840 christmas text messages on 2014/1222

The Christmas Lights Webcam allows Internet surfers to send "Instant Messages via webcam" which are displayed real-time in Santa's Workshop.In addition, web surfers are controlling the lights & inflatables - i.e. turning them on and off via X10 controls - which they did 17,215 times that day including 10,313 overloads of the system. For those that missed it, here's a log of what was said!

Christmas "Instant Messages on webcam" on 1222

Date_Time                 IP Address        Message
2014_12_22_16:00:21.046   050.164.056.xxx   Hello from York, PA USA!
2014_12_22_16:00:37.745   068.062.135.xxx   Tuscaloosa, AL!
2014_12_22_16:00:44.284   024.094.029.xxx   Hello from San Diego USA!
2014_12_22_16:01:02.069   074.192.005.xxx   Merry Christmas from Houston, Texas!
2014_12_22_16:02:01.218   173.238.023.xxx   Thank you alek for another great setup!
2014_12_22_16:02:25.000   083.248.101.xxx   HO HO HO!!! Merry Xmas
2014_12_22_16:02:41.420   074.192.005.xxx   Alek! My name is Cayden and im from Houston, Texas! Hows it where you are?
2014_12_22_16:02:43.554   071.007.184.xxx   We'll miss this, the family always loved watching the view! Prepare for a slash
2014_12_22_16:02:44.055   092.009.250.xxx   Hi Alex from peterborgh. Uk
2014_12_22_16:02:46.043   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks for the nice words - sad it is the last year ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_16:03:35.886   074.192.005.xxx   Merry Christmas from Houston, Texas! How is it where you are Alek?
2014_12_22_16:04:12.476   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Apache Web Server to maximum power Scotty! ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_16:04:18.605   095.146.247.xxx   Hi alek Harry from the uk merry christmas
2014_12_22_16:04:23.113   071.007.184.xxx   Prepare for Slashdot, servers to maximum.
2014_12_22_16:04:29.097   050.164.056.xxx   Slashdot Effect!  Happy Holidays!
2014_12_22_16:05:01.858   074.192.005.xxx   I am in Houston! Merry Christmas from where its 72 degrees!
2014_12_22_16:06:01.046   074.192.005.xxx   Hey Alek, i have that lightning ball in my room!
2014_12_22_16:06:12.690   068.062.135.xxx   Server overtemp. Hah! Poor server.
2014_12_22_16:06:20.390   108.068.133.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!
2014_12_22_16:06:30.947   092.009.250.xxx   Sorry it's ur last year
2014_12_22_16:06:52.848   074.192.005.xxx   Why do you have to stop?
2014_12_22_16:06:58.039   065.016.026.xxx   Merry Christmas and I love you Janelle
2014_12_22_16:07:14.096   094.009.179.xxx   hi from sheffield, UK
2014_12_22_16:07:33.764   207.047.250.xxx   Merry Christmas from Saskatoon
2014_12_22_16:08:14.638   087.060.091.xxx   merry christmas .. ho ho ho
2014_12_22_16:08:34.153   092.009.250.xxx   My daughter has grown up with this site and will miss u
2014_12_22_16:08:53.288   070.049.010.xxx   Happy Hollidays from Toronto
2014_12_22_16:09:24.625   078.087.012.xxx   Happy Holidays from Greece!! :-)
2014_12_22_16:09:27.069   096.037.219.xxx   MERRY CHRISTMAS AND PASS THE BURRITOS I AM ON FIRE
2014_12_22_16:09:44.598   074.192.005.xxx   Happy Holidays from Houston!
2014_12_22_16:10:15.217   080.094.111.xxx   Oh my god!
2014_12_22_16:10:28.537   184.070.242.xxx   Will is Ghey
2014_12_22_16:10:31.331   081.149.038.xxx   Hi Alek, did you also submit to r***** for the double whammy?
2014_12_22_16:10:37.064   085.093.235.xxx   Merry Christmas from Kristiansund, Norway!
2014_12_22_16:10:38.130   074.192.005.xxx   Why r u saying oh my god?
2014_12_22_16:10:41.508   096.037.219.xxx   Santa is an aspect of the patriarchy
2014_12_22_16:10:57.849   070.049.010.xxx   Say Hi Logan
2014_12_22_16:11:22.619   078.087.012.xxx   Hi Logan
2014_12_22_16:11:34.250   096.037.219.xxx   Goodbye Logan
2014_12_22_16:11:34.621   184.070.242.xxx   ballzh
2014_12_22_16:11:42.162   074.192.005.xxx   Hi Alek!
2014_12_22_16:12:04.792   069.138.074.xxx   Hi Santa
2014_12_22_16:12:21.888   078.087.012.xxx   8=============================================___
2014_12_22_16:12:43.771   081.149.038.xxx   someone submit to r3ddit ?
2014_12_22_16:13:05.831   069.138.074.xxx   :-O Ravens Rule
2014_12_22_16:13:07.520   067.051.071.xxx   Hi Santa
2014_12_22_16:13:10.421   074.192.005.xxx   Who here has seen Annie? Im dying to see it (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_16:13:58.866   069.138.074.xxx   Not Me anyone seen Beyonce
2014_12_22_16:13:59.353   068.190.045.xxx   Able was I ere I saw Elba
2014_12_22_16:14:31.827   038.104.231.xxx   Love It
2014_12_22_16:14:39.245   069.138.074.xxx   :-O Ravens Rule
2014_12_22_16:15:04.128   187.179.244.xxx   M______xico rules
2014_12_22_16:15:10.024   069.138.074.xxx   Joe Flacco
2014_12_22_16:15:11.243   074.192.005.xxx   Go Texas A&M! (11)
2014_12_22_16:15:22.599   024.053.074.xxx   Nice!
2014_12_22_16:15:55.535   069.138.074.xxx   :-O Ravens Rule :&)
2014_12_22_16:16:01.807   074.192.005.xxx   They tore down half of Kyle Field yesterday (12)
2014_12_22_16:16:34.747   098.217.160.xxx   Contemplate platycore!
2014_12_22_16:16:35.473   170.188.005.xxx   I sing Burl Ives tunes...can this guy even play the guitar? Hacks!
2014_12_22_16:16:45.546   069.138.074.xxx   Is that really Santa Workshop
2014_12_22_16:16:48.433   002.104.024.xxx   Happy holidays!
2014_12_22_16:16:59.531   076.084.205.xxx   banananana
2014_12_22_16:17:17.504   038.104.231.xxx   Gracias por todo, muy amable. W6XAA
2014_12_22_16:17:39.388   098.217.160.xxx   Contemplate platycore!
2014_12_22_16:17:40.472   093.094.185.xxx   Love it!
2014_12_22_16:17:40.712   002.104.024.xxx   Happy holidays, and a better new year!
2014_12_22_16:17:45.000   069.138.074.xxx   Anyone like Despicable me? Go Ravens
2014_12_22_16:17:46.882   104.129.073.xxx   i will miss you alek :'(
2014_12_22_16:18:06.281   068.062.135.xxx   Alek is a hero. Long live Alek!
2014_12_22_16:18:14.516   038.104.231.xxx   Hi Jim
2014_12_22_16:18:28.768   069.138.074.xxx   Anyone like Despicable me? Go Ravens
2014_12_22_16:18:29.712   130.126.120.xxx   WinWithRealEsate .com
2014_12_22_16:18:43.669   104.129.073.xxx   Alek i will donate for you to stay another year
2014_12_22_16:18:59.469   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Thanks 068 ... it's been a fun run! ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_16:19:04.057   131.219.002.xxx   Yeah you've survived the Slashdot effect so far!
2014_12_22_16:19:16.665   204.237.086.xxx   Hello from canada
2014_12_22_16:19:24.969   066.018.160.xxx   Hello World
2014_12_22_16:19:35.034   083.035.152.xxx   hello from spain!
2014_12_22_16:19:36.593   064.021.211.xxx   It's been a good run!
2014_12_22_16:19:40.074   131.219.002.xxx   Need more snow!
2014_12_22_16:19:43.157   130.126.120.xxx   wish i cold remember when i first saw this site
2014_12_22_16:19:46.922   104.129.073.xxx   alek, mail me at LINK DELETED, i want to fund to keep you running :)
2014_12_22_16:19:47.781   074.192.005.xxx   Hello from Houston! (13)
2014_12_22_16:19:48.831   002.104.024.xxx   HULK SMASH! Dun Xmas
2014_12_22_16:19:57.810   069.138.074.xxx   Hi Alek (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_16:20:27.688   083.035.152.xxx   Greetings from Boadilla!
