136 christmas text messages on 2014/1218

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 3,031 times that day including 1,942 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1218

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2014_12_18_17:08:58.392   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Once wife is home, I'll put Big Santa out ***ALEK***
2014_12_18_17:14:53.945   098.177.171.xxx   The Santa helicopter won't inflate aleks
2014_12_18_17:20:13.817   098.177.171.xxx   the Santa heli won't inflate aleks
2014_12_18_17:39:49.780   092.012.229.xxx   Merry Christmas
2014_12_18_17:41:52.026   070.208.012.xxx   Merry Christmas cousin from the Utah Dronoff's
2014_12_18_17:46:28.455   092.012.229.xxx   Merry Christmas From Canterbury, UK :o)
2014_12_18_17:52:51.153   071.064.006.xxx   :___)
2014_12_18_17:54:40.664   098.177.171.xxx   the Santa heli won't inflate
2014_12_18_17:55:30.893   098.177.171.xxx   Can you fix it aleks
2014_12_18_17:56:44.402   098.177.171.xxx   So can you fix it ?
2014_12_18_17:57:29.980   071.064.006.xxx   alek what's ur fav pizza
2014_12_18_17:57:55.850   174.024.246.xxx   i am g** does that mean you hate me now
2014_12_18_17:58:55.084   098.177.171.xxx   do you know what's wrong with the Santa heli aleks?
2014_12_18_17:59:12.446   071.064.006.xxx   alek pls tell me ur fav pizza
2014_12_18_18:01:17.392   024.143.094.xxx   Im santa
2014_12_18_18:01:19.901   174.024.246.xxx   add enzo moreno on facebook
2014_12_18_18:01:40.221   050.181.162.xxx   whats your favorite color
2014_12_18_18:02:13.785   024.143.094.xxx   santa's not real
2014_12_18_18:02:31.858   050.181.162.xxx   dude youre wrong santa is real
2014_12_18_18:02:48.896   174.024.246.xxx   add dylan lowe on facebook
2014_12_18_18:02:53.985   024.143.094.xxx   Oh my god its santa
2014_12_18_18:03:07.498   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** I'll go outside and check Santa Heli ***ALEK***
2014_12_18_18:03:59.619   050.181.162.xxx   Dude one sec im gonna tp to santas place
2014_12_18_18:04:24.922   024.143.094.xxx   Add jasper puccinelli to be naughty this christmas ___)
2014_12_18_18:05:01.282   050.181.162.xxx   Add Levi Dixon on facebook
2014_12_18_18:05:10.271   092.012.229.xxx   I'm Scared, How Did I Get Here???
2014_12_18_18:05:53.857   050.181.162.xxx   Im better than levi dixon
2014_12_18_18:06:55.419   050.181.162.xxx   dude youll only ever be a dirty inflateable
2014_12_18_18:07:05.927   174.024.246.xxx   levi dixon smells
2014_12_18_18:07:35.324   092.012.229.xxx   of what
2014_12_18_18:07:48.724   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Santa Heli came unplugged - fixed! ***ALEK***
2014_12_18_18:08:12.283   050.181.162.xxx   I have autism
2014_12_18_18:09:46.208   050.181.162.xxx   Jesus is my dad
2014_12_18_18:10:34.376   092.012.229.xxx   You must be my brother then?
2014_12_18_18:10:44.761   050.181.162.xxx   dude yeah
2014_12_18_18:10:45.655   174.024.246.xxx   i hate dylan lowe
2014_12_18_18:11:00.345   079.070.217.xxx   Thank you from everyone in GB!
2014_12_18_18:11:38.266   050.181.162.xxx   Alair Matsui smells (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_18_18:11:48.550   079.070.217.xxx   Sam's Kitchen
2014_12_18_18:13:33.283   079.070.217.xxx   Sam the gingerbread man
2014_12_18_18:15:50.487   050.181.162.xxx   jimmy is timmy but is timmy actually shimmy (11)
2014_12_18_18:16:21.009   079.070.217.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek! Thank you for the lights!
