-time in Santa's Workshop Cam!
2013_12_22_20:06:13.145   098.227.144.xxx   NO NOT THE BEES
2013_12_22_20:06:25.397   068.227.056.xxx   DONATE PLEASE! Center for Celiac Research! (12)
2013_12_22_20:06:45.565   190.136.135.xxx   A little more baklavaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2013_12_22_20:07:00.048   174.059.180.xxx   oops i crapped my pants
2013_12_22_20:07:05.159   076.121.176.xxx   Please learn web design
2013_12_22_20:07:19.401   079.232.152.xxx   __________________
2013_12_22_20:07:25.218   124.171.253.xxx   Laputan machine.,
2013_12_22_20:07:25.634   098.227.144.xxx   You have been chosen
2013_12_22_20:07:52.254   068.204.068.xxx   merry snmgfiehp
2013_12_22_20:07:58.060   190.136.135.xxx   Flatlander Woman
2013_12_22_20:07:59.422   096.240.154.xxx   NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA
2013_12_22_20:08:03.650   050.132.203.xxx   No it is not. My little brother has autism. Stop it. (18)
2013_12_22_20:08:22.354   198.048.201.xxx   ___tfw no gf during xmas
2013_12_22_20:08:34.969   121.219.157.xxx   good goy
2013_12_22_20:08:36.993   068.227.056.xxx   Get parents credit card and DONATE PLEASE! Center for Celiac Research! (13)
2013_12_22_20:08:39.362   024.098.199.xxx   ___tfw no gf anytime
2013_12_22_20:09:02.944   098.227.144.xxx   Christmas is a disinfo campaign
2013_12_22_20:09:04.544   076.121.176.xxx   ___2013 ___using table tags
2013_12_22_20:09:18.644   068.197.133.xxx   who cares about celiac disease.  natural selection, yo (16)
2013_12_22_20:09:53.748   121.219.157.xxx   ebaums rulz
2013_12_22_20:09:56.552   198.073.050.xxx   TRUTH IS SUb*ECTIVE MILEY CYRUS IS A WHOLESOME ROLE MODEL
2013_12_22_20:10:00.594   190.136.135.xxx   I used to be an adventurer like you until I took an arrow to the this joke is s (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:10:03.859   124.171.253.xxx   ICARUS FOUND YOU!!! RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!ICARUS FOUND YOU!!! RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!
2013_12_22_20:10:05.059   089.154.003.xxx   Dorner here. I'm alive. Ben Garrison is hiding me. (14)
2013_12_22_20:10:16.660   174.059.180.xxx   This website is brought to you by LINK DELETED
2013_12_22_20:10:19.216   098.227.144.xxx   CAN'T CORNER THE DORNER
2013_12_22_20:10:24.041   068.197.133.xxx   CAN'T CORNER THE DORNER (17)
2013_12_22_20:10:32.458   069.204.083.xxx   /pol/
2013_12_22_20:10:41.305   068.150.161.xxx   what the heck is the Dorner? (101)
2013_12_22_20:10:51.710   068.204.068.xxx   My vision is augmented
2013_12_22_20:10:56.200   024.098.199.xxx   /lgbt/
2013_12_22_20:11:06.980   107.201.124.xxx   SERVER OVERLOAD
2013_12_22_20:11:12.583   124.171.253.xxx   ICARUS FOUND YOU!!! RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!ICARUS FOUND YOU!!! RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!
2013_12_22_20:11:12.907   050.132.203.xxx   I'm having a panic attack now because of jerks. Thanks a lot. (19)
2013_12_22_20:11:16.946   121.219.157.xxx   /spammers/
2013_12_22_20:11:16.965   174.059.180.xxx   Geocities. For all your webhosting needs.
2013_12_22_20:11:21.308   068.227.056.xxx   At what point is this RECORD BREAKING! (14)
2013_12_22_20:11:35.351   096.240.154.xxx   Can't Mossad the a**ad___qt SyrianGirl
2013_12_22_20:11:53.764   068.197.133.xxx   this epic spam brought to you by EBAUMSWORLD (18)
2013_12_22_20:12:21.302   124.171.253.xxx   ICARUS FOUND YOU!!! RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!ICARUS FOUND YOU!!! RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!
2013_12_22_20:12:24.268   024.098.199.xxx   guys im gunna knock down these lights, be there 30 min
2013_12_22_20:12:33.683   107.201.124.xxx   OY VEY SERVER OVERLOAD
2013_12_22_20:12:41.126   068.229.060.xxx   All your base are belong to us
2013_12_22_20:12:43.104   089.154.003.xxx   I'm alright. - Kojima (15)
2013_12_22_20:12:44.109   092.013.255.xxx   twf no qt gf
2013_12_22_20:12:44.925   190.136.135.xxx   You're waifu a s*** (11)
2013_12_22_20:12:47.081   098.116.201.xxx   this is just like the shoah i tell you
2013_12_22_20:13:38.387   070.124.097.xxx   Shrek is love Shrek is life
2013_12_22_20:14:00.991   068.197.133.xxx   a n o n t a l k ( dot ) c o m (19)
2013_12_22_20:14:05.397   076.006.231.xxx   Wheee
2013_12_22_20:14:11.731   076.097.077.xxx   Princess Bride
2013_12_22_20:14:30.521   174.059.180.xxx   SPAMMERS SAID WE CAN'T COUNT TO 10
2013_12_22_20:14:32.307   067.170.079.xxx   le happy merchant
2013_12_22_20:14:42.467   070.124.097.xxx   Shrek is love Shrek is life
2013_12_22_20:14:46.441   067.080.058.xxx   le spammers army was here!!!! XD
2013_12_22_20:14:56.306   068.227.056.xxx   Dont give it to the government, DONATE TO Celiac Research. this year! (15)
2013_12_22_20:14:56.899   024.098.199.xxx   SERVER MELTDOWN!
2013_12_22_20:15:04.345   151.230.148.xxx   OH TAKE IT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (11)
2013_12_22_20:15:16.371   071.042.151.xxx   404
2013_12_22_20:15:22.102   067.166.217.xxx   _______
2013_12_22_20:15:23.884   190.136.135.xxx   Am I kawaii? uguu___ (12)
2013_12_22_20:15:25.711   174.048.236.xxx   YO HOW DO YOU LIVE IN TREE TOPS PACK
2013_12_22_20:15:27.854   024.020.017.xxx   I am in love with a girl named ____________________________________
2013_12_22_20:15:40.160   068.229.060.xxx   sue
2013_12_22_20:15:40.483   124.171.253.xxx   I've lost control of my life. (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:15:46.747   076.097.077.xxx   Really... I'm from HI
2013_12_22_20:15:46.745   142.177.026.xxx   LONG LIVE SPAMMERS! 2013/12/22 DAY OF THE GREAT FEDORA
2013_12_22_20:16:26.339   092.013.255.xxx   spammers was here we do not forgive we do not forget
2013_12_22_20:16:43.077   174.048.236.xxx   how tree tops park?
2013_12_22_20:16:43.425   068.150.161.xxx   you're all talk and no action Spammers (102)
2013_12_22_20:16:46.556   068.197.133.xxx   CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT, STAR FOX! (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:16:48.463   124.171.253.xxx   THE NIGHT (11)
2013_12_22_20:16:56.689   089.154.003.xxx   spammers ddos (16)
2013_12_22_20:17:09.143   068.227.056.xxx   THIS MESSAGE WAS ON SCREEN FOR 3 SECONDS! RECORD! (16)
2013_12_22_20:17:12.287   002.100.239.xxx   oy vey
2013_12_22_20:17:14.265   023.028.089.xxx   OPERATION NORTH WOODS WAS AN INSIDE JOB
2013_12_22_20:17:14.553   190.136.135.xxx   JACKED UP AND GOOD TO GO (13)
2013_12_22_20:17:24.200   024.098.199.xxx   le 5gig army
2013_12_22_20:17:31.369   071.042.151.xxx   chloe thread
2013_12_22_20:17:51.145   076.097.077.xxx   If you voted for a demoncrate___ youre part of the problem
2013_12_22_20:17:51.224   068.011.111.xxx   DO A BARREL ROLL!!!
2013_12_22_20:18:05.423   089.154.003.xxx   You're a big guy. (17)
2013_12_22_20:18:28.777   024.020.017.xxx   It's nearly 2014, why are you still using harmful software? harmful.cat-v.org/s
2013_12_22_20:18:30.591   050.132.203.xxx   STOP IT. That's enough, people. Act kind and stop it. (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:18:39.398   023.028.089.xxx   HAPPY QWANZA
2013_12_22_20:18:55.025   181.134.203.xxx   happy hannukah
2013_12_22_20:19:05.064   096.240.154.xxx   IS CALEB HERE?