2014_12_22_16:20:39.846   204.237.086.xxx   Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
2014_12_22_16:20:50.763   074.192.005.xxx   The JP Morgan building in Houston is 1002 freet tall! (14)
2014_12_22_16:20:51.272   069.138.074.xxx   Anyone there? (11)
2014_12_22_16:21:06.495   066.041.184.xxx   LETS MAKE BISCUITS!!
2014_12_22_16:21:14.123   216.007.065.xxx   lol lol lol lol lol lol!
2014_12_22_16:21:18.142   068.062.135.xxx   If you appreciate what he does, click donate.
2014_12_22_16:21:31.475   204.237.086.xxx   or dont
2014_12_22_16:21:32.782   074.192.005.xxx   SANTA! I know him! I know him! (15)
2014_12_22_16:21:42.926   066.041.184.xxx   ME, I WAS THE TURKEY ALL ALONG!! MEEEE!!
2014_12_22_16:22:06.756   069.138.074.xxx   So I guess no one wants to talk to me (12)
2014_12_22_16:22:07.418   067.236.071.xxx   That was this not
2014_12_22_16:22:09.242   038.104.231.xxx   My mom has celiac, hard to take her out to dinner :-(
2014_12_22_16:22:10.792   074.192.005.xxx   The JP Morgan building in Houston is 1002 feet tall! (16)
2014_12_22_16:22:42.786   067.166.096.xxx   Furries forever!
2014_12_22_16:22:48.586   038.088.223.xxx   Hiya
2014_12_22_16:22:52.763   067.236.071.xxx   Fury forever
2014_12_22_16:23:45.557   174.051.171.xxx   Santa is real!
2014_12_22_16:24:59.445   209.205.150.xxx   Happy, Happy Christmas
2014_12_22_16:25:36.652   204.237.086.xxx   Merry Christmas
2014_12_22_16:26:08.251   074.192.005.xxx   Santa is awesome (17)
2014_12_22_16:26:27.553   204.237.086.xxx   i might have killed him....
2014_12_22_16:27:02.437   074.103.089.xxx   Thank you! God Bless!
2014_12_22_16:27:15.915   074.192.005.xxx   Yeah Right, NORAD is tracking him and keeping him safe (18)
2014_12_22_16:27:22.437   095.146.247.xxx   Don be rude
2014_12_22_16:27:39.808   204.237.086.xxx   were joking around
2014_12_22_16:28:11.612   068.062.135.xxx   Gone for the night. Thanks again, alek. Be well, all!
2014_12_22_16:28:17.012   074.192.005.xxx   THERES NO JOKIN WITH SANTA CUZ NORAD IS ALWAYS PROTECTIN HIM (19)
2014_12_22_16:28:21.087   024.160.077.xxx   I have deflated Homer!!1!
2014_12_22_16:28:48.419   066.018.160.xxx   Hello from New Mexico
2014_12_22_16:29:32.696   108.060.182.xxx   hulk not scare me. thing not scared of anything!
2014_12_22_16:29:41.542   082.073.219.xxx   Merry X-mas from Groningen
2014_12_22_16:29:45.476   184.068.046.xxx   hello from australia in canada
2014_12_22_16:30:34.138   074.192.005.xxx   who was just on alek's lawn? (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_16:30:57.807   068.062.135.xxx   Probably Alek. It's windy - checking props.
2014_12_22_16:31:36.626   068.150.161.xxx   Oh my, r***** is here
2014_12_22_16:31:38.564   024.160.077.xxx   deflating everything to help
2014_12_22_16:31:44.465   074.192.005.xxx   But people keep turning them on and off, how is he doing it? (21)
2014_12_22_16:32:01.218   148.188.243.xxx   Hi from Sydney
2014_12_22_16:32:15.624   068.150.161.xxx   Slush dat is here
2014_12_22_16:32:16.386   068.062.135.xxx   He has manual control via remote. X10 is nifty like that.
2014_12_22_16:32:53.800   094.208.004.xxx   Do you guys see that guy in the blue jacket?
2014_12_22_16:32:55.822   068.150.161.xxx   Slash
2014_12_22_16:33:17.565   024.160.077.xxx   hi jenn ___3
2014_12_22_16:33:35.039   095.151.122.xxx   Ahh-Ahhh!
2014_12_22_16:33:49.252   074.192.005.xxx   That was Alek (22)
2014_12_22_16:33:59.718   068.150.161.xxx   Slash dot is here
2014_12_22_16:34:23.944   064.121.008.xxx   Hi, Alek!!
2014_12_22_16:34:44.677   193.077.222.xxx   Awesome setup! Merry Christmas!
2014_12_22_16:34:46.220   146.129.112.xxx   Wheeeee
2014_12_22_16:35:23.877   072.193.000.xxx   Everything is Awesome!
2014_12_22_16:35:31.059   002.025.228.xxx   MERRY HO HO HO
2014_12_22_16:35:40.178   093.163.165.xxx   Hello from Danmark!
2014_12_22_16:36:09.708   068.150.161.xxx   Hello from your town
2014_12_22_16:37:01.694   108.028.180.xxx   Hello from Springfield
2014_12_22_16:37:19.451   066.018.160.xxx   I would go crazy with all those lights. lol
2014_12_22_16:37:52.630   047.054.024.xxx   Hello from Strantford, Prince e***** Island, Canada!
2014_12_22_16:38:05.925   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wind has died down ... so just plugged in 15' Santa Balloon and 12' Santa ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_16:38:34.285   068.062.135.xxx   Thanks, Alek!
2014_12_22_16:38:41.233   024.160.077.xxx   ___slow claps___
2014_12_22_16:39:07.918   094.208.004.xxx   I like the metric-option!
2014_12_22_16:39:10.088   099.253.014.xxx   thank you from toronto, canada
2014_12_22_16:39:34.596   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Glad you like the metric option - a number of Easter Eggs on the webpage ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_16:39:58.777   050.046.169.xxx   We're going to miss the lights.
2014_12_22_16:40:05.500   064.202.160.xxx   joe puts i falcon
2014_12_22_16:40:52.536   075.094.141.xxx   ho ho ho
2014_12_22_16:41:00.115   024.160.077.xxx   r*****: like slashdot with training wheels
2014_12_22_16:41:01.741   068.062.135.xxx   That's the sound of 913 people looking for eggs.
2014_12_22_16:41:29.150   108.028.180.xxx   Hello from SAM
2014_12_22_16:41:45.539   083.084.059.xxx   Prettige Feestdagen!
2014_12_22_16:42:09.722   184.178.027.xxx   simply amazing
2014_12_22_16:42:57.726   075.094.141.xxx   -------------___
2014_12_22_16:43:29.164   024.160.077.xxx   Hulk says F5, you F5.
2014_12_22_16:43:34.090   075.094.141.xxx   does not compute
2014_12_22_16:43:50.696   174.029.236.xxx   Thanks for everything, Alec!
2014_12_22_16:44:02.006   050.046.169.xxx   Are these lights gluten free?
2014_12_22_16:44:06.473   075.087.148.xxx   Merry Christmas
2014_12_22_16:44:24.318   002.104.024.xxx   Bells are jingling in the snow. Thanks  Alex :D
2014_12_22_16:44:45.804   050.046.169.xxx   Are the lights gluten free?
2014_12_22_16:44:53.310   075.094.141.xxx   Overload!!!!!
2014_12_22_16:45:02.043   124.149.176.xxx   I have a friend that comes for tea, that no one else can see but me. He came to
2014_12_22_16:45:21.773   050.046.169.xxx   Are the lights gluten free?
2014_12_22_16:45:25.451   193.077.222.xxx   Alek, how much time it takes to set this up every year?
2014_12_22_16:45:41.293   037.201.114.xxx   Go Alek! Don't stop
2014_12_22_16:45:59.688   050.046.169.xxx   Are the lights gluten free?
2014_12_22_16:46:02.337   124.149.176.xxx   Anyone else think that Alek looks like Robin Williams from the side?
2014_12_22_16:46:18.393   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Making dinner tonight - gotta go check the oven! ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_16:46:39.659   050.046.169.xxx   Are the lights gluten free?
