145 christmas text messages on 2014/1206

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 3,628 times that day including 1,582 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1206

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2014_12_06_17:00:44.386   068.184.121.xxx   Brian loves Katherine
2014_12_06_17:01:58.637   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** But does Katherine love Brian?!? ***ALEK***
2014_12_06_17:02:03.573   081.106.207.xxx   hi all alex how do u do cams on here love to do it
2014_12_06_17:02:16.011   068.184.121.xxx   Katherine loves Brian too!
2014_12_06_17:09:25.616   081.106.207.xxx   merry xmas all
2014_12_06_17:09:57.276   069.171.160.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2014_12_06_17:10:11.279   081.106.207.xxx   sad see this going
2014_12_06_17:13:26.302   151.229.003.xxx   Shame, see the Christmas light switch on
2014_12_06_17:20:53.409   201.029.110.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek! Plz show yourself!
2014_12_06_17:23:12.722   207.055.107.xxx   Merry Christmas Nancy
2014_12_06_17:25:18.515   172.242.017.xxx   gonna miss this!!
2014_12_06_17:26:22.673   172.242.017.xxx   gramma loves AUDRIANA
2014_12_06_17:26:41.734   174.084.219.xxx   i would pay to have access to this every year
2014_12_06_17:26:41.803   070.197.231.xxx   Merry December!
2014_12_06_17:29:18.883   097.084.076.xxx   Hello Everybody!
2014_12_06_17:31:29.151   173.068.195.xxx   Hi all, wishing you health, wealth and happiness
2014_12_06_17:32:08.513   177.228.054.xxx   Feliz navidad
2014_12_06_17:32:26.412   207.055.107.xxx   Happy Holidays from Oregon
2014_12_06_17:34:27.698   177.228.054.xxx   Merry Christmas From Mexico
2014_12_06_17:35:12.057   069.171.160.xxx   Merry Christmas From ABQ
2014_12_06_17:35:49.709   177.228.054.xxx   Merry Christmas.. God Bless America
2014_12_06_17:36:23.023   173.068.195.xxx   merry Christmas from seaside Malibu
2014_12_06_17:37:33.579   207.055.107.xxx   Merry Christmas Antoinette & Jerry
2014_12_06_17:38:02.953   094.192.125.xxx   car stopping to look :-D
2014_12_06_17:38:48.478   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Since it's the weekend, I put a few beers out - MGD and PBR ***ALEK***
2014_12_06_17:38:51.819   177.228.054.xxx   Merry Christmas Familiy Gomez Vives
2014_12_06_17:39:11.032   173.068.195.xxx   hey Alex how about a wave or dance?
2014_12_06_17:39:45.572   207.055.107.xxx   Hi there...............   :D
2014_12_06_17:39:50.366   173.068.195.xxx   pabst blue
2014_12_06_17:40:03.567   094.192.125.xxx   are you advertising Alek? lol
2014_12_06_17:40:12.977   177.228.054.xxx   Family Gomez love USA
2014_12_06_17:40:28.843   173.068.195.xxx   Alex
2014_12_06_17:40:38.622   207.055.107.xxx   Merry Christmas Antoinette & Jerry
2014_12_06_17:40:49.595   081.106.207.xxx   alek what do u se to do your webcams with
2014_12_06_17:41:28.791   207.055.107.xxx   Merry Christmas Antoinette & Jerry
2014_12_06_17:42:17.454   207.055.107.xxx   Merry Christmas Antoinette & Jerry
2014_12_06_17:43:03.311   207.055.107.xxx   Merry Christmas Antoinette & Jerry
2014_12_06_17:43:14.913   177.228.054.xxx   TE AMO SELENE VIVES ATTE. ARIEL
2014_12_06_17:43:22.421   094.192.125.xxx   Hey we got a wave!!! :-D
2014_12_06_17:44:07.281   177.228.054.xxx   WE LOVE AMERICA!!
2014_12_06_17:44:15.339   081.106.207.xxx   hows kids doing aleix
2014_12_06_17:44:17.015   207.055.107.xxx   Happy Holidays from Oregon
2014_12_06_17:44:59.597   207.055.107.xxx   Merry Christmas Antoinette & Jerry (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_06_17:45:05.682   173.068.195.xxx   alek why last year? Reconsider
2014_12_06_17:45:07.536   177.228.054.xxx   Happy Holidays Oregon from mexico
2014_12_06_17:45:20.534   098.247.233.xxx   Merry Christmas Nancy and David
2014_12_06_17:45:41.586   207.055.107.xxx   Thank you Anti and Jerry (11)
2014_12_06_17:46:06.795   173.068.195.xxx   u r sofa kin we Todd did
2014_12_06_17:46:13.064   177.228.054.xxx   God Bless Oregon :)
2014_12_06_17:46:13.268   098.247.233.xxx   hilarious whoever's idea this was
2014_12_06_17:46:29.016   207.055.107.xxx   back at you Mexico from Oregon  :D (12)
2014_12_06_17:47:04.809   177.228.054.xxx   God Bless Oregon :) (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_06_17:47:07.150   098.247.233.xxx   Merry Christmas Mexico
2014_12_06_17:47:18.785   207.055.107.xxx   meow  ................. (13)
2014_12_06_17:47:21.245   173.068.195.xxx   hello from Laguna beach
2014_12_06_17:47:50.630   177.228.054.xxx   Thanks Oregon God bless (11)
2014_12_06_17:48:05.708   108.036.128.xxx   Hello from rainy Pennsylvania!