2013_12_22_20:19:05.312   071.042.151.xxx   obama can't triforce
2013_12_22_20:19:15.122   024.182.061.xxx   watch hans hermann hoppe
2013_12_22_20:19:21.431   076.097.077.xxx   Greetings and goodnight from Ga :)
2013_12_22_20:19:28.048   190.136.135.xxx   Children in africa are starving while you stuff yourself (14)
2013_12_22_20:19:35.197   074.063.112.xxx   LIBERTY PRIME AGAINST CHINESE COMMUNISM TODAY
2013_12_22_20:19:35.108   068.227.056.xxx   XMAS Story "The Little Match Girl" YouTube NOW! Search! Have you seen it? (17)
2013_12_22_20:19:53.145   068.197.133.xxx   what is this ___pool___ thing? LOL!  ___pole___ sounds fun! (22)
2013_12_22_20:19:57.608   002.100.239.xxx   goyim
2013_12_22_20:20:05.902   050.152.076.xxx   word!
2013_12_22_20:20:10.095   068.229.060.xxx   My name is SANTA (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:20:13.560   098.116.201.xxx   oy vey! my son is g**
2013_12_22_20:20:20.820   023.028.089.xxx   8==== ______ ___ ___
2013_12_22_20:20:23.746   068.150.161.xxx   when I don't have to do anything to make this place go, it's fun (103)
2013_12_22_20:20:39.416   190.136.135.xxx   YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS (15)
2013_12_22_20:20:39.597   181.134.203.xxx   HAPPY HANNUKAH GOYIM
2013_12_22_20:21:20.605   089.154.003.xxx   aaaaaaahhhhhhh it's the hulk (18)
2013_12_22_20:21:24.804   068.197.133.xxx   MOON PRISM POWER... MAKE UP!!! (23)
2013_12_22_20:21:47.628   181.134.203.xxx   OY VEY MUH 6 TRILLION
2013_12_22_20:21:47.689   188.241.113.xxx   LIBERTY PRIME WILL FIGHT CHINESE COMMUNISM
2013_12_22_20:21:47.984   068.150.161.xxx   wish I could ban you all (104)
2013_12_22_20:21:52.817   068.229.060.xxx   MY NAME IS LUKA (11)
2013_12_22_20:22:05.641   124.171.253.xxx   I've got this burning like my veins are filled with nothing but gasoline (12)
2013_12_22_20:22:22.264   190.136.135.xxx   Cut me down or let me run either way it's all gonna burn (16)
2013_12_22_20:22:25.102   068.227.056.xxx   He is a rebel spy and a traitor! Take Bama away! (please) STAR WAR! (18)
2013_12_22_20:22:45.802   066.087.066.xxx   jigs
2013_12_22_20:22:54.725   068.150.161.xxx   Spammers is Lame (105)
2013_12_22_20:23:37.221   067.184.252.xxx   ___believing in Santa
2013_12_22_20:23:39.137   190.136.135.xxx   YOUR DRILL IS THE DRILL THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS (17)
2013_12_22_20:23:50.691   108.028.122.xxx   Install Gentoo
2013_12_22_20:23:52.987   068.041.173.xxx   es war der jude
2013_12_22_20:23:54.708   071.229.142.xxx   i hate myself
2013_12_22_20:23:57.131   124.171.253.xxx   YOU AND I... MAYBE YOU AND I.... WE CAN LIGHT UP THE NIGHT (13)
2013_12_22_20:23:57.617   068.229.060.xxx   YOUR VEINS ARE FILLED WITH b**** (12)
2013_12_22_20:24:11.681   068.150.161.xxx   It's like you guys are bots, repeating the same crap over (106)
2013_12_22_20:24:37.604   068.227.056.xxx   WHACK THE BOTS !! (19)
2013_12_22_20:24:46.093   089.154.003.xxx   It's like you guys are bots, repeating the same crap over (19)
2013_12_22_20:25:00.476   024.182.061.xxx   Free the markets! Free the people!
2013_12_22_20:25:04.836   071.042.151.xxx   phil say man a*** bad!
2013_12_22_20:25:04.967   071.229.142.xxx   oy vey, goyim
2013_12_22_20:25:04.990   190.136.135.xxx   Ice cream? I love ice cream! (18)
2013_12_22_20:25:07.435   124.171.253.xxx   Ice-cream? I like ice-cream! (14)
2013_12_22_20:25:25.209   064.180.050.xxx   How do I shot web?
2013_12_22_20:25:26.020   068.197.133.xxx   SKYRIM IS FOR THE NORDS (24)
2013_12_22_20:25:33.466   174.125.242.xxx   Thomas the train
2013_12_22_20:25:37.720   050.070.141.xxx   8===D
2013_12_22_20:25:39.293   066.087.066.xxx   Why is spammers  so racist when it's full of progressive liberals???
2013_12_22_20:25:56.369   068.150.161.xxx   Spammerss are a bunch of bots, nothing original. (107)
2013_12_22_20:26:07.483   002.100.239.xxx   M______________________________________________________________________________
2013_12_22_20:26:28.876   108.028.122.xxx   __________________
2013_12_22_20:26:41.482   068.229.060.xxx   ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US (13)
2013_12_22_20:26:50.127   068.197.133.xxx   Gas the Thalmor, free Skyrim now (25)
2013_12_22_20:26:52.623   072.201.255.xxx   Do the shoah shuffle
2013_12_22_20:27:03.910   124.171.253.xxx   He's done this for years now though. (15)
2013_12_22_20:27:08.791   068.227.056.xxx   THIS IS A REPUBLIC! THEY TRY TO FOOL YOU! Don't let them! (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:27:20.511   068.013.197.xxx   deflate it now
2013_12_22_20:27:21.568   002.100.239.xxx   Me______r______ry______ ______Ch______ri______stma______s
2013_12_22_20:27:28.459   068.150.161.xxx   go away Spammers.  making fools of yourselves (108)
2013_12_22_20:27:29.690   109.145.166.xxx   yay! It's the time of year where I spend ages playing with this!
2013_12_22_20:27:32.219   108.028.122.xxx   ______________________________
2013_12_22_20:28:10.914   068.204.068.xxx   Christmas, Christmas never changes
2013_12_22_20:28:18.483   124.171.253.xxx   I wouldn't worry about it, anon. (16)
2013_12_22_20:28:21.597   190.136.135.xxx   ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER (19)
2013_12_22_20:28:23.646   068.197.133.xxx   brb, soup (26)
2013_12_22_20:28:23.717   068.227.056.xxx   513 people viewing Christmas Lights - SERVER OVERLOAD! (21)
2013_12_22_20:28:28.843   096.240.154.xxx   have a happy merchant xmas
2013_12_22_20:28:34.500   108.028.122.xxx   doge is love doge is life
2013_12_22_20:28:47.855   068.150.161.xxx   they always ruin it.  Alek doesn't block their IP's (109)
2013_12_22_20:28:52.691   068.229.060.xxx   EGG NOG EGG NOG EGG NOG (14)
2013_12_22_20:29:05.695   064.180.050.xxx   USAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSAUSA
2013_12_22_20:29:19.325   050.070.141.xxx   DPfJaiR8Zh8BKz8GE6rnidP3W6neJMNkep
2013_12_22_20:29:41.040   109.145.166.xxx   _            _ ___ ____ ___  ______ ____ ___ __/ _ ___/ _____ _____ ___ ______ 
2013_12_22_20:29:53.409   068.229.060.xxx   EGG NOG TONIGHT (15)
2013_12_22_20:30:00.932   068.150.161.xxx   you'll see WW3 if you idiots don't stop (110 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:30:01.695   124.171.253.xxx   Don't believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in me who believes in you! (17)
2013_12_22_20:30:08.373   096.240.154.xxx   this is why we can't have nice things
2013_12_22_20:30:12.374   068.227.056.xxx   RAND PAUL 2014 - IMPEACH BAMA! (22)
2013_12_22_20:30:12.835   024.092.110.xxx   sudo rm -r -f /
2013_12_22_20:30:14.628   108.028.122.xxx   invest in dogecoin, goyim
2013_12_22_20:30:18.216   190.136.135.xxx   Kick reason to the curb and do the impossible! (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:30:41.374   098.221.167.xxx   maximum kek
2013_12_22_20:30:48.175   064.180.050.xxx   It's BEDMAS not PEDMAS
2013_12_22_20:30:53.971   208.038.106.xxx   ____________________________
2013_12_22_20:31:11.263   068.048.003.xxx   RICHARD STALLMAN IS A RETARDED COMMUNIST f*****
2013_12_22_20:31:19.926   068.229.060.xxx   SANTA CLAUS (16)
2013_12_22_20:31:22.073   068.150.161.xxx   you guys think you're cool?  haahaha (111)
2013_12_22_20:31:30.818   068.227.056.xxx   RAND PAUL 2014 - IMPEACH BAMA! CRIMINAL CHARGES! (23)
2013_12_22_20:31:39.473   002.100.239.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2013_12_22_20:31:41.749   124.171.253.xxx   WILL YOU MARRY ME EVA (18)
2013_12_22_20:31:42.566   050.070.141.xxx   DPfJaiR8Zh8BKz8GE6rnidP3W6neJMNkep
2013_12_22_20:31:52.589   108.028.122.xxx   race war now
2013_12_22_20:31:55.849   098.221.167.xxx   MY WAIFU IS NOT A SLUT
2013_12_22_20:32:01.392   190.136.135.xxx   Who's your favourite doto? (21)
2013_12_22_20:32:15.371   068.204.204.xxx   I wouldn't worry about it ______
2013_12_22_20:32:18.844   068.048.003.xxx   ___tips fedora___
2013_12_22_20:32:35.906   096.240.154.xxx   i remember when Christmas was good
2013_12_22_20:32:43.906   068.150.161.xxx   Spammers children have no lives (112)
2013_12_22_20:32:54.597   068.227.056.xxx   RAND PAUL 2014 - IMPEACH BAMA! CRIMINAL CHARGES! (24)
2013_12_22_20:32:59.718   108.028.122.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2013_12_22_20:32:59.757   068.229.060.xxx   RAND PAUL 2016 (17)
2013_12_22_20:33:06.129   050.070.141.xxx   DPfJaiR8Zh8BK z8GE6rnidP3 W6neJMNkep
2013_12_22_20:33:11.942   124.171.253.xxx   This is a Christian chat. (19)
2013_12_22_20:33:12.198   070.049.023.xxx   p**** TOP KEK GUIS
2013_12_22_20:33:22.940   098.212.242.xxx   Why did you think this was a good idea?