2014_12_22_16:47:01.508   068.062.135.xxx   Give it up already, 050.046. (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_16:47:35.403   124.149.176.xxx   what is for dinner?
2014_12_22_16:48:15.844   024.160.077.xxx   brownout
2014_12_22_16:48:18.607   050.247.078.xxx   santa claus is here
2014_12_22_16:48:19.171   067.217.228.xxx   Duck in cherry sauce with cherries from our tree-Alek's wife
2014_12_22_16:48:54.411   124.149.176.xxx   YUM!
2014_12_22_16:49:11.790   068.062.135.xxx   That sounds infinitely better than this burger. :( (11)
2014_12_22_16:49:26.585   088.097.063.xxx   hello
2014_12_22_16:49:35.555   108.168.082.xxx   ---
2014_12_22_16:50:16.920   024.207.000.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2014_12_22_16:50:23.990   068.062.135.xxx   Anyone notice the "Ho Ho" has faces? (12)
2014_12_22_16:50:55.323   108.168.082.xxx   wheee
2014_12_22_16:51:16.288   192.000.169.xxx   Hello World
2014_12_22_16:52:14.158   064.128.124.xxx   Yo Santa, whats up.
2014_12_22_16:52:28.134   108.040.123.xxx   It's 5 o'clock somewhere
2014_12_22_16:52:31.979   024.160.077.xxx   cost to run display surpisingly low, neat neat
2014_12_22_16:53:02.276   098.174.234.xxx   Hello and Merry Christmas!!
2014_12_22_16:53:12.071   068.062.135.xxx   Clock on top right of office runs backwards. I want one. (13)
2014_12_22_16:53:34.075   050.247.078.xxx   merry xmas to all
2014_12_22_16:53:40.911   024.160.077.xxx   nice ctach, so it does
2014_12_22_16:54:04.144   124.149.176.xxx   still trying to find the Ho Ho and faces
2014_12_22_16:54:22.979   068.062.135.xxx   Near pumpkin. Eyes, nose and mouth light up in the 'O' (14)
2014_12_22_16:54:24.772   067.184.186.xxx   Lee Rules them all
2014_12_22_16:54:29.760   024.160.077.xxx   top right cam has HO HO (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_16:54:48.179   124.149.176.xxx   thanks
2014_12_22_16:55:40.558   067.184.186.xxx   i wish this was not the last year!
2014_12_22_16:56:01.175   024.008.103.xxx   Not slashdotted yet! Cool.
2014_12_22_16:56:03.792   068.062.135.xxx   Same. Wish I could have shown to my offspring. (15)
2014_12_22_16:56:09.669   068.150.161.xxx   Someone needs to take over
2014_12_22_16:56:21.985   002.031.207.xxx   A V. Merry Christmas!
2014_12_22_16:57:29.288   097.079.220.xxx   Merry Xmas Austin TX
2014_12_22_16:57:43.485   068.062.135.xxx   This would make a wicked 5 night at freddies! (16)
2014_12_22_16:57:58.037   124.149.176.xxx   Thanks for sharing, have a great christmas!
2014_12_22_16:58:06.473   198.006.033.xxx   Hello From J
2014_12_22_16:58:15.309   203.206.083.xxx   Merry Xmas - From Australia!
2014_12_22_16:58:19.653   072.193.118.xxx   Joyeux Noel
2014_12_22_16:58:33.276   079.097.151.xxx   ping
2014_12_22_16:58:47.237   068.062.135.xxx   reply: 1200ms (17)
2014_12_22_16:58:51.626   216.121.186.xxx   test
2014_12_22_16:58:58.354   203.206.083.xxx   pong
2014_12_22_16:59:34.855   081.149.038.xxx   pinh
2014_12_22_16:59:49.300   079.097.151.xxx   :___
2014_12_22_17:00:14.153   121.221.217.xxx   Merry Xmas!!
2014_12_22_17:00:42.883   094.007.135.xxx   test
2014_12_22_17:00:53.874   079.097.151.xxx   Success!
2014_12_22_17:01:36.801   121.221.217.xxx   Merry Christmas from Perth Western Australia
2014_12_22_17:01:53.905   068.150.161.xxx   Botswana
2014_12_22_17:02:42.775   071.209.055.xxx   Slashdot effect!!
2014_12_22_17:03:02.256   079.097.151.xxx   FTW!
2014_12_22_17:03:08.772   068.150.161.xxx   North Korea hacked Slasheot
2014_12_22_17:03:13.865   094.007.135.xxx   Great! Thanks!
2014_12_22_17:03:37.666   190.203.005.xxx   hola gracias chao
2014_12_22_17:03:39.124   082.013.186.xxx   arf
2014_12_22_17:03:55.585   079.097.151.xxx   In Soviet Russia, Slashdot... etc.
2014_12_22_17:03:56.736   094.007.135.xxx   Hi from UK (and p**and)
2014_12_22_17:04:43.892   190.203.005.xxx   hola gracias chao
2014_12_22_17:04:47.086   079.097.151.xxx   Play guess the ______ game :___
2014_12_22_17:05:19.251   068.062.135.xxx   uh oh (18)
2014_12_22_17:05:33.249   079.097.151.xxx   Okay slashes don't work too good...
2014_12_22_17:05:42.326   190.203.005.xxx   ola k ase. prende luces o k ase.
2014_12_22_17:05:53.375   063.235.013.xxx   Hi Mom
2014_12_22_17:06:33.359   062.092.060.xxx   Yes?
2014_12_22_17:07:12.097   079.097.151.xxx   Dinner isn't making itself
2014_12_22_17:07:14.257   024.160.077.xxx   I'm here to see squirrel electrocution (11)
2014_12_22_17:07:33.627   190.203.005.xxx   it was on a dreary night of november.
2014_12_22_17:08:07.128   068.150.161.xxx   Good luck with that.  No squirrels
2014_12_22_17:08:23.657   062.092.060.xxx   Something obscene.
2014_12_22_17:08:43.969   207.071.246.xxx   Something Nice
2014_12_22_17:08:58.371   079.097.151.xxx   Cake
2014_12_22_17:09:12.979   082.176.206.xxx   Hello from Holland!
2014_12_22_17:09:36.816   068.150.161.xxx   Hi mr. Hollands opus (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_17:09:46.394   079.097.151.xxx   Unicode test: _________ (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_17:10:05.502   097.122.211.xxx   love it!  will miss the opportunity to make santas inflate!! CR
2014_12_22_17:10:09.727   190.203.005.xxx   something smart
2014_12_22_17:10:36.183   079.097.151.xxx   Pie (11)
2014_12_22_17:10:43.302   082.176.206.xxx   This if fun! Too bad it is going offline, but : Merry Christmas and Happy Newye
2014_12_22_17:10:54.889   098.111.136.xxx   Blessed and Merry Christmas
2014_12_22_17:11:22.453   068.150.161.xxx   Whoville! (11)
2014_12_22_17:11:36.459   082.176.206.xxx   Mdr. ______
2014_12_22_17:11:53.824   209.222.018.xxx   brazzers
2014_12_22_17:11:55.352   079.097.151.xxx   Not a cat video? (12)
2014_12_22_17:12:03.113   068.150.161.xxx   Cindy Lou Who (12)
2014_12_22_17:12:05.066   024.160.077.xxx   bzzzzap! (12)
2014_12_22_17:12:08.193   107.131.079.xxx   Merry Christmas!!!
2014_12_22_17:12:30.254   082.176.206.xxx   Go away of the camera. ___)
2014_12_22_17:12:43.873   079.130.218.xxx   Merry Xmas!!!
2014_12_22_17:12:44.301   209.222.018.xxx   8=============D
2014_12_22_17:12:47.642   068.150.161.xxx   Cindy fat Wha? (13)
2014_12_22_17:13:41.019   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Wife on the way home - moving Big Santa aside ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_17:14:18.261   068.150.161.xxx   Santa plans to drive Aleks car after (14)
2014_12_22_17:15:19.683   079.097.151.xxx   Tired of 2nd century transport already? (13)
2014_12_22_17:15:20.469   024.160.077.xxx   Christmas in Florida s***** j/s. (13)
2014_12_22_17:15:25.317   188.142.097.xxx   PleaseSupport the Center for Celiac Research!
2014_12_22_17:16:01.904   068.150.161.xxx   save the Turtles foundation (15)
2014_12_22_17:16:31.790   079.097.151.xxx   TMNT? (14)
2014_12_22_17:16:49.895   067.184.186.xxx   Thanks for doing it 1 last year!  Btw whats the plan for your x10's?