2014_12_06_17:48:08.819   207.055.107.xxx   ___3 (14)
2014_12_06_17:48:13.952   081.106.207.xxx   any one in uk on here
2014_12_06_17:48:18.070   098.247.233.xxx   merry Christmas from Washington State.Great Northwest
2014_12_06_17:48:49.512   177.228.054.xxx   Merry Christmas Washington from mexico (12)
2014_12_06_17:49:16.966   207.055.107.xxx   Happy Holidays Alek (15)
2014_12_06_17:49:58.815   207.055.107.xxx   Merry Christmas Antoinette & Jerry (16)
2014_12_06_17:50:25.726   098.247.233.xxx   Merry Christmas Nancy and David
2014_12_06_17:50:41.418   177.228.054.xxx   how about the cold in oregon? (13)
2014_12_06_17:50:43.422   207.055.107.xxx   Merry Christmas Antoinette & Jerry (17)
2014_12_06_17:51:17.067   098.247.233.xxx   Merry Christmas Nancy and David
2014_12_06_17:52:14.875   108.036.128.xxx   I know a Nancy and David! In Manha**aett
2014_12_06_17:52:58.873   177.228.054.xxx   how about the cold in oregon? (14)
2014_12_06_17:54:33.493   207.055.107.xxx   not too cold in Oregon today (18)
2014_12_06_17:55:42.077   177.228.054.xxx   that's good news Oregon (15)
2014_12_06_17:57:46.462   108.036.128.xxx   Save a peppermint stick for old Saint Nick!
2014_12_06_17:58:31.908   207.055.107.xxx   I want a hippopatamus for Christmas.......... (19)
2014_12_06_17:58:54.704   177.228.054.xxx   we are the family gomez vives from Mexico.. nice to meet you Oregon (16)
2014_12_06_17:58:56.917   108.036.128.xxx   Only a  hippopotamus will do!
2014_12_06_17:59:32.412   177.228.054.xxx   we are the family gomez vives from Mexico.. nice to meet you Oregon (17)
2014_12_06_18:00:21.465   078.019.125.xxx   so sad its the last year it will be missed here in ireland
2014_12_06_18:00:36.752   081.106.207.xxx   same im upset me
2014_12_06_18:00:43.365   207.055.107.xxx   we are happy to meet you............  Mauk and Dearth family from Oregon (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_06_18:01:08.615   081.106.207.xxx   ive been here since first started
2014_12_06_18:01:52.933   207.055.107.xxx   I will miss this too................. a yearly tradition....please don't go (21)
2014_12_06_18:02:48.114   177.228.054.xxx   Merry Christmas Familiy Mauk and Dearth from Mexico (18)
2014_12_06_18:02:56.602   207.055.107.xxx   hello Ireland (22)
2014_12_06_18:03:53.326   108.036.128.xxx   Can't blame Mr.K for needing a break though.
2014_12_06_18:04:42.651   207.055.107.xxx   ho ho ho (23)
2014_12_06_18:04:44.666   078.019.125.xxx   1(or 10) more wears wont hurt please
2014_12_06_18:05:41.275   081.106.207.xxx   yer i agree
2014_12_06_18:05:51.662   094.192.125.xxx   Wow you got visitors Alek!
2014_12_06_18:06:30.877   081.106.207.xxx   please dont close this down please dont (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_06_18:07:05.012   094.192.125.xxx   party of peeps outside :-D
2014_12_06_18:08:01.657   108.036.128.xxx   Would be nice if the local news did a story on him.