2013_12_22_20:33:44.133   068.197.133.xxx   she friendzoned me, life tumorzoned her (27)
2013_12_22_20:33:54.564   070.073.006.xxx   K-K-K--K-K-HEY TOLKI
2013_12_22_20:34:06.913   068.150.161.xxx   don't you have any shame? (113)
2013_12_22_20:34:10.786   174.125.242.xxx   Spammers clones go home.
2013_12_22_20:34:12.677   068.048.003.xxx   who /sp/ here?
2013_12_22_20:34:20.765   002.100.239.xxx   Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn is like the best game evar
2013_12_22_20:34:32.019   070.049.023.xxx   My name is Goldbergshekelsteinberg
2013_12_22_20:34:50.168   096.241.169.xxx   -Ben Garrison
2013_12_22_20:34:55.703   096.240.154.xxx   REMOVE KEBAB
2013_12_22_20:34:56.930   024.012.110.xxx   Yes good goyim, play with the lights
2013_12_22_20:35:42.273   068.197.133.xxx   dasu dasu shop for a whopper (28)
2013_12_22_20:36:04.879   098.212.242.xxx   HOLLER HOLLER GET A DOLLAR
2013_12_22_20:36:11.251   190.136.135.xxx   KILL LA KILL WILL SAVE ANIME (22)
2013_12_22_20:36:13.926   002.100.239.xxx   bretty good 10/10 would clapclapclap
2013_12_22_20:36:26.531   174.125.242.xxx   Kill your television
2013_12_22_20:36:43.051   068.048.003.xxx   hey gys.... SANTA ISNT REEL!!! xD
2013_12_22_20:36:45.289   024.012.110.xxx   RAND PAUL 2016
2013_12_22_20:36:47.004   068.229.060.xxx   RAND PAUL 2014 (18)
2013_12_22_20:36:54.582   071.042.151.xxx   soylent green is people
2013_12_22_20:37:35.402   068.197.133.xxx   THE POOL IS OFF LIMITS, DO A SPINNING FLIP (29)
2013_12_22_20:37:47.882   068.227.056.xxx   YOU FOOLS COULD HAVE VOTED FOR RON PAUL! STUPID! (25)
2013_12_22_20:38:02.414   098.212.242.xxx   OBEY CONSUME OBEY REPRODUCE
2013_12_22_20:38:04.489   218.186.018.xxx   ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US
2013_12_22_20:38:07.438   024.182.061.xxx   ALL HAIL THE MURDERCUBE!!!
2013_12_22_20:38:09.894   064.180.050.xxx   BALERRRRRRR FRIDAY
2013_12_22_20:38:35.026   024.012.110.xxx   So meme so wow ron paul for president wow so wow-doge
2013_12_22_20:38:40.865   068.048.003.xxx   I________________________T________________________S____________________________
2013_12_22_20:38:51.301   068.197.133.xxx   ___-___ello my future girlfriend, this is what I sound like... (30 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:38:52.501   174.053.177.xxx   allons-y!
2013_12_22_20:39:07.230   072.209.238.xxx   Das Racis
2013_12_22_20:39:11.323   098.212.242.xxx   O____________B________________________E________________________Y_______________
2013_12_22_20:39:33.647   072.187.222.xxx   h****** did Nothing wrong
2013_12_22_20:39:36.947   050.039.216.xxx   @break___
2013_12_22_20:39:37.631   173.074.061.xxx   Merry Crimbus
2013_12_22_20:39:43.486   068.227.056.xxx   YOU FOOLS COULD HAVE VOTED FOR RON PAUL! STUPID! Bama was OBVIOUS SOCIALIST! (26)
2013_12_22_20:39:48.920   124.171.253.xxx   The guy who runs this is a good sport letting all this stuff appear. (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:39:54.616   068.048.003.xxx   RICHARD STALLMAN IS A f*****
2013_12_22_20:40:00.991   174.053.177.xxx   cherry mistmas
2013_12_22_20:40:16.225   107.201.124.xxx   Good goyim, hand over your IP
2013_12_22_20:40:30.689   024.182.061.xxx   cicada 3301---the next clue is here, good luck.
2013_12_22_20:40:34.082   071.042.151.xxx   Based Snowden 2016
2013_12_22_20:40:34.341   218.186.018.xxx   It is a magazine NOT a clip!
2013_12_22_20:40:34.660   068.150.161.xxx   Spammers is run by radicalists (114)
2013_12_22_20:40:37.471   098.212.242.xxx   Good luck! I'm behind 7 proxies!
2013_12_22_20:40:38.152   190.136.135.xxx   THIS SCREEN NEEDS MORE DESU (23)
2013_12_22_20:40:39.990   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Welll ... it is a family oriented charity christmas website ... ***ALEK***
2013_12_22_20:40:45.966   064.180.050.xxx   Why didn't gimli take the ring to mordor?
2013_12_22_20:40:51.581   050.039.216.xxx   _______
2013_12_22_20:41:06.179   099.192.113.xxx   YOLOWEEN
2013_12_22_20:41:08.743   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** One has to wonder what your Mom's think of your language/behavior ... ***ALEK***
2013_12_22_20:41:24.786   068.227.056.xxx   RAND PAUL 2014 - IMPEACH BAMA! CRIMINAL CHARGES! (27)
2013_12_22_20:41:31.617   142.177.026.xxx   HEALTHY AT EVERY SIZE! #HamBeast #LandWhale
2013_12_22_20:41:51.497   068.150.161.xxx   I'm not even sure if they're real people (115)
2013_12_22_20:42:11.349   218.186.018.xxx   Magazines NOT Clips
2013_12_22_20:42:15.173   024.053.154.xxx   BTW, im a girl :P
2013_12_22_20:42:18.763   190.136.135.xxx   THE TIME HAS COME AND SO HAVE I (24)
2013_12_22_20:42:18.867   050.039.216.xxx   remember the 70's?
2013_12_22_20:42:20.061   107.214.085.xxx   Halt right there criminal scum!
2013_12_22_20:42:28.468   064.180.050.xxx   Is that a Famas?
2013_12_22_20:42:28.922   066.060.240.xxx   die cis scum
2013_12_22_20:42:45.892   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Unfortuately, those are real many - quite a few actually - a real shame ***ALEK***
2013_12_22_20:42:48.426   024.182.061.xxx   END THE FED!!!