2014_12_22_17:17:15.168   068.150.161.xxx   Save the NBA players (16)
2014_12_22_17:17:35.267   024.160.077.xxx   this is the world's most inefficient IRC client (14)
2014_12_22_17:17:42.611   068.146.208.xxx   Do you want ants? Thats how you get ants!
2014_12_22_17:17:43.871   067.184.186.xxx   lol
2014_12_22_17:17:54.555   079.097.151.xxx   Nah, notepad over WebEx is! (15)
2014_12_22_17:17:58.885   068.150.161.xxx   IRS? (17)
2014_12_22_17:18:07.993   190.184.196.xxx   welcome from costa rica
2014_12_22_17:18:17.801   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Local paper taking pictures - keep the lights ON! ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_17:18:50.933   190.184.196.xxx   ________________________ FISH
2014_12_22_17:18:52.893   082.176.206.xxx   Thanks for all the fun!! Bye.
2014_12_22_17:19:00.052   024.160.077.xxx   spamming ON for great justice. (15)
2014_12_22_17:19:44.607   066.102.006.xxx   Happy Holidays
2014_12_22_17:19:50.623   068.150.161.xxx   The Avengers are there! (18)
2014_12_22_17:19:52.138   207.096.202.xxx   ta soeur
2014_12_22_17:19:55.623   059.167.252.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone :)
2014_12_22_17:20:06.160   082.176.206.xxx   Thank you. Happy Holidays too!! Bye.
2014_12_22_17:20:11.905   071.181.135.xxx   Happy Holidays
2014_12_22_17:20:19.958   079.097.151.xxx   Video is still cat-less. I repeat, cat-less. (16)
2014_12_22_17:20:46.989   065.040.072.xxx   Hi Miller kids!!!
2014_12_22_17:20:51.614   190.184.196.xxx   i put some nogs in your n*** so you can n*** while you nog
2014_12_22_17:20:56.141   068.150.161.xxx   We need more Bort license plates!  I repeat (19)
2014_12_22_17:21:08.090   024.160.077.xxx   might get to see squirrels chewing wire (16)
2014_12_22_17:21:33.999   190.184.196.xxx   pablo is a n*****
2014_12_22_17:22:02.458   024.211.189.xxx   hello
2014_12_22_17:22:14.410   190.184.196.xxx   pablo es un cara picha
2014_12_22_17:22:27.866   065.040.072.xxx   hi ben how are you
2014_12_22_17:23:05.540   079.097.151.xxx   Fine, but bereft of cats. (17)
2014_12_22_17:24:04.201   079.097.151.xxx   Hi! (18)
2014_12_22_17:25:23.657   079.097.151.xxx   (-o-) (19)
2014_12_22_17:26:10.910   024.160.077.xxx   (___'')___ (17)
2014_12_22_17:26:36.704   079.097.151.xxx   Press Ctrl-Alt-Del please! (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_17:26:38.080   071.243.210.xxx   8008
2014_12_22_17:27:14.860   184.096.247.xxx   ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
2014_12_22_17:27:35.275   079.097.151.xxx   80086 (21)
2014_12_22_17:28:40.935   024.160.077.xxx   Santa!!1! (18)
2014_12_22_17:29:16.702   079.097.151.xxx   Surprised?! It says "Santa's Workshop!" (22)
2014_12_22_17:30:24.917   205.153.232.xxx   Slashdot the Server! Ho! Ho! Ho!
2014_12_22_17:30:43.261   079.097.151.xxx   Donde estan los gatos?! (23)
2014_12_22_17:31:12.445   089.242.108.xxx   Its a Griswold family Christmas
2014_12_22_17:32:02.885   024.240.010.xxx   Oh, Hai!  What For Eat?
2014_12_22_17:32:33.842   205.153.232.xxx   ____________ Santa's Workshop!!!
2014_12_22_17:32:50.628   079.097.151.xxx   Consider consuming some English Grammer books! (24)
2014_12_22_17:32:58.254   089.242.108.xxx   the little lights aren't sparkling
2014_12_22_17:33:06.312   024.160.077.xxx   top left of top left cam txt = ? (19)
2014_12_22_17:33:36.283   079.097.151.xxx   Buffer overflow attempt:qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq (25)
2014_12_22_17:33:41.613   089.242.108.xxx   i know Art, and thanks for noticing
2014_12_22_17:34:44.907   089.242.108.xxx   Are there no Christmas vacation movie fans out there
2014_12_22_17:34:46.090   024.160.077.xxx   have been here way too long, heh (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_17:34:58.328   079.097.151.xxx   Orange clock going backwards? (26)
2014_12_22_17:35:33.423   089.242.108.xxx   It's that time, Christmas time is here....
2014_12_22_17:35:36.201   024.160.077.xxx   yes, orange clock backwards (21)
2014_12_22_17:36:18.855   089.242.108.xxx   everybody knows there's not a better time of year
2014_12_22_17:36:22.538   079.097.151.xxx   Missed a bullet by getting my red clock so! (27)
2014_12_22_17:36:42.899   024.160.077.xxx   turnbacktime.mp3 (22)
2014_12_22_17:37:05.413   180.215.031.xxx   Atleast bring me something back from the kitchen
2014_12_22_17:37:05.819   089.242.108.xxx   Hear that sleigh, Santa's on his way.....
2014_12_22_17:37:39.216   079.097.151.xxx   ... should not be that noisy. Needs a service. (28)
2014_12_22_17:37:50.369   070.058.054.xxx   Xenu wishes a Merry Christmas to all!
2014_12_22_17:37:59.509   089.242.108.xxx   Hip hip hooray for Christmas vacation
2014_12_22_17:38:32.213   024.160.077.xxx   5k buys a SWEET E-meter (23)
2014_12_22_17:38:36.220   079.097.151.xxx   Boo hoo spending it like this in the basement! (29)
2014_12_22_17:39:37.724   079.097.151.xxx   17:38:35 was better (30 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_17:39:48.543   024.160.077.xxx   Alek: txt top of house says? (24)
2014_12_22_17:40:03.804   180.215.031.xxx   Hey I see a moving h**** sapien
2014_12_22_17:40:15.875   050.190.128.xxx   woah 640 people!
2014_12_22_17:40:30.854   079.097.151.xxx   Bill Gates says there's enough. (31)
2014_12_22_17:40:54.596   024.160.077.xxx   ok, I got it I got it! OFF and ON ___bows___ (25)
2014_12_22_17:41:20.818   180.215.031.xxx   Welcome slashdot effect. Goodbye site
2014_12_22_17:41:26.170   074.196.048.xxx   Ty Carter wishes you Merry Christmas
2014_12_22_17:41:50.552   089.242.108.xxx   Merry Christmas for the final year Alek
2014_12_22_17:41:50.664   173.247.180.xxx   Best wishes to my son, Odin! I hope you loves Wall-e.
2014_12_22_17:42:04.149   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Fixed webcam 1 ! ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_17:42:05.438   024.160.077.xxx   weathering /. effect fine. Saw over 900 earlier (26)
2014_12_22_17:42:24.974   079.097.151.xxx   i've run out of red ink. (32)
2014_12_22_17:43:21.928   089.242.108.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek Griswold (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_17:43:22.191   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Webcam1 wireless router was lagging ... ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_17:44:10.766   024.160.077.xxx   powered by dd-wrt and cantenna :D (27)
2014_12_22_17:46:45.846   079.097.151.xxx   Spongebob is unlikley to be based on a true story. (33)
2014_12_22_17:48:36.645   072.002.040.xxx   Hello Beavis
2014_12_22_17:48:43.565   099.162.206.xxx   woot
2014_12_22_17:48:57.172   079.097.151.xxx   NSA here, just confirming that we are ___not___ watching you (34)
2014_12_22_17:49:08.714   070.090.188.xxx   I miss Rainier...
2014_12_22_17:49:26.384   072.002.040.xxx   Cheerio then
2014_12_22_17:49:57.755   079.097.151.xxx   Adios! (35)
2014_12_22_17:50:37.113   072.052.096.xxx   Merry Xmax!