2014_12_18_18:39:02.234   068.046.014.xxx   merry xmas from sitting bull
2014_12_18_18:47:22.501   068.151.069.xxx   Ho ho ho
2014_12_18_18:48:17.773   090.193.003.xxx   Merry Christmas to all :)
2014_12_18_18:51:15.363   068.046.014.xxx   merry xmas gabby
2014_12_18_18:53:11.430   090.193.003.xxx   merry christmas mr k
2014_12_18_18:54:22.908   068.046.014.xxx   merry xmas michael & karen
2014_12_18_18:55:01.942   068.151.069.xxx   Rudolph is in intensive care
2014_12_18_18:56:34.315   090.193.003.xxx   i hope he gets out before christmas
2014_12_18_18:56:55.661   068.046.014.xxx   sean says merry xmas to evceryone
2014_12_18_18:57:18.754   068.151.069.xxx   Yeah, he's expected out by Dec 22
2014_12_18_18:58:39.955   068.151.069.xxx   Nose transplant
2014_12_18_19:04:50.276   024.008.140.xxx   ghfxlknhfbg___
2014_12_18_19:17:07.819   099.192.121.xxx   -message deleted-
2014_12_18_19:17:29.457   173.185.159.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2014_12_18_19:41:33.192   069.140.008.xxx   Thanks Alek
2014_12_18_19:43:30.076   069.140.008.xxx   We'll miss you.
2014_12_18_20:06:48.303   187.163.164.xxx   Quiet in the chat area? Because all the regulars have been BANNED!
2014_12_18_20:10:31.275   068.151.069.xxx   No that's not why
2014_12_18_20:13:25.139   068.106.030.xxx   Greetings from Green Valley, AZ  USA
2014_12_18_20:13:50.253   068.151.069.xxx   Hi green Valley!
2014_12_18_20:14:49.411   067.003.152.xxx   hello from nebraska
2014_12_18_20:14:57.974   187.163.164.xxx   I've seen the posts from people who were banned in error. no one looks for them
2014_12_18_20:15:58.318   068.151.069.xxx   Prove it
2014_12_18_20:16:14.945   067.003.152.xxx   cry cry cry
2014_12_18_20:17:05.363   068.151.069.xxx   Laugh laugh laugh
2014_12_18_20:17:08.297   067.003.152.xxx   looks like someone needs a beer
2014_12_18_20:17:51.870   067.003.152.xxx   maybe some A-1
2014_12_18_20:19:43.158   068.151.069.xxx   B-2
2014_12_18_20:20:02.971   067.003.152.xxx   O-69
2014_12_18_20:20:21.887   068.151.069.xxx   BINGO! (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_18_20:21:29.455   067.003.152.xxx   ( . ) ( . )
2014_12_18_20:21:48.531   068.151.069.xxx   You sunk my battleship! (11)
2014_12_18_20:22:12.464   067.003.152.xxx   smalls your killing me
2014_12_18_20:22:58.563   068.151.069.xxx   Hugh (12)
2014_12_18_20:24:05.110   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Just gave a tour to a bunch of senior citizens - awesome! ***ALEK***
2014_12_18_20:24:43.587   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** People who are banned were naughty, not nice! ***ALEK***
2014_12_18_20:26:22.140   068.151.069.xxx   Bad boys bad boys (13)
2014_12_18_20:29:11.759   068.108.041.xxx   Good boys and girls Good boys and girls
2014_12_18_20:30:03.636   068.151.069.xxx   Smooches (14)
2014_12_18_20:30:53.039   070.030.027.xxx   jesus morrissey
2014_12_18_20:31:20.636   068.151.069.xxx   Say than (15)
2014_12_18_20:32:02.724   068.151.069.xxx   Way wah wah wah wah (16)
2014_12_18_20:32:38.525   068.108.041.xxx   Going for max post?
2014_12_18_20:33:05.263   068.151.069.xxx   Was it (17)
2014_12_18_20:33:20.585   068.108.041.xxx   Obviously
2014_12_18_20:33:58.715   068.108.041.xxx   Random thoughts
2014_12_18_20:33:59.706   070.030.027.xxx   komar do you look up p*** on that pc
2014_12_18_20:34:34.726   068.151.069.xxx   No potty mouth (18)
2014_12_18_20:34:53.226   070.030.027.xxx   shut up nerd
2014_12_18_20:37:16.288   070.030.027.xxx   yo komar what's up
2014_12_18_20:37:57.424   070.030.027.xxx   yo man where's the pbr
2014_12_18_20:38:02.848   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife on the way home - moving Big Santa aside ***ALEK***
2014_12_18_20:38:34.503   187.163.164.xxx   The proof is that there are hardly any posts and not much fun anymore!