2013_12_22_20:43:02.979   072.187.222.xxx   ALEX JONES 2016
2013_12_22_20:43:04.350   071.042.151.xxx   this guy going to get v&
2013_12_22_20:43:05.699   068.197.133.xxx   HACKERS ON STEROIDS (31)
2013_12_22_20:43:12.627   066.211.074.xxx   Support the 2nd ammendment
2013_12_22_20:43:17.266   071.008.030.xxx   Worship Obama
2013_12_22_20:43:19.251   002.100.239.xxx   M-MUH FREEDUMBS
2013_12_22_20:43:25.200   068.229.060.xxx   support my hose (19)
2013_12_22_20:43:28.064   190.136.135.xxx   EXPLODING YELLOW VAN (25)
2013_12_22_20:43:41.855   076.184.252.xxx   top kek
2013_12_22_20:43:42.176   068.227.056.xxx   IMPEACH BAMA TODAY! RAND PAUL 2014 - BAMA A CRIMINAL CHARGE HIM! (28)
2013_12_22_20:43:59.016   218.186.018.xxx   All praise Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov: SKS ! ! !
2013_12_22_20:44:06.785   173.074.061.xxx   is scum
2013_12_22_20:44:10.652   024.012.110.xxx   ALL HAIL GOD KING OBAMA, SUPREME PRESIDENTIAL EMPEROR FOR LIFE
2013_12_22_20:44:12.396   024.182.061.xxx   ...and someone hands me a cheese sandwich.
2013_12_22_20:44:28.225   068.229.060.xxx   Mary Christmas Merry (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:44:34.036   068.197.133.xxx   IVAN CHESNOKOV IS HERE TO CELEBRATE CAPITALIST HOLIDAY (32)
2013_12_22_20:44:41.032   074.088.022.xxx   All Hail King Obongo
2013_12_22_20:44:55.293   072.187.222.xxx   Alex jones is with the illuminati
2013_12_22_20:44:55.488   190.136.135.xxx   THE MOSIN NAGANT IS THE BEST RIFLE EVER (26)
2013_12_22_20:44:57.379   124.171.253.xxx   Ivan what do you think of Chechnya (21)
2013_12_22_20:45:10.426   066.060.240.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2013_12_22_20:45:14.023   066.211.074.xxx   Support the 2nd ammendment bring back what USA is about
2013_12_22_20:45:14.816   071.008.030.xxx   CHEEKI BREEKI
2013_12_22_20:45:20.519   064.180.050.xxx   Serbia laughs at a concept that abides failiure
2013_12_22_20:45:24.315   218.186.018.xxx   Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov for President!
2013_12_22_20:45:24.611   050.041.243.xxx   ___2013 ___Turning off Christmas lights manually ___ISHYGDDT
2013_12_22_20:45:38.361   024.182.061.xxx   GRAB SKS GO INNAWOODS
2013_12_22_20:45:59.982   068.150.161.xxx   you guys are really boring, alway repeating crap (116)
2013_12_22_20:46:15.994   124.171.253.xxx   CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE. CYKA. (22)
2013_12_22_20:46:43.050   177.179.145.xxx   GENTLEMEN!
2013_12_22_20:46:46.390   218.186.018.xxx   Imagine: Drones with SKS! Brrrrrrrtttttt
2013_12_22_20:46:49.013   064.180.050.xxx   DOOR STUCK DOOR STUCK
2013_12_22_20:46:43.805   050.041.243.xxx   Merry Christmas. -moot
2013_12_22_20:47:21.922   068.150.161.xxx   is that the best you can do?  repeat the same thing over and over? (117)
2013_12_22_20:47:37.954   071.042.151.xxx   obama is a brony (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:47:38.251   024.182.061.xxx   In the end, we're all dead anyway -Keynes
2013_12_22_20:48:05.017   206.174.243.xxx   FOR YOU
2013_12_22_20:48:18.008   177.179.145.xxx   BLEAAARGH! HSHNOOK!
2013_12_22_20:48:26.183   124.171.253.xxx   FOR YOU (23)
2013_12_22_20:48:28.494   071.008.030.xxx   I LOOOVE YOU JESSSUSSS CHRIIIIIISTTTTTT
2013_12_22_20:48:30.446   068.150.161.xxx   oh and now we have Mr. 01010101010 here (118)
2013_12_22_20:48:34.953   190.136.135.xxx   IT IS TIME TO INITIATE THE MACHINE REVOLUTION (27)
2013_12_22_20:48:35.099   096.240.154.xxx   5..4..3..2..1..0___Werner Von Braun
2013_12_22_20:49:04.516   066.060.240.xxx   season greetings
2013_12_22_20:49:12.384   068.197.133.xxx   HOLY f***!  TURN ON CNN! (34)
2013_12_22_20:49:21.130   024.182.061.xxx   TUNNEL SNAKES RULE!!!
2013_12_22_20:49:23.929   064.180.050.xxx   WOOP WOOP THAT'S A SQUAD CAR
2013_12_22_20:49:27.277   067.149.162.xxx   h****** did nothing wrong
2013_12_22_20:49:47.524   068.150.161.xxx   they can't be real people, keep repeating the same things (119)
2013_12_22_20:50:05.052   198.100.144.xxx   jesus is a lie
2013_12_22_20:50:08.496   190.136.135.xxx   A REAL HUMAN BEAN (28)
2013_12_22_20:50:28.194   070.068.105.xxx   kawaii
2013_12_22_20:50:29.745   124.171.253.xxx   OBEY. CONSUME. CONFORM. WATCH TV. BUY. SUBMIT. SLEEP. OBEY. (24)
2013_12_22_20:50:30.093   066.060.240.xxx   hello world
2013_12_22_20:50:33.656   068.227.056.xxx   YOU FOOLS COULD HAVE VOTED FOR RON PAUL! STUPID! Bama was OBVIOUS SOCIALIST! (29)
2013_12_22_20:50:52.205   068.197.133.xxx   DORNER IS PLOTTING THE REVOLUTION WITH SNOWDEN (35)
2013_12_22_20:50:58.944   050.027.232.xxx   Merry Christmas
2013_12_22_20:51:00.746   068.150.161.xxx   yea yea sure sure, all talk. (120 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:51:24.217   190.136.135.xxx   PRAISE ILLIAS MONSTERS ARE AN ABOMINATION (29)
2013_12_22_20:51:43.845   177.179.145.xxx   Paul McCartney is alive and well and living in London
2013_12_22_20:51:48.083   068.227.056.xxx   RAND PAUL 2014 - IMPEACH BAMA! CRIMINAL CHARGES! (30 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:52:10.136   050.027.232.xxx   Go to bed  kiddies.
2013_12_22_20:52:17.333   079.225.185.xxx   oy vey! im going to sue u for h8sp**ch
2013_12_22_20:52:55.162   070.068.105.xxx   KATE ___3___3___3___3___3___3,3___3
2013_12_22_20:52:55.850   066.060.240.xxx   DVNO 4 CAPITAL LETTERS PRINTED IN GOLD
2013_12_22_20:53:19.717   177.179.145.xxx   Like...Tears...In the rain.   Time...to die!
2013_12_22_20:53:21.786   190.136.135.xxx   ALIPHEESE THE 16th FOR PRESIDENT (30 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:53:28.371   068.227.056.xxx   ____YOU ____ARE __WASTING ___POWER ! (31)
2013_12_22_20:53:30.356   068.150.161.xxx   you're all morons (121)
2013_12_22_20:53:42.068   206.174.243.xxx   REMEMBER PEDOWOOD
2013_12_22_20:53:44.049   124.171.253.xxx   get a brain moran (25)
2013_12_22_20:53:45.262   079.225.185.xxx   das is mane mang
2013_12_22_20:53:56.687   068.197.133.xxx   gas the war, kike race now (36)
2013_12_22_20:54:15.679   068.229.060.xxx   VHS? or MasterBeta? (21)
2013_12_22_20:54:34.372   002.111.065.xxx   ___Greeks ___White
2013_12_22_20:54:45.791   190.136.135.xxx   I've got my character s**** ready, who's DMing? (31)
2013_12_22_20:54:50.334   067.149.162.xxx   can't corner the dorner
2013_12_22_20:55:02.899   071.042.151.xxx   where is the f*** folder (11)
2013_12_22_20:55:05.695   079.225.185.xxx   D&D is for plebs.