2014_12_22_17:51:21.139   099.162.206.xxx   who wants ice cream
2014_12_22_17:51:55.653   110.142.185.xxx   we all want ice cream
2014_12_22_17:52:25.588   079.097.151.xxx   Union demands are reasonable, huh? (36)
2014_12_22_17:53:17.460   080.229.145.xxx   Happy Xmas
2014_12_22_17:53:53.065   079.097.151.xxx   Happy Xmas from the NSA! (still not watching, honest) (37)
2014_12_22_17:54:34.827   099.162.206.xxx   NSA you are on my watch list
2014_12_22_17:55:16.085   008.037.096.xxx   All I want for Xmas is The Interview
2014_12_22_17:55:52.184   167.102.160.xxx   wazzzzzup
2014_12_22_17:56:09.655   079.097.151.xxx   Clouds (38)
2014_12_22_17:57:18.108   079.097.151.xxx   Is Santa actually an NSA operative, with his watchlist? (39)
2014_12_22_17:57:53.103   008.037.096.xxx   drop_tables
2014_12_22_17:59:35.073   079.097.151.xxx   goto 10 (40 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_17:59:46.648   008.037.096.xxx   You are in a large forest. Exits are West and South.
2014_12_22_18:00:16.344   024.160.077.xxx   go West (28)
2014_12_22_18:00:34.687   008.037.096.xxx   You have been eaten by a grue.
2014_12_22_18:00:53.489   079.097.151.xxx   Go West far enough, and you'll find the East (41)
2014_12_22_18:00:53.898   024.160.077.xxx   ___ragequits___ (29)
2014_12_22_18:01:13.135   068.040.010.xxx   BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN' EVERYWHERE
2014_12_22_18:01:17.659   002.136.166.xxx   Or just stay, what's the point?
2014_12_22_18:02:01.861   173.247.202.xxx   We're at now, now.
2014_12_22_18:02:07.708   068.040.010.xxx   I FOUND YOU MISS NEW BOOTY
2014_12_22_18:02:23.704   192.000.180.xxx   yo yo komar what's up my man
2014_12_22_18:02:33.671   008.037.096.xxx   This space intentionally left blank
2014_12_22_18:02:38.568   098.225.010.xxx   RIP Jesus Morris
2014_12_22_18:02:43.506   068.040.010.xxx   Nothing much just eating dead mice
2014_12_22_18:03:00.392   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Dinner time! ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_18:03:08.842   079.097.151.xxx   No food shortage for you then! (42)
2014_12_22_18:03:11.408   192.000.180.xxx   where's the pbr
2014_12_22_18:03:21.455   192.000.163.xxx   Alex Mariniuc...Merry Christmas
2014_12_22_18:03:34.657   068.040.010.xxx   I'm smoking candle wax on my weed burger
2014_12_22_18:04:02.092   008.037.096.xxx   Syntax Error
2014_12_22_18:04:42.879   072.053.079.xxx   thx thomas
2014_12_22_18:04:52.619   008.037.096.xxx   (A)bort, (R)etry, (F)ail?
2014_12_22_18:04:52.669   098.225.010.xxx   RIP Jesus Morris
2014_12_22_18:04:54.595   068.040.010.xxx   Ribbled Clicker
2014_12_22_18:05:21.361   192.000.163.xxx   #1 Diaper man
2014_12_22_18:05:40.172   068.040.010.xxx   Realtime Bill Cosby Roleplaying Game
2014_12_22_18:05:44.239   074.192.079.xxx   howdy I'm Big Tex
2014_12_22_18:05:48.814   108.066.017.xxx   Hatsune Miku!!!
2014_12_22_18:05:49.019   008.037.096.xxx   STOP: 0x0000007b
2014_12_22_18:06:31.119   098.225.010.xxx   RIP Jesus Morris
2014_12_22_18:06:32.381   209.205.150.xxx   Happy, Happy Christmas from Hannah!
2014_12_22_18:06:33.168   050.089.100.xxx   Gators FTW
2014_12_22_18:06:48.161   119.094.092.xxx   Merry Christmas from somewhere halfway across the world!
2014_12_22_18:07:03.069   068.040.010.xxx   GOBBLED COB PROBLEM
2014_12_22_18:07:53.994   008.037.096.xxx   Gremlins2.jpg
2014_12_22_18:08:14.202   119.094.092.xxx   Seven Santas sang silly songs.
2014_12_22_18:08:28.817   098.094.211.xxx   Call Your Mom!
2014_12_22_18:09:07.606   008.037.096.xxx   Trapped in Internet. Send Help (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_18:10:44.861   080.071.135.xxx   Guanaco!
2014_12_22_18:11:32.567   108.066.017.xxx   MikuMonday!!
2014_12_22_18:11:36.123   189.048.194.xxx   BOB SAGET
2014_12_22_18:12:25.124   108.066.017.xxx   THE LITTLE LIGHTS ARE NOT TWINKLING.
2014_12_22_18:13:16.625   108.066.017.xxx   you bout ready to do some kissin'?
2014_12_22_18:13:48.397   074.192.005.xxx   Merry Christmas from College Station, TX (23)
2014_12_22_18:14:54.926   081.098.102.xxx   Stepping santa is working from gill Luke's mum
2014_12_22_18:15:11.216   080.071.135.xxx   Hey mom! Im on TV!
2014_12_22_18:15:29.557   189.048.194.xxx   RIP Christopher Poole
2014_12_22_18:16:03.838   081.098.102.xxx   And Walter croft
2014_12_22_18:16:33.607   098.226.080.xxx   Awesome - KB7ZGB
2014_12_22_18:18:20.955   075.128.023.xxx   Party on Wayne!
2014_12_22_18:19:10.933   189.048.194.xxx   Party on, Garth!
2014_12_22_18:19:18.163   063.227.241.xxx   Hayden stop hurting your sister.
2014_12_22_18:20:09.743   108.066.017.xxx   Kanna Hashimoto most beautiful girl in Japan
2014_12_22_18:20:51.004   189.048.194.xxx   Cluck Cluck Cluck Cluck Cluck Cluck Cluck
2014_12_22_18:21:28.125   108.066.017.xxx   It's the Festivus for the Rest of us
2014_12_22_18:22:35.260   108.066.017.xxx   Snow Miku 2015!
2014_12_22_18:22:46.937   189.048.194.xxx   Merry Kwanzaa!
2014_12_22_18:23:44.823   097.122.100.xxx   Denver Broncos
2014_12_22_18:24:31.569   108.066.017.xxx   this is CARTMANBRAH!!!
2014_12_22_18:24:48.808   081.098.102.xxx   Walter rocks
2014_12_22_18:25:11.640   108.066.017.xxx   Ella is the Goddess of the Universe
2014_12_22_18:25:22.047   189.048.194.xxx   John Denver!
2014_12_22_18:26:23.389   203.006.069.xxx   Hello from Australia.
2014_12_22_18:26:37.130   081.098.102.xxx   Walter and Gladys croft
2014_12_22_18:26:54.250   108.066.017.xxx   would be nice to see a "Hello from ISS" (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_18:26:55.743   067.086.158.xxx   this is awesome!!!!! Merry christmas everyone!
2014_12_22_18:27:42.342   081.098.102.xxx   Merry christmas too!,,
2014_12_22_18:28:41.115   050.171.131.xxx   test
2014_12_22_18:28:59.795   081.098.102.xxx   I love stepping santa
2014_12_22_18:29:54.650   108.066.017.xxx   Miku Expo was wonderful!! (11)
2014_12_22_18:31:30.747   070.050.105.xxx   Merry Christmas from Toronto
2014_12_22_18:33:13.449   108.066.017.xxx   Muppet Christmas Carol best xmas movie (12)
2014_12_22_18:35:58.517   071.191.186.xxx   Howdy!
2014_12_22_18:37:33.848   099.022.050.xxx   hello!
2014_12_22_18:37:48.268   075.140.167.xxx   die
2014_12_22_18:37:50.281   108.066.017.xxx   herro prease (13)
2014_12_22_18:38:17.060   071.191.186.xxx   Herro! How goes?
2014_12_22_18:38:24.893   099.022.050.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2014_12_22_18:38:29.792   075.140.167.xxx   die
2014_12_22_18:38:30.153   189.048.194.xxx   HELP ME ASUKA!