2014_12_06_18:16:20.631   078.019.125.xxx   yea it would be nice if the news did sonpething to mark the last year
2014_12_06_18:17:06.824   212.159.114.xxx   There is not many sites like this, and there will be 1 less next year. :(
2014_12_06_18:33:03.190   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I appreciate all the nice words everyone ***ALEK***
2014_12_06_18:33:36.170   177.228.054.xxx   Alek Rules!! :) (19)
2014_12_06_18:35:10.605   068.189.077.xxx   Hi Alek :-)
2014_12_06_18:36:32.665   068.189.077.xxx   Hey Loren... BEUM! LOL
2014_12_06_18:36:47.911   177.228.054.xxx   Merry Christmas to all.. God Bless (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_06_18:38:53.824   068.189.077.xxx   Hey Loren, Brian, Mark & Ernie... BOOM! LOL :-)
2014_12_06_18:39:59.251   068.189.077.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek & thanks for the many wonderful years & fun
2014_12_06_18:43:00.931   100.001.020.xxx   fun
2014_12_06_18:47:37.708   166.137.139.xxx   Hi I love the Christmas lights u do
2014_12_06_18:53:14.556   068.189.077.xxx   BEUM!
2014_12_06_18:59:29.453   068.189.077.xxx   Circus Bear :-)
2014_12_06_19:02:20.131   174.058.168.xxx   I love Carrie
2014_12_06_19:03:25.358   174.058.168.xxx   I love Linda and Carrie
2014_12_06_19:26:10.467   069.140.008.xxx   I will really miss you. This has been a tradition with my grand daughter since 
2014_12_06_19:33:18.865   099.003.100.xxx   I like turtles!
2014_12_06_19:58:04.949   104.139.162.xxx   Merry Christmas to all from Lima Ohio!!!
2014_12_06_20:03:41.996   104.139.162.xxx   My cats Thai Li and Jade say Merry Christmas too!!
2014_12_06_20:10:54.159   070.178.076.xxx   Lovely kitty names.
2014_12_06_20:12:53.291   070.178.076.xxx   Goodbye Alec and Family, Bulldogs will miss you!
2014_12_06_20:34:45.004   155.138.245.xxx   off
2014_12_06_20:37:28.517   155.138.245.xxx   Alex Wave For US PLEASE
2014_12_06_20:39:52.001   108.036.128.xxx   Long live Komar Lights!
2014_12_06_20:46:35.587   155.138.245.xxx   Lights Off PLEASE
2014_12_06_20:48:28.063   155.138.245.xxx   Oliver Loves  The Lights
2014_12_06_20:51:41.302   076.187.036.xxx   I'm really going to miss this :(
2014_12_06_20:52:12.941   024.220.026.xxx   please don't stop doing the lights for christmas and halloween
2014_12_06_20:56:55.121   098.183.039.xxx   GO FSU!!!!!!!!!
2014_12_06_20:59:34.941   068.187.176.xxx   Merry Christmas Everyone!
2014_12_06_21:01:05.043   096.231.103.xxx   Roll Tide Roll!
2014_12_06_21:05:22.180   070.196.209.xxx   hello
2014_12_06_21:16:22.814   155.138.245.xxx   hello ___3 the lights
2014_12_06_21:23:15.946   155.138.245.xxx   64 people viewing Christmas Lights - OUTTA CONTROL!
2014_12_06_21:26:05.925   070.186.207.xxx   Merry Christmas from Gloucester Va.
2014_12_06_21:36:18.000   074.075.234.xxx   Hello from Maine :-)
2014_12_06_21:41:22.409   074.075.234.xxx   Merry Christmas Santa Komar :-)
2014_12_06_21:42:19.134   074.075.234.xxx   ____________
2014_12_06_21:48:27.237   074.075.234.xxx   hard to believe this is the last yr of this display
2014_12_06_21:49:20.404   074.075.234.xxx   alek, you have done so much...
2014_12_06_21:49:58.105   074.075.234.xxx   this spirit you've shared will be missed...
2014_12_06_21:50:32.838   074.075.234.xxx   it's all greatly appreciated...
2014_12_06_21:51:09.991   074.075.234.xxx   maybe by next yr, you might change your mind..
2014_12_06_21:51:59.510   074.075.234.xxx   I'll be watching next yr..just in case :-)
2014_12_06_21:52:17.482   066.169.007.xxx   hey
2014_12_06_21:52:45.952   155.138.245.xxx   Keep Everything OFF
2014_12_06_21:53:17.732   066.169.007.xxx   keep everything off
2014_12_06_21:54:20.164   074.075.234.xxx   God Bless you Santa Komar :-) (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_06_21:55:45.264   066.169.007.xxx   Rosemary is on the nice list she just what to say thx
2014_12_06_21:56:43.213   066.169.007.xxx   people get on IMVU
2014_12_06_21:57:32.167   050.150.020.xxx   Alek, say it aint so!!  Will miss this something awful!!
2014_12_06_21:58:06.341   074.075.234.xxx   been coming here for yrs...... (11)
2014_12_06_21:59:41.569   074.075.234.xxx   :-) (12)
2014_12_06_21:59:56.717   066.169.007.xxx   good night see you tommrrow

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