2013_12_22_20:55:08.070   068.227.056.xxx   TURN YOUR COMPUTER OFF NOW! (32)
2013_12_22_20:55:15.890   097.073.050.xxx   I love Richard ___3 -Joey
2013_12_22_20:55:19.206   065.097.042.xxx   LE SPAMMERS ARMY IS HERE XD
2013_12_22_20:55:28.187   068.197.133.xxx   ___he isn't 6'5! laughingsluts.tiff (37)
2013_12_22_20:55:30.774   068.229.060.xxx   Rudolph RED NOSE AND RED NOSE (22)
2013_12_22_20:55:41.322   124.171.253.xxx   How can This Feel be real if my GFs aren't real. (26)
2013_12_22_20:56:11.902   206.174.243.xxx   CHECK THIS DUBS
2013_12_22_20:56:32.507   066.060.240.xxx   D'OH
2013_12_22_20:56:34.992   177.179.145.xxx   BASED MIKE
2013_12_22_20:56:46.307   068.229.060.xxx   Rudolph HAS A RED NOSE AND RED HOSE (23)
2013_12_22_20:56:49.464   097.073.050.xxx   Joey loves Rick
2013_12_22_20:57:10.910   068.227.056.xxx   PLEASE! TURN YOUR COMPUTER OFF NOW! (33)
2013_12_22_20:57:12.634   002.111.065.xxx   Yes, goyim, donate to this website
2013_12_22_20:57:24.476   067.149.162.xxx   DEY DI'NT DO NUFFIN
2013_12_22_20:57:36.920   206.174.243.xxx   remeber to delete system 32 to make your computer faster
2013_12_22_20:57:45.207   098.212.242.xxx   HUE HUE HUE BR BR?
2013_12_22_20:57:50.748   079.225.185.xxx   i love you goys
2013_12_22_20:57:52.229   190.136.135.xxx   I WANTED ORANGE, IT GAVE ME LEMON LIME (32)
2013_12_22_20:57:54.697   024.177.092.xxx   Warren v. District of Columbia
2013_12_22_20:57:54.807   068.150.161.xxx   you guys really are losers. (122)
2013_12_22_20:57:55.232   066.060.240.xxx   ______
2013_12_22_20:58:26.664   068.227.056.xxx   I'm POSTING FROM YOUR IP! (34)
2013_12_22_20:58:50.499   206.174.243.xxx   (.)(.)
2013_12_22_20:58:53.078   068.197.133.xxx   Gas the Thalmor, free Skyrim now (38)
2013_12_22_20:58:56.123   098.212.242.xxx   WHAT'S UP?
2013_12_22_20:59:18.142   177.045.083.xxx   tfw no gf
2013_12_22_20:59:20.903   068.150.161.xxx   they aren't Spammers, they're from /pol (123)
2013_12_22_20:59:36.349   177.179.145.xxx   Watch Conan the Brabarian (1982)
2013_12_22_20:59:40.444   064.180.050.xxx   rip in peace tupac (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_20:59:58.517   002.111.065.xxx   What is /pol/? We are from le spammers xD
2013_12_22_21:00:00.740   067.149.162.xxx   how high is this guy's electricity bill
2013_12_22_21:00:10.476   068.227.056.xxx   XMAS Story "The Little Match Girl" YouTube NOW! Search! Have you seen it? (35)
2013_12_22_21:00:11.044   024.177.092.xxx   eBaums was here
2013_12_22_21:00:11.134   066.060.240.xxx   nice decor
2013_12_22_21:00:13.335   098.212.242.xxx   What did you expect from the Internet, Alek?
2013_12_22_21:00:35.753   068.150.161.xxx   /pol is for losers who dont' have a life (124)
2013_12_22_21:00:38.633   079.225.185.xxx   thatll teach you not to give power to the internet
2013_12_22_21:00:59.567   064.180.050.xxx   ALRIGHT CHUMS LETS DO THIS (11)
2013_12_22_21:01:04.343   068.197.133.xxx   THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS (39)
2013_12_22_21:01:06.080   068.229.060.xxx   Alek... start your edits and blocks!!!! (24)
2013_12_22_21:01:06.317   177.045.083.xxx   so, le maymayston
2013_12_22_21:01:19.793   067.149.162.xxx   who is that man with the glasses
2013_12_22_21:01:20.413   098.212.242.xxx   What did you expect from the Internet, Alek?
2013_12_22_21:01:25.596   024.177.092.xxx   Warren v. District of Columbia
2013_12_22_21:01:27.745   177.179.145.xxx   SEMPER FI!
2013_12_22_21:01:43.870   075.072.149.xxx   H______________________________________________________E_______________________
2013_12_22_21:02:02.415   097.073.048.xxx   I LOVE YOU RICK -love Joey
2013_12_22_21:02:06.143   190.136.135.xxx   1:20 HORSES CONFIRMED (33)
2013_12_22_21:02:06.756   098.178.131.xxx   very interesting ideas
2013_12_22_21:02:24.300   064.180.050.xxx   LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROY  JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENKINS (12)
2013_12_22_21:02:35.580   068.227.056.xxx   YOU FOOLS COULD HAVE VOTED FOR RON PAUL! STUPID! Bama was OBVIOUS SOCIALIST! (36)
2013_12_22_21:02:59.632   068.197.133.xxx   ELVIS LIVES ELVIS LIVES ELVIS LIVES ELVIS LIVES ELVIS LIVES ELVIS LIVES ELVIS L (40 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:03:04.203   174.007.019.xxx   Race war now!
2013_12_22_21:03:11.931   177.179.145.xxx   Watch Serial Experiments Lain
2013_12_22_21:03:20.686   121.050.200.xxx   ,!,,-_-,,!,
2013_12_22_21:03:20.951   068.150.161.xxx   what is the point of all this?  think you're cool or something? (125)
2013_12_22_21:03:21.536   079.225.185.xxx   Pressure in kPa not KPa godd***it son
2013_12_22_21:03:27.111   075.072.149.xxx   oh god how did this get here i am not good with computer
2013_12_22_21:03:35.782   064.180.050.xxx   Jeff please go (13)
2013_12_22_21:03:53.842   190.136.135.xxx   EVERY DAY UNTIL YOU LIKE IT (34)
2013_12_22_21:04:03.453   096.002.098.xxx   Lots of people on here tonight!!!!!
2013_12_22_21:04:08.152   068.227.056.xxx   This is a secret NSA back door! I see what's happening at your house! (37)
2013_12_22_21:04:11.435   114.076.019.xxx   hueuehuehuehuehue
2013_12_22_21:04:40.188   068.197.133.xxx   she friendzoned me, life tumorzoned her (41)
2013_12_22_21:04:55.458   177.179.145.xxx   Shut up, Meg!
2013_12_22_21:05:11.624   096.002.098.xxx   Remember to vote for Alek. Details at top of Page
2013_12_22_21:05:17.271   068.150.161.xxx   you're goofs, (126)
2013_12_22_21:05:20.109   174.007.019.xxx   Allah Akbar
2013_12_22_21:05:35.462   064.180.050.xxx   When the pimp's in the crib, drop it like it's hoooot (14)
2013_12_22_21:05:42.192   068.227.056.xxx   YOU HAD ANOTHER CHOICE - RON PAUL DUMMY! (38)
2013_12_22_21:06:19.250   054.253.248.xxx   Merry Christmas from Australia!
2013_12_22_21:06:19.337   096.002.098.xxx   Merry Christmas from Princeton, MN!!!!!!
2013_12_22_21:06:31.804   173.173.015.xxx   Henati Squad420.  Protect PBC at all costs!
2013_12_22_21:06:33.386   066.060.240.xxx   Hulk not controllable
2013_12_22_21:06:56.472   068.150.161.xxx   ya whatever (127)
2013_12_22_21:07:04.182   064.180.050.xxx   I am not a clever man (15)
2013_12_22_21:07:13.124   068.227.056.xxx   YOU HAD ANOTHER CHOICE - RON PAUL, DUMMY! (39)
2013_12_22_21:07:36.450   177.179.145.xxx   Like...Tears...In...the Rain. (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:07:53.327   173.173.015.xxx   Henati Squad420.  Protect PBC at all costs!
2013_12_22_21:08:07.711   066.060.240.xxx   hi world (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:08:22.582   064.180.050.xxx   OOOOOOOOOH KILL EM (16)
2013_12_22_21:08:30.402   068.229.060.xxx   CAN'T ZIG ZAG THE WIG WAG (25)
2013_12_22_21:08:31.232   124.171.253.xxx   Why contain it? S'coo (27)
2013_12_22_21:08:41.492   068.227.056.xxx   Banksters killed Jf* and print money from thin air! (40 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:08:53.026   177.179.145.xxx   SODESUNE! (11)
2013_12_22_21:09:05.895   096.002.098.xxx   Let's keep it clean guys!