2014_12_22_18:38:44.489   108.066.017.xxx   Miku will help you! (14)
2014_12_22_18:39:14.622   189.048.194.xxx   Miku is mai waifu
2014_12_22_18:39:16.213   180.215.031.xxx   Burn Server Burn
2014_12_22_18:39:20.153   075.140.167.xxx   you will die on chismaseve
2014_12_22_18:39:24.131   096.037.219.xxx   HELP I'M STUCK IN A CHRISTMAS DECORATION FACTORY
2014_12_22_18:39:53.346   071.015.044.xxx   hey
2014_12_22_18:40:01.444   075.140.167.xxx   ill help you get out
2014_12_22_18:40:09.428   189.048.194.xxx   MIKU HATSUNE IS MOYA WAIFU
2014_12_22_18:40:12.645   180.215.031.xxx   Jingle bells monkey smells
2014_12_22_18:40:30.781   108.066.017.xxx   i guess batman used deoderant (15)
2014_12_22_18:40:46.472   096.037.219.xxx   Are you there God?  It's me, Bart Simpson
2014_12_22_18:40:55.824   075.140.167.xxx   HEllo Jakob!!!!
2014_12_22_18:41:01.606   096.232.110.xxx   SUPAR MAN
2014_12_22_18:41:02.951   189.048.194.xxx   Mo money fo dem program (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_18:41:23.840   096.231.023.xxx   hello world
2014_12_22_18:41:25.833   096.037.219.xxx   DO NOT TAUNT THE DECORATIONS
2014_12_22_18:41:27.840   024.193.182.xxx   Greetings to every single person around the world! My Christmas Wish, is to see
2014_12_22_18:41:41.742   180.215.031.xxx   cam2 is completely blacked out
2014_12_22_18:41:59.851   108.066.017.xxx   DARKNESS IS SPREADING (16)
2014_12_22_18:42:25.683   096.037.219.xxx   DON'T PUNCH MIDGETS THEY NEED LOVE
2014_12_22_18:42:27.237   089.242.108.xxx   Let there be light! (11)
2014_12_22_18:42:49.164   075.140.167.xxx   I'm watching this
2014_12_22_18:42:51.545   108.066.017.xxx   ManBearPig is real (17)
2014_12_22_18:42:56.573   096.037.219.xxx   MIDGETS NEED LOVE TOO
2014_12_22_18:42:58.400   180.215.031.xxx   woah Am I having seizures?!!
2014_12_22_18:43:04.660   089.242.108.xxx   and there was light... (12)
2014_12_22_18:43:14.423   068.150.161.xxx   Great Christmas light fight is on tv (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_18:43:25.591   075.140.167.xxx   hello stacy
2014_12_22_18:43:40.371   108.066.017.xxx   needs some Street Fighter decorations (18)
2014_12_22_18:43:42.299   076.171.227.xxx   Wow, go research!
2014_12_22_18:43:56.488   180.215.031.xxx   hi stacy, love frank
2014_12_22_18:44:09.863   096.037.219.xxx   GO CELIAC YOU ARE THE BEST DISEASE
2014_12_22_18:44:28.626   068.150.161.xxx   I'm not alive.  I'm a ghost! (21)
2014_12_22_18:44:37.169   189.048.194.xxx   Help! I'm trapped inside this house's basement! Visit LINK DELETED (11)
2014_12_22_18:44:38.606   108.066.017.xxx   Stacy Jones is the lady on Shining Time Station (19)
2014_12_22_18:44:46.942   074.192.005.xxx   And I'm sorry i crammed 11 cookies into the VCR... (24)
2014_12_22_18:45:18.957   180.215.031.xxx   You've a 10000000 dollars. Click here
2014_12_22_18:45:34.578   098.212.103.xxx   North Korea is Best Korea!
2014_12_22_18:45:37.270   075.140.167.xxx   hello stacey mosteller
2014_12_22_18:45:44.576   189.048.194.xxx   RIP Christopher Poole (12)
2014_12_22_18:46:00.124   068.150.161.xxx   Who! (22)
2014_12_22_18:46:07.693   096.037.219.xxx   i like big donuts and i cannot lie (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_18:46:22.720   075.140.167.xxx   she stoped watching
2014_12_22_18:46:42.656   189.048.194.xxx   Up Santa! Up! (13)
2014_12_22_18:47:08.196   096.037.219.xxx   midgets are made out of cheese and mayonnaise (11)
2014_12_22_18:47:15.196   068.150.161.xxx   Your gf is here (23)
2014_12_22_18:47:29.486   180.215.031.xxx   Hulk Angry!! Smash puny 399 humans!! (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_18:47:31.272   189.048.194.xxx   tfw no gf (14)
2014_12_22_18:47:38.964   024.044.206.xxx   ho ho ho
2014_12_22_18:47:58.817   096.037.219.xxx   LFG ___CASTLE OF DECORATIONS___ +DPS (12)
2014_12_22_18:48:22.084   180.215.031.xxx   windows has encountered an error. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete (11)
2014_12_22_18:48:25.819   075.140.167.xxx   is any ones refrigarater runing (10 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_18:48:33.247   098.212.103.xxx   _______________________________________________________________________________
2014_12_22_18:48:36.582   189.048.194.xxx   Mo muny fo dem program (15)
2014_12_22_18:49:20.854   098.212.103.xxx   #pantsupdontloot
2014_12_22_18:49:22.200   068.203.002.xxx   see ya
2014_12_22_18:50:30.308   180.215.031.xxx   Who is that guy in the background? (12)
2014_12_22_18:50:33.860   189.048.194.xxx   If running Windows, delete System 32 for a faster system (16)
2014_12_22_18:50:34.286   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Back from dinner - how are the lights doing? ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_18:50:46.399   068.150.161.xxx   Hot (24)
2014_12_22_18:50:48.805   075.140.167.xxx   good (11)
2014_12_22_18:50:52.894   024.160.077.xxx   all working well (30 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_18:51:27.077   075.140.167.xxx   yep (12)
2014_12_22_18:51:36.880   024.160.077.xxx   also, nice LED cube (31)
2014_12_22_18:51:47.558   096.037.219.xxx   thanks for doing this and i'm sorry to see it go :-( (13)
2014_12_22_18:51:53.208   180.215.031.xxx   Santa likes Alek (13)
2014_12_22_18:52:04.403   189.048.194.xxx   Thanks for the ten years Alek (17)
2014_12_22_18:52:26.372   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** You are welcome - a decade watcher! ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_18:53:30.457   108.066.017.xxx   I wonder how hard it would be to make a custom blow up decoration (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_18:53:31.302   180.215.031.xxx   This billboard is really a nice idea (14)
2014_12_22_18:54:08.556   189.048.194.xxx   This site brings me back when the Internet was actually cool (18)
2014_12_22_18:54:53.640   180.215.031.xxx   Indeed. Web 1.0 with anime GIF was missed (15)
2014_12_22_18:55:04.639   174.073.021.xxx   ___marquee___does HTML work here?___/marquee___
2014_12_22_18:55:28.164   108.066.017.xxx   theres lots of anime gifs.... just have to go to 4**** :p (21)
2014_12_22_18:55:31.243   173.217.057.xxx   Merry Christmas from Little Bobby Tables!
2014_12_22_18:55:33.974   180.215.031.xxx   obviously not (16)
2014_12_22_18:56:05.213   174.073.021.xxx   i guess not....nice site
2014_12_22_18:56:24.746   173.057.032.xxx   Aggies! Whoop!
2014_12_22_18:56:27.773   189.048.194.xxx   Browsing it, makes it feels like 1999 again... tfw 1999... (19)
2014_12_22_18:56:27.955   173.217.057.xxx   Hi Paige!
2014_12_22_18:56:29.923   065.101.031.xxx   Uncle Togie wishes you all peace and goodwill!
2014_12_22_18:56:38.816   075.140.167.xxx   lets shut em off at like 10 in the morning ok (13)
2014_12_22_18:57:14.506   174.073.021.xxx   so is this system x-10?
2014_12_22_18:57:20.440   065.101.031.xxx   Alex, thanks for a decade of fun. ___3
2014_12_22_18:57:25.428   108.066.017.xxx   Walmart has a sweater that says "Griswald Family Christmas" and it shows the car (22)
2014_12_22_18:57:35.392   189.048.194.xxx   tfw 1999 was 15 years ago (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_18:57:35.672   024.160.077.xxx   Yes. Full writeup with vid at slashdot (32)
2014_12_22_18:57:42.084   173.057.032.xxx   All I want for Christmas is my two front cheeks!