2014_12_18_20:38:44.357   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Someone ask for a PBR? ***ALEK***
2014_12_18_20:39:46.849   070.030.027.xxx   yo komar do a can drush
2014_12_18_20:41:23.609   187.163.164.xxx   Alek look at messages-spam-all.text file people are posting BANNED IN ERROR (dr
2014_12_18_20:42:29.325   070.030.027.xxx   dude what
2014_12_18_20:45:37.709   070.030.027.xxx   yo my man komar this is hella cool
2014_12_18_20:46:50.570   068.108.041.xxx   He has a first name... ALEK
2014_12_18_20:48:17.896   070.030.027.xxx   why do i drink every night
2014_12_18_20:48:48.120   068.108.041.xxx   Because you work days?
2014_12_18_20:49:38.121   070.030.027.xxx   kill me (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_18_20:50:55.995   068.108.041.xxx   Merry Christmas to all!
2014_12_18_20:52:03.248   070.030.027.xxx   is komar sad (11)
2014_12_18_20:53:20.363   070.030.027.xxx   komar please help (12)
2014_12_18_20:53:45.342   068.108.041.xxx   Not the Military. His first name is Alek
2014_12_18_20:54:02.009   070.030.027.xxx   yo komar what's up my man (13)
2014_12_18_20:54:27.398   068.108.041.xxx   Whatever
2014_12_18_20:56:26.345   070.030.027.xxx   yo komar merry christmas (14)
2014_12_18_21:00:15.992   068.108.041.xxx   Santa's not in the workshop? (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_18_21:06:44.815   070.030.027.xxx   yo komar took him down dude (15)
2014_12_18_21:12:36.622   194.186.076.xxx   Alek, 096.002.098.xxx banned by accident don't ban and drink!
2014_12_18_21:16:07.632   070.030.027.xxx   yo komar u okay (16)
2014_12_18_21:16:40.142   194.186.076.xxx   IP addresses can be reused you see people trying to post nice stuff GONE!
2014_12_18_21:17:00.979   070.030.027.xxx   is komar okay (17)
2014_12_18_21:18:12.494   068.108.041.xxx   Yes he's fine (11)
2014_12_18_21:29:41.108   068.151.069.xxx   AAAAAAH!  SANTA HAS TURNED INTO A ZOMBIE! (19)
2014_12_18_21:31:21.190   070.030.027.xxx   yo komar my man you hella cool (18)
2014_12_18_21:31:34.934   192.000.163.xxx   it only takes one to tenga
2014_12_18_21:31:49.792   194.186.076.xxx   No fun anymore because the REGULARS HAVE BEEN BANNED!
2014_12_18_21:33:29.183   070.030.027.xxx   yo komar who did you ban my man (19)
2014_12_18_21:33:33.753   194.186.076.xxx   Dont you want more people to post and have fun here?
2014_12_18_21:34:34.400   192.000.163.xxx   #benghazigate
2014_12_18_21:41:57.384   070.030.027.xxx   amen brother (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_18_21:42:24.898   194.186.076.xxx   Used to have fun but now posting is too slow!
2014_12_18_21:43:37.327   192.000.163.xxx   Nice Meme
2014_12_18_21:45:12.307   070.030.027.xxx   anyone else here a jugglo (21)
2014_12_18_21:45:55.941   068.108.041.xxx   You're drinking from a jug? (12)
2014_12_18_21:56:34.026   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Actually, I'm drinking from a shot glass - a bit of Baileys! ***ALEK***
2014_12_18_21:57:14.559   068.108.041.xxx   I love Baileys!! (13)
2014_12_18_21:59:17.581   074.100.039.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Andreskis!
2014_12_18_21:59:41.909   099.192.121.xxx   Night people
2014_12_18_21:59:53.414   074.100.039.xxx   where's the Hulk?
2014_12_18_21:59:55.585   068.108.041.xxx   LAST POST (14)

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