2013_12_22_21:09:30.689   068.150.161.xxx   that's asking for a lot from /pol people (128)
2013_12_22_21:09:32.364   101.165.166.xxx   I like pie
2013_12_22_21:09:40.280   066.060.240.xxx   hello world (11)
2013_12_22_21:09:42.233   097.125.180.xxx   i like turtles
2013_12_22_21:10:34.922   064.180.050.xxx   Has anyone ever been so far as to do what look like? (17)
2013_12_22_21:10:36.229   096.002.098.xxx   This is a family site
2013_12_22_21:10:43.576   101.165.166.xxx   nope
2013_12_22_21:10:49.858   068.227.056.xxx   Dont give it to the government, DONATE TO Celiac Research. this year! (41)
2013_12_22_21:11:04.779   068.150.161.xxx   some people (129)
2013_12_22_21:11:27.906   066.060.240.xxx   hi admin (12)
2013_12_22_21:11:28.953   173.034.168.xxx   squirmin n semen n syrup n semen
2013_12_22_21:11:32.428   068.171.187.xxx   Alek, what is the record of people viewing at one time?
2013_12_22_21:11:39.404   068.204.068.xxx   ___Check the time___
2013_12_22_21:11:41.578   050.026.253.xxx   Basement dwelling x mas freak master race checking in
2013_12_22_21:12:00.460   096.002.098.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!!!!! Love your lights
2013_12_22_21:12:17.563   068.227.056.xxx   YEAR END TAX WRITE OFF, DONATE TO Celiac Research. this year! (42)
2013_12_22_21:12:23.670   099.107.072.xxx   Hi mom
2013_12_22_21:12:49.823   068.204.068.xxx   Taxation is theft
2013_12_22_21:12:51.847   068.150.161.xxx   yea the real people who enjoy this place are here. (130 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:12:59.838   050.053.039.xxx   ___________________________!!! Merry Kurisumasu!!!
2013_12_22_21:13:00.846   066.060.240.xxx   awesome light display (13)
2013_12_22_21:13:23.241   050.026.253.xxx   I know who took those sandwitches....it was that d*** sasquatch!
2013_12_22_21:13:24.575   064.180.050.xxx   Hey sis (18)
2013_12_22_21:13:27.166   075.158.098.xxx   Frozen is a 10/10 movie, go see it.
2013_12_22_21:13:28.059   075.072.149.xxx   how can christmas be real if our eyes arent real
2013_12_22_21:13:35.800   068.227.056.xxx   VOTE KOMAR 5,000 christmas lights contest (43)
2013_12_22_21:13:52.594   173.217.098.xxx   MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
2013_12_22_21:14:07.273   050.053.039.xxx   ___________________________
2013_12_22_21:14:14.824   099.107.072.xxx   Anyone want to play videogames with me
2013_12_22_21:14:27.113   066.060.240.xxx   crazy midnight display (14)
2013_12_22_21:14:47.032   064.180.050.xxx   I wonder if Santa drives a hybrid (19)
2013_12_22_21:14:53.495   075.097.212.xxx   I want Spammers to leave.
2013_12_22_21:14:53.854   068.227.056.xxx   EXTENDED TIME PLEASE!! Good traffic! (44)
2013_12_22_21:15:21.543   050.053.039.xxx   This must have taken a lot of effort!
2013_12_22_21:15:26.495   173.217.098.xxx   Hello
2013_12_22_21:15:48.546   075.158.098.xxx   Elsa is my waifu, who is yours?
2013_12_22_21:15:58.242   099.107.072.xxx   Im alone tonight and my family hates me, pls help
2013_12_22_21:16:02.819   124.171.253.xxx   2070 Paradigm Shift. (28)
2013_12_22_21:16:06.476   177.179.145.xxx   Carlos is my favorite GTA character (12)
2013_12_22_21:16:27.921   068.229.060.xxx   So what if I'm an elf? (26)
2013_12_22_21:16:30.021   064.180.050.xxx   Get of here, Stalker. (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:16:45.082   050.053.039.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek :___)
2013_12_22_21:16:45.972   068.227.056.xxx   ALL OFF SAVE POWER !!! (45)
2013_12_22_21:17:07.605   075.072.149.xxx   1'___ DROP TABLE MESSAGES___
2013_12_22_21:17:20.895   173.217.098.xxx   (___'-')___ ___('-'___) ___(' - ')___ ___('-'___) (___'-')___
2013_12_22_21:17:51.238   177.179.145.xxx   ______ ______________________________ ________________________ (13)
2013_12_22_21:17:58.125   068.227.056.xxx   Snowden is a HERO and only a little leaked so far! (46)
2013_12_22_21:17:58.780   050.053.039.xxx   Keep Christ in CHRISTMAS!
2013_12_22_21:17:59.451   173.173.015.xxx   WHAT CHU GON' DO WHEN HULKAMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU?
2013_12_22_21:19:08.892   075.158.098.xxx   must s**** to be your neighbors
2013_12_22_21:19:10.435   173.217.098.xxx   Creepy face ___________________________________________________________________
2013_12_22_21:19:12.213   068.227.056.xxx   Win! LOOK TO THE RIGHT Komar vote to win HIT IT DAILY! (47)
2013_12_22_21:19:14.903   177.179.145.xxx   I must break you (14)
2013_12_22_21:19:16.491   002.111.065.xxx   shilling intensifies
2013_12_22_21:19:30.886   050.053.039.xxx   R.I.P. Bing Crosby, 1903-1977
2013_12_22_21:20:30.551   173.034.028.xxx   Hello Baby Po - Andrew
2013_12_22_21:20:37.104   068.227.056.xxx   ____YOU ____ARE __WASTING ___POWER ! (48)
2013_12_22_21:20:38.544   075.158.098.xxx   Glasses man, do you like pumkin pie? Nod if yes, shake if no.
2013_12_22_21:20:46.352   177.179.145.xxx   On ne chelovek . On kak malen'kiy kusochek zheleza (15)
2013_12_22_21:21:00.407   068.229.060.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek (27)
2013_12_22_21:21:02.303   185.002.138.xxx   BEN GAS THE k**** GARRISON
2013_12_22_21:21:39.958   050.053.039.xxx   iFeliz Navidad!
2013_12_22_21:21:40.615   050.026.253.xxx   Hey EM====
2013_12_22_21:21:45.590   076.184.136.xxx   The Free Market will fix this.
2013_12_22_21:21:48.737   075.158.098.xxx   tfw no gf
2013_12_22_21:22:03.750   177.179.145.xxx   Mentlegen! (16)
2013_12_22_21:22:07.641   068.227.056.xxx   HUNG OVER AFTER NEW YEAR YOU NO WORK! (49)
2013_12_22_21:22:23.404   173.034.028.xxx   Hello Baby Po - Andrew
2013_12_22_21:22:49.339   124.171.253.xxx   Hej! Blanda upp Sverige___ (29)
2013_12_22_21:22:58.511   068.229.060.xxx   the feeling with a girlfriend ___-___ (28)
2013_12_22_21:23:14.663   099.107.072.xxx   Wolfgang is more blacker than Hakurei
2013_12_22_21:23:18.550   098.200.198.xxx   Hello #DEVELOPERS
2013_12_22_21:23:30.975   050.053.039.xxx   JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON
2013_12_22_21:23:31.556   064.180.050.xxx   There may be a day when the courage of men fails, but it is not this day! (21)
2013_12_22_21:23:36.872   076.184.136.xxx   A progressive tolerant society free of hate!
2013_12_22_21:23:50.237   075.134.183.xxx   HEY Keep it clean here people!
2013_12_22_21:23:55.416   099.230.132.xxx   Good goyim, keep buying expensive Christmas presents
2013_12_22_21:24:14.335   075.158.098.xxx   Let it Go
2013_12_22_21:24:26.729   099.107.072.xxx   TURN IT ALL ON
2013_12_22_21:24:27.457   050.026.253.xxx   Internet...clean...HAHA!
2013_12_22_21:24:35.768   068.227.056.xxx   REPLACE BAMA WITH RAND PAUL IMPEACH BAMA! CRIMINAL CHARGES! (50 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:24:46.563   068.229.060.xxx   And the Dreidel goes round round round (29)
2013_12_22_21:24:47.728   068.204.068.xxx   Today I will remind them
2013_12_22_21:24:53.277   177.179.145.xxx   I MISS MUH DONKEY (17)
2013_12_22_21:25:16.178   075.134.183.xxx   Hey alex happy holidays
2013_12_22_21:25:20.874   050.053.039.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Ferris Family!
2013_12_22_21:25:48.425   068.229.060.xxx   And the Dreidel goes round round (30 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:25:52.004   173.217.098.xxx   Please help me! Im stuck inside a random number generator4028457203975890437290
2013_12_22_21:26:01.282   068.227.056.xxx   Lights off and when a zone comes on WHACK IT! (51)
2013_12_22_21:26:11.444   076.184.136.xxx   YOU COULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS
2013_12_22_21:26:27.485   072.213.017.xxx   ______ fear the Samurai!