2014_12_22_18:58:13.317   108.066.017.xxx   it shows the wood panel car (23)
2014_12_22_18:58:52.606   162.156.010.xxx   Wheeeee!!!
2014_12_22_18:58:53.047   065.101.031.xxx   Hi from Device Pitstop___ Happy Holidays to all!
2014_12_22_18:58:57.174   108.066.017.xxx   would be cool if this was streamed on Twitch or something :) (24)
2014_12_22_18:59:39.072   108.066.017.xxx   maybe future people attemping such a thing will (25)
2014_12_22_19:00:30.533   071.056.254.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek!
2014_12_22_19:00:39.517   073.015.036.xxx   You rock the Holiday
2014_12_22_19:00:46.799   138.235.105.xxx   Hello from New Zealand
2014_12_22_19:01:08.374   174.073.021.xxx   take a look at ContaCam
2014_12_22_19:01:47.907   138.235.105.xxx   Hello Kiwi
2014_12_22_19:03:09.977   060.240.161.xxx   hello coeliacs
2014_12_22_19:03:37.720   075.140.167.xxx   got to go sorry (14)
2014_12_22_19:04:09.878   060.240.161.xxx   hello fello coeliacs from Australia
2014_12_22_19:06:11.014   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** OK - time to do the dishes! ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_19:06:17.617   164.078.248.xxx   hello from Singapore
2014_12_22_19:06:35.246   108.066.017.xxx   hey Alek where in the house is the workshop? the top room? (26)
2014_12_22_19:06:43.341   060.240.161.xxx   not the dishes!!!
2014_12_22_19:08:34.831   069.158.189.xxx   Wow wow wow!
2014_12_22_19:08:51.684   060.240.161.xxx   anyone else from Australia?
2014_12_22_19:10:39.068   103.007.147.xxx   Sure - it's sunny here in Sydney.
2014_12_22_19:11:15.944   060.240.161.xxx   its hot but cloudy here in Melbourne
2014_12_22_19:12:00.902   066.025.039.xxx   Happy holidays!
2014_12_22_19:12:44.259   074.038.124.xxx   Ayyyyy Lmao
2014_12_22_19:13:25.479   001.039.040.xxx   Merry Christmas from India
2014_12_22_19:14:43.337   001.039.040.xxx   Merry Christmas from the Bhagwat's from India
2014_12_22_19:15:03.847   096.037.219.xxx   Merry Christmas from your mom's bedroom (14)
2014_12_22_19:15:17.373   068.004.067.xxx   meow
2014_12_22_19:15:23.496   164.078.248.xxx   Merry Christmas!!
2014_12_22_19:17:12.257   024.210.098.xxx   Hello from Cleveland Ohio!
2014_12_22_19:17:56.377   087.114.027.xxx   Hello Cleveland ___)
2014_12_22_19:18:25.006   024.210.098.xxx   Hello back! :)
2014_12_22_19:23:26.335   173.026.174.xxx   I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 14 88
2014_12_22_19:24:07.478   076.101.044.xxx   So long Alek, from EHOWA!
2014_12_22_19:26:12.413   096.037.219.xxx   I AM NOT ON FIRE PASS IT ON (15)
2014_12_22_19:26:24.052   067.174.180.xxx   Wish I could come see this in person. I live in Denver.
2014_12_22_19:26:53.245   067.168.230.xxx   Amazing! Well done!!!!
2014_12_22_19:28:39.829   024.210.098.xxx   Stop clicking on things so I can work it all!
2014_12_22_19:29:13.648   096.037.219.xxx   If you're happy and you know it punch a squirrel (16)
2014_12_22_19:29:18.573   189.048.194.xxx   AYYYYY LMAO (21)
2014_12_22_19:30:47.933   073.039.240.xxx   Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year
2014_12_22_19:32:00.512   096.237.018.xxx   Hello from Boston
2014_12_22_19:32:13.379   024.217.195.xxx   Krupa says hello!
2014_12_22_19:32:14.945   096.037.219.xxx   If you're happy and you know it punch a squirrel (17)
2014_12_22_19:33:11.861   024.217.195.xxx   Meow Krupa
2014_12_22_19:33:29.009   096.037.219.xxx   love the squirrel (18)
2014_12_22_19:33:51.295   024.217.195.xxx   Squirrels always take only 1 bite out of my advocados
2014_12_22_19:34:36.525   024.217.195.xxx   Ron Paul 2012
2014_12_22_19:36:25.242   096.037.219.xxx   Rand Paul 20probably never (19)
2014_12_22_19:36:38.686   064.180.039.xxx   Hello from Canada
2014_12_22_19:36:45.405   098.111.198.xxx   Hello Pittsburgh!
2014_12_22_19:37:27.432   136.002.001.xxx   Saying 'hey' from Ann Arbor ... have a great Christmas!
2014_12_22_19:37:39.620   074.184.182.xxx   Hi!
2014_12_22_19:37:43.137   096.037.219.xxx   i can't believe it is not mayonnaise because it is butter (20 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_19:39:10.063   104.035.170.xxx   a/s/l?
2014_12_22_19:39:13.411   198.255.206.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2014_12_22_19:39:27.678   068.146.208.xxx   I can't believe it's not butter because its cheese spread
2014_12_22_19:39:51.868   104.035.170.xxx   I'm nekkid!
2014_12_22_19:40:03.177   096.037.219.xxx   squirrels exist.  this is a fact. (21)
2014_12_22_19:41:10.528   068.146.208.xxx   the fact ducks exists is debatable
2014_12_22_19:41:14.460   104.035.170.xxx   How do I donate with bitcoin?
2014_12_22_19:41:38.855   177.018.046.xxx   10 years and I___m never sure if I really did it.
2014_12_22_19:42:25.074   177.018.046.xxx   Thanks for the fun, Alek!
2014_12_22_19:42:25.787   068.189.060.xxx   I'm wondering if you will still decorate after you retire the light show,,
2014_12_22_19:42:47.184   071.116.029.xxx   Sorry to see you go
2014_12_22_19:43:23.623   068.146.208.xxx   I believe in bacon!
2014_12_22_19:43:55.593   176.024.044.xxx   hey alek did u recieve the email
2014_12_22_19:44:17.916   071.116.029.xxx   Will miss you ..you're the best!
2014_12_22_19:44:47.112   096.037.219.xxx   this one time at band camp.........nevermind (22)
2014_12_22_19:45:55.617   136.002.001.xxx   Alek - look toward the camera, wave, and say hi!
2014_12_22_19:46:46.497   071.116.029.xxx   Will you sell your setup?
2014_12_22_19:48:05.579   071.116.029.xxx   You should be on ABC lights
2014_12_22_19:48:09.011   104.035.170.xxx   Is there a bitcoin address to donate?
2014_12_22_19:48:33.381   099.241.123.xxx   Hello
2014_12_22_19:49:01.858   077.213.119.xxx   Shoe on head?
2014_12_22_19:50:04.359   063.076.228.xxx   Hi Alex, it's Krazy Kina in KC again. Merry Christmas.
2014_12_22_19:52:29.166   068.189.060.xxx   Simply lovely! What a blessing to the holiday spirit you have been! thank you s
2014_12_22_19:52:31.897   099.241.123.xxx   Hello
2014_12_22_19:53:09.987   098.024.046.xxx   Howdy
2014_12_22_19:53:54.586   072.175.056.xxx   Dad. Is that you?
2014_12_22_19:54:51.750   108.066.017.xxx   North Korea says Merry Christmas (27)
2014_12_22_19:55:13.519   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** There's a Plasma Ball "wave" for 'ya! ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_19:55:33.176   108.066.017.xxx   At least I hope they'd say that :p (28)
2014_12_22_19:57:12.390   072.175.056.xxx   ______________________________________________________
2014_12_22_19:57:24.209   098.024.046.xxx   Think I was on this site 5+ years back.  /. reminded me now :)  Merry Christmas!
2014_12_22_19:58:02.713   108.066.017.xxx   I always wanted a plasma ball (29)
2014_12_22_19:58:45.607   136.002.001.xxx   Just noticed the counter-rotating clock!
2014_12_22_19:59:12.268   065.031.153.xxx   Spongebob rules!
2014_12_22_20:00:11.051   075.072.194.xxx   I can see this from space!
2014_12_22_20:00:24.035   189.048.194.xxx   Two hours to go... (22)
2014_12_22_20:01:18.933   094.194.006.xxx   Christmas Hype
2014_12_22_20:02:00.850   073.002.247.xxx   Jingle Bells!
2014_12_22_20:02:47.696   064.053.212.xxx   Great Health and Happiness to you and your family!
2014_12_22_20:03:20.039   099.192.121.xxx   I worry about Pumpkin Jacks future :O
2014_12_22_20:03:20.865   068.102.131.xxx   Kansas says Merry Christmas
2014_12_22_20:03:46.910   068.106.030.xxx   Greetings from Green Valley, AZ   USA
2014_12_22_20:04:07.459   065.031.153.xxx   Hi There from here
2014_12_22_20:05:12.298   094.194.006.xxx   Hello from the web
2014_12_22_20:09:00.657   068.150.161.xxx   Hi from the Dial Up ha (25)
2014_12_22_20:09:13.737   068.189.077.xxx   Im Back With A NorCal BOOM!
2014_12_22_20:10:31.560   068.150.161.xxx   Weeeeeeee this looks fun (26)
2014_12_22_20:10:46.950   075.140.167.xxx   im back (15)
2014_12_22_20:10:58.573   216.137.111.xxx   nice stuff alek!
2014_12_22_20:11:37.008   050.163.055.xxx   Ch'yeah! Pretty nifty :)
2014_12_22_20:12:18.209   068.103.112.xxx   Love your display!
2014_12_22_20:12:55.644   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Plasma Ball Wave pic posted on Blog ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_20:13:19.212   104.169.228.xxx   WILL AND FIONA
2014_12_22_20:14:41.263   068.103.112.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2014_12_22_20:16:57.530   104.169.228.xxx   give us a wave!
2014_12_22_20:17:53.362   094.194.006.xxx   Give us a smile :D
2014_12_22_20:18:10.612   104.169.228.xxx   W00t christmas!
2014_12_22_20:18:55.164   094.194.006.xxx   Happy thanks giving
2014_12_22_20:19:02.169   050.163.055.xxx   I love you pretty lady :) Merry Christmas!
2014_12_22_20:19:56.056   094.194.006.xxx   Happy New 2000th Year
2014_12_22_20:20:28.577   070.078.049.xxx   Ho Ho Homer!
2014_12_22_20:20:29.525   050.163.055.xxx   BADWOLFBADWOLFBADWOLFBADWOLFBADWOLF
2014_12_22_20:21:08.042   094.194.006.xxx   ERROR: 404
2014_12_22_20:21:55.962   067.244.104.xxx   hi lmc !
2014_12_22_20:22:58.712   136.002.001.xxx   ___so much to read on your website___
2014_12_22_20:23:06.097   107.015.170.xxx   987654321!
2014_12_22_20:23:35.339   094.194.006.xxx   GTA3 is best game yo
2014_12_22_20:23:58.235   136.002.001.xxx   How about a plasma wave?!
2014_12_22_20:24:46.664   094.194.006.xxx   turn all things off
2014_12_22_20:28:10.594   050.163.055.xxx   (_________________________________________________________ ____________________
2014_12_22_20:29:05.359   050.163.055.xxx   I have that same alarm clock
2014_12_22_20:30:28.812   068.144.010.xxx   hi from Calgary Canada Merry Xmas to all
2014_12_22_20:30:33.422   024.248.083.xxx   happy holidays!!! Epic lights!
2014_12_22_20:31:51.791   098.164.231.xxx   sup
2014_12_22_20:35:52.659   024.062.204.xxx   merry xmas to all
2014_12_22_20:39:12.670   198.023.071.xxx   Happy New Year
2014_12_22_20:40:19.897   198.023.071.xxx   Religion is the opiate of the ma**es
2014_12_22_20:41:27.071   069.001.043.xxx   SANTA IS THE OPIATE OF THE MAS5ES
2014_12_22_20:41:39.281   099.192.121.xxx   U must truly fear death Athesist
2014_12_22_20:41:53.848   104.169.228.xxx   poo
2014_12_22_20:42:03.639   131.217.033.xxx   wee
2014_12_22_20:42:41.016   173.073.057.xxx   Please come back for 20151
2014_12_22_20:43:06.299   131.217.033.xxx   I think I'm in love with a beautiful girl.
2014_12_22_20:43:36.320   104.169.228.xxx   will is mega ghey
2014_12_22_20:43:55.310   131.217.033.xxx   Amanda is hot.
2014_12_22_20:47:04.798   024.107.086.xxx   no ho ho
2014_12_22_20:47:10.261   107.216.149.xxx   Jason was here!
2014_12_22_20:47:30.228   118.102.255.xxx   Ameet Rukma and Akshat
2014_12_22_20:47:31.883   198.023.103.xxx   Merry Christmas from the GNAA
2014_12_22_20:48:55.348   107.216.149.xxx   A Savior is Born!
2014_12_22_20:50:41.457   186.069.084.xxx   This is so cool !!
2014_12_22_20:51:21.180   131.217.033.xxx   ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
2014_12_22_20:51:29.417   186.069.084.xxx   OS2World Rules !!!
2014_12_22_20:51:33.336   070.030.086.xxx   awesome
2014_12_22_20:52:01.031   216.117.049.xxx   Merry Christmas BB!
2014_12_22_20:52:10.920   186.069.084.xxx   OS/2 Rules
2014_12_22_20:54:03.970   024.217.150.xxx   (_________________________________________________________ ____________________
2014_12_22_20:54:17.888   073.161.075.xxx   Howdy!
2014_12_22_20:54:31.325   174.063.040.xxx   Glerp!
2014_12_22_20:54:50.375   075.032.008.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek from Texas!!
2014_12_22_20:55:13.931   131.217.033.xxx   a'___ echo('bloop')___ '
2014_12_22_20:55:18.806   174.044.160.xxx   Merry Christmas Tom and Katherine
2014_12_22_20:56:01.304   174.044.160.xxx   Hi Jamie
2014_12_22_20:56:08.033   024.018.140.xxx   Merry Christmas from Seattle
2014_12_22_20:57:07.786   131.217.033.xxx   Aussie Aussie Aussie!
2014_12_22_20:58:01.169   075.032.008.xxx   Oi Oi Oi
2014_12_22_20:58:30.138   131.217.033.xxx   darn straight!
2014_12_22_20:58:42.139   184.176.217.xxx   I'm watching you
2014_12_22_20:58:55.333   064.237.229.xxx   ISLAND!!!!
2014_12_22_20:59:09.421   209.193.029.xxx   POOP
2014_12_22_20:59:14.429   075.032.008.xxx   Ragonk!
2014_12_22_21:01:24.864   075.032.008.xxx   Merry Christmas and I like Tacos
2014_12_22_21:01:32.833   064.237.229.xxx   REACTOS RULES!!!
2014_12_22_21:01:47.879   174.044.160.xxx   I like Tacos too!
2014_12_22_21:01:50.835   131.217.033.xxx   Can we get the lava lamp turned on?
2014_12_22_21:02:20.399   064.237.229.xxx   Puerto Rico USA!!!
2014_12_22_21:02:33.652   184.176.217.xxx   Yes turn on the lava lamp!!!
2014_12_22_21:02:39.862   216.117.049.xxx   Merry Christmas BB!
2014_12_22_21:02:59.624   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** The Groovy Lava Lamp is Zone #6 ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_21:02:59.857   174.044.160.xxx   Merry Christmas Nan and Papa
2014_12_22_21:03:17.340   064.053.247.xxx   Great site, great lites, merry xmas!
2014_12_22_21:03:25.153   096.037.219.xxx   praises be to c'thulhu and may he eat me first (23)
2014_12_22_21:04:44.399   071.168.114.xxx   CHRIST LAVRICH WILL BE BORN AGAIN!
2014_12_22_21:05:37.592   096.037.219.xxx   i cant believe it's not cheese because it is cheese and not skin (24)
2014_12_22_21:06:20.795   071.168.114.xxx   CHRIST LAVRICH WILL BE BORN AGAIN!
2014_12_22_21:06:24.535   068.150.161.xxx   Choo chop (27)
2014_12_22_21:07:33.237   073.191.174.xxx   THANK FOR ALL THE YEARS!!
2014_12_22_21:08:05.545   071.168.114.xxx   BPM FEST 2015!
2014_12_22_21:08:32.293   096.037.219.xxx   love the squirrel, because the squirrel loves you (25)
2014_12_22_21:09:02.794   071.168.114.xxx   096.037.219.xxx
2