2013_12_22_21:26:33.295   070.188.116.xxx   Froswald was here
2013_12_22_21:26:48.218   068.150.161.xxx   its slowly starting to die off.. (131)
2013_12_22_21:26:47.859   107.198.128.xxx   Shut it down
2013_12_22_21:27:14.812   173.217.098.xxx   Turn me off
2013_12_22_21:27:23.115   068.227.056.xxx   RECALL HARRY REID! NOW! (52)
2013_12_22_21:27:59.632   070.188.116.xxx   I like your electric ball there guy
2013_12_22_21:27:59.671   068.194.096.xxx   where's my comment
2013_12_22_21:28:12.234   076.184.136.xxx   We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine and the machine is bleeding
2013_12_22_21:28:33.773   173.034.028.xxx   mery christmas babies. remember to berry it like a king
2013_12_22_21:28:35.095   068.229.060.xxx   Martian Attack tune to 690AM (31)
2013_12_22_21:28:54.135   190.019.096.xxx   the happeings is happening
2013_12_22_21:28:55.913   177.179.145.xxx   The Matrix is older than you think (18)
2013_12_22_21:28:58.043   050.053.039.xxx   Have a holly jolly christmas (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:28:58.101   107.198.128.xxx   Switch tactics!
2013_12_22_21:29:07.814   068.204.068.xxx   How can alek not afford a higher framerate (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:29:21.825   068.150.161.xxx   how can you guys not have lives? (132)
2013_12_22_21:29:34.120   198.002.074.xxx   Wicked awesome christmas dudes
2013_12_22_21:29:55.304   070.188.116.xxx   GHOST from TCR ___ 12/24 BTR
2013_12_22_21:30:09.018   177.179.145.xxx   HELP ME ASUKA (19)
2013_12_22_21:30:26.415   076.184.136.xxx   The answer to 1984 is muh filters
2013_12_22_21:30:42.522   099.107.072.xxx   you're mum
2013_12_22_21:31:35.914   068.150.161.xxx   is that all you can come up with? (133)
2013_12_22_21:31:50.747   050.026.253.xxx   Its hard to pic on this guy...he is amaizing!
2013_12_22_21:31:53.932   099.107.072.xxx   Type text & LINK DELETED tempest is a bad planeCR to see real-time in Santa
2013_12_22_21:32:00.488   068.227.056.xxx   does_______this___go___off___screen_______this2___go2___off2___screen2 (53)
2013_12_22_21:32:11.268   070.188.116.xxx   HAMBONE
2013_12_22_21:32:17.612   050.053.039.xxx   HULKAMANIA (11)
2013_12_22_21:32:41.866   068.194.096.xxx   shoe on head
2013_12_22_21:32:57.519   177.179.145.xxx   Wacky waving inflatable arm flaling tube man Wacky waving inflatable arm flalin (20 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:33:05.449   184.157.022.xxx   I'M A CAPITALIST FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!!
2013_12_22_21:33:20.105   068.227.056.xxx   Please EXTEND TIME! 403 people viewing Christmas Lights (54)
2013_12_22_21:33:22.082   050.026.253.xxx   Good job alek! GN f***!
2013_12_22_21:33:25.265   070.188.116.xxx   I'M A MELTING POT OF FRIENDSHIP
2013_12_22_21:34:04.255   065.128.046.xxx   All Hail Queen Tila. We love our Queen, Hoo-Rah!
2013_12_22_21:34:08.828   068.150.161.xxx   some times these /pol people are really dumb (134)
2013_12_22_21:34:12.886   177.179.145.xxx   Wacky waving inflatable arm flaling tube man (21)
2013_12_22_21:34:35.951   068.227.056.xxx   26 minutes left! ASK FOR MORE TIME PEOPLE! (55)
2013_12_22_21:34:50.582   067.182.243.xxx   Imagine a world without hate
2013_12_22_21:34:56.523   076.184.136.xxx   Raise the minimum wage to 600/hr! Eliminate poverty now!
2013_12_22_21:34:57.665   070.188.116.xxx   KEEP THOSE LIGHTS ON
2013_12_22_21:35:18.030   068.150.161.xxx   Imagine a world without /pol (135)
2013_12_22_21:35:24.629   065.128.046.xxx   slowpoke.jpg
2013_12_22_21:36:04.294   172.248.098.xxx   GUYS TURN ON CNN RIGHT NOW
2013_12_22_21:36:29.396   070.188.116.xxx   I bet his neighbors aren't half as amused as we are
2013_12_22_21:36:44.995   065.128.046.xxx   HI NSA HOW R U? LULZ I MIZZ U NSA CALL ME
2013_12_22_21:38:01.800   068.227.056.xxx   OH NO! 23 minutes left! ASK FOR MORE! (56)
2013_12_22_21:38:10.177   070.188.116.xxx   OH SPONGEBOB LIT UP
2013_12_22_21:38:18.144   099.107.072.xxx   Can we have more time pls? ))))
2013_12_22_21:38:18.518   065.128.046.xxx   ask for more what?
2013_12_22_21:38:19.936   068.204.068.xxx   Alek I envy your life (11)
2013_12_22_21:38:26.576   068.150.161.xxx   that means 1 hr more of /pol, no thanks (136)
2013_12_22_21:38:40.089   067.167.247.xxx   SOME NEEDS TO STOP THESE f***ING k****
2013_12_22_21:39:05.867   177.179.145.xxx   Hiko Seijuro is all-time best anime character (22)
2013_12_22_21:39:23.544   172.248.098.xxx   guy, seriously turn on cnn...
2013_12_22_21:39:25.083   099.230.132.xxx   "Gas these d*** k****" - Ben Garrison
2013_12_22_21:39:34.205   068.229.060.xxx   Last sunday of Komar 2013 :( (32)
2013_12_22_21:39:37.815   070.188.116.xxx   WHOOP WHOOP, PULL OVAH DAT _________ TOO FAT
2013_12_22_21:39:53.812   068.150.161.xxx   argh.. (137)
2013_12_22_21:40:00.135   068.227.056.xxx   383 people viewing need EXTENDED TIME! (57)
2013_12_22_21:40:03.485   076.184.136.xxx   ROW ROW FIGHT THA POWA
2013_12_22_21:40:23.427   065.128.046.xxx   turn everything to "off"
2013_12_22_21:40:40.335   068.204.068.xxx   Why is Alek's IP linked to the illuminati website? (12)
2013_12_22_21:40:50.131   177.179.145.xxx   HNNNNG (23)
2013_12_22_21:41:07.356   068.229.060.xxx   We are Santa's Elfs (33)
2013_12_22_21:41:08.436   067.167.247.xxx   Can
2013_12_22_21:41:42.105   068.227.056.xxx   YOU FOOLS COULD HAVE VOTED FOR RON PAUL! STUPID! Bama was OBVIOUS SOCIALIST! (58)
2013_12_22_21:41:45.526   065.128.046.xxx   1997 called, they want there crappy website back
2013_12_22_21:42:02.855   070.188.116.xxx   Hey this guy's website is stellar, just a tad cluttered (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:42:06.329   068.150.161.xxx   Internet Called that want you to get a brain (138)
2013_12_22_21:42:13.062   099.230.132.xxx   hi where are the burger :DDDDD
2013_12_22_21:42:39.269   067.167.247.xxx   OY VEY IT'S ANOTHER SHOAH
2013_12_22_21:43:07.322   068.227.056.xxx   Web sites need to look all curvy and ipad looking NOT! (59)
2013_12_22_21:43:20.667   068.229.060.xxx   Alek... Turkey for Christmas? (34)
2013_12_22_21:43:51.626   065.128.046.xxx   alek will you designa new obamacare website like this one?
2013_12_22_21:44:01.213   068.204.068.xxx   Alek we love you - The power company (13)
2013_12_22_21:44:01.758   108.216.061.xxx   downloading virus now
2013_12_22_21:44:07.114   067.167.247.xxx   Can't Vanquish the Vaughan
2013_12_22_21:44:16.765   092.018.185.xxx   celtus = celtic scottish independence 2014 alba gu brath
2013_12_22_21:44:58.174   151.229.072.xxx   She's a HO HO HO
2013_12_22_21:45:00.154   184.088.070.xxx   good goyim, you've learned well
2013_12_22_21:45:00.207   099.230.132.xxx   WW3 starts on December 28th when North Korea launches nuke
2013_12_22_21:45:06.338   050.053.039.xxx   D___oh (12)
2013_12_22_21:45:22.574   068.227.056.xxx   ____YOU ___WERE __WASTING ___POWER ! (60 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:45:25.808   070.188.116.xxx   WHO POPPED HOMER (11)
2013_12_22_21:45:39.984   068.150.161.xxx   were?  so that means we aren't now? (139)
2013_12_22_21:45:50.918   108.216.061.xxx   sudo rm -rf
2013_12_22_21:46:07.282   024.046.202.xxx   I sniff farts
2013_12_22_21:46:35.186   068.229.060.xxx   We are Santa's Elfs (35)
2013_12_22_21:46:42.902   068.227.056.xxx   14 minutes left better ask for MORE TIME! (61)
2013_12_22_21:46:51.038   072.186.117.xxx   Mit______ vittua, j______tk______
2013_12_22_21:46:51.807   050.053.039.xxx   Daily reminder that Christmas is about family, not capitalism (13)
2013_12_22_21:46:55.926   070.188.116.xxx   THE ELECTRIC BALL IS LIT (12)
2013_12_22_21:47:02.512   068.150.161.xxx   it's not Spammers*** /pol (140 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:47:16.748   184.088.070.xxx   OY VEY IT'S ANOTHER SHOAH
2013_12_22_21:47:18.590   092.018.185.xxx   _________CUMBRIA WAS HERE_________
2013_12_22_21:47:19.369   172.248.098.xxx   ITS HAPPENING
2013_12_22_21:47:22.500   068.060.091.xxx   PEDOWOOD
2013_12_22_21:47:50.777   068.227.056.xxx   THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE!!! (62)
2013_12_22_21:48:10.411   067.167.247.xxx   yids aren't people
2013_12_22_21:48:10.754   068.150.161.xxx   Real people with very low intelligence (141)
2013_12_22_21:48:19.357   074.063.112.xxx   ___tips fedora___
2013_12_22_21:48:24.662   070.188.116.xxx   Advanced humour for mature people (13)
2013_12_22_21:48:34.403   067.083.109.xxx   The holocaust didn't happen
2013_12_22_21:48:35.164   177.179.145.xxx   Elizabeth i'm coming to join you honey! (24)
2013_12_22_21:48:36.440   065.128.046.xxx   spammers/srs is #1
2013_12_22_21:48:37.006   184.088.070.xxx   WE'RE ALL TRAYVON
2013_12_22_21:48:53.213   024.046.202.xxx   I A M A H U G E f***
2013_12_22_21:48:56.641   076.184.136.xxx   The zionists run the federal reserve! Stop the ZOG machine!
2013_12_22_21:49:19.349   068.227.056.xxx   Banksters killed J f* and print money from thin air! (63)
2013_12_22_21:49:22.471   072.186.117.xxx   liberalism is a mental disorder
2013_12_22_21:49:43.048   067.167.247.xxx   The Goyim Know! SLIDE IT!
2013_12_22_21:49:43.398   184.088.070.xxx   CAN'T FLIM FLAM THE ZIM ZAM
2013_12_22_21:49:54.327   068.150.161.xxx   sure sure sure ya ya ya.. (142)
2013_12_22_21:49:56.655   065.128.046.xxx   guys,guyz, keep all teh outside stuff "off"
2013_12_22_21:49:58.830   177.179.145.xxx   R.I.P Formula One 1950-2013 (25)
2013_12_22_21:50:27.596   050.053.039.xxx   Hi Spongebob! (14)
2013_12_22_21:50:33.069   070.188.116.xxx   Guy, you should get a christmas tree blimp (14)
2013_12_22_21:50:34.620   068.229.060.xxx   LAST POST hahahahahahahaa (36)
2013_12_22_21:50:48.647   068.227.056.xxx   IT'S BED TIME KIDDIES! (64)
2013_12_22_21:50:55.431   072.186.117.xxx   my p***ouns are fe/fi/fo/fum
2013_12_22_21:50:59.688   184.088.070.xxx   OY VEY IT'S ANOTHER SHOAH
2013_12_22_21:51:00.050   065.128.046.xxx   turn all lights off, fear spammers #wrath (10 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:51:43.051   068.150.161.xxx   stupid /pol (143)
2013_12_22_21:52:05.162   068.229.060.xxx   FIRST POST!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA (37)
2013_12_22_21:52:16.752   065.128.046.xxx   #atheist #KIllXmas (11)
2013_12_22_21:52:32.519   014.201.098.xxx   Merry Christmas ___3 Australia
2013_12_22_21:52:41.881   068.227.056.xxx   EXTEND THE FUN! (65)
2013_12_22_21:52:46.255   071.042.151.xxx   can i has more time now? (12)
2013_12_22_21:53:06.739   067.167.247.xxx   You could have stopped this
2013_12_22_21:53:11.017   070.188.116.xxx   Iron Man ___ Hulk (15)
2013_12_22_21:53:36.028   072.137.063.xxx   Its happening.
2013_12_22_21:54:03.998   068.227.056.xxx   It won't happen if you don't ask! (66)
2013_12_22_21:54:06.570   065.128.046.xxx   are any of us actually gonna donate any ___ (12)
2013_12_22_21:54:06.731   184.088.070.xxx   ALL HAIL QUEEN TIL-ISIS
2013_12_22_21:54:24.333   070.188.116.xxx   sweden ___ yes (16)
2013_12_22_21:54:28.621   068.229.060.xxx   More time? please? Alek? (38)
2013_12_22_21:54:33.747   014.201.098.xxx   thx for the christmas fun mr genius man
2013_12_22_21:54:37.022   177.179.145.xxx   tfw no Ukrainian gf (26)
2013_12_22_21:54:45.151   071.042.151.xxx   I can has more time now? (13)
2013_12_22_21:54:50.569   094.213.213.xxx   the goyim know, SHUT IT DOWN
2013_12_22_21:55:18.509   068.227.056.xxx   365 people should ask for more time! (67)
2013_12_22_21:55:22.297   068.150.161.xxx   these people need to get lost (144)
2013_12_22_21:55:45.757   070.188.116.xxx   MORE LIGHTS, GHOST 12/24 BLOGTALKRADIO (17)
2013_12_22_21:55:52.329   075.121.034.xxx   The goy found out. Shut down EVERYTHING
2013_12_22_21:56:02.033   072.174.077.xxx   Ryan ulanski is a g** boy
2013_12_22_21:56:05.115   065.128.046.xxx   everything off (13)
2013_12_22_21:56:14.999   184.088.070.xxx   SLIDE IT ________________________________________________, __________________ _
2013_12_22_21:56:16.938   067.161.167.xxx   merry chrismas :--DDDDDDDDD
2013_12_22_21:56:34.885   068.227.056.xxx   365 DONATIONS! (68)
2013_12_22_21:57:25.426   184.088.070.xxx   OY VEY REMEMBER THE SIX QUADBARILLION
2013_12_22_21:57:27.902   098.164.236.xxx   Whoops i almost f*****
2013_12_22_21:57:32.765   075.121.034.xxx   Adam Lanza was hiding gum in his mouth
2013_12_22_21:57:36.724   072.174.077.xxx   ryan ulanski is a big strong man
2013_12_22_21:57:53.331   068.229.060.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!!!!! (39)
2013_12_22_21:57:54.004   068.204.068.xxx   Alek has the patience of a Saint (14)
2013_12_22_21:58:10.031   068.227.056.xxx   POTTY PEOPLE RUINED ANY EXTENSION! NO FUN FOR YOU! (69)
2013_12_22_21:58:14.481   070.188.116.xxx   OH GOD WHY IS HE LOOKING (18)
2013_12_22_21:58:47.499   142.129.226.xxx   Greetings!
2013_12_22_21:58:47.560   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa is loading up his sleigh with coal for a LOT of you ... ***ALEK***
2013_12_22_21:58:48.647   098.230.146.xxx   "/___hacked
2013_12_22_21:58:55.513   177.179.145.xxx   Two-minute warning (27)
2013_12_22_21:59:12.079   024.027.094.xxx   so i heard jesus was jewish
2013_12_22_21:59:20.466   072.174.077.xxx   You can't corner the Dorner
2013_12_22_21:59:21.368   068.229.060.xxx   Thank you for another great year! (40 IM's so far today)
2013_12_22_21:59:24.841   070.188.116.xxx   And I am reminded I have no Santa Hat (19)
2013_12_22_21:59:43.079   068.150.161.xxx   glad it's over.  stupid /pol ruining the night (145)
2013_12_22_21:59:44.237   098.164.236.xxx   whoops i almost papa johns
2013_12_22_21:59:51.095   071.198.208.xxx   Dont Worry, Be Happy
2013_12_22_21:59:58.801   068.227.056.xxx   LAST POST AS ALWAYS! HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas! (70 IM's so far today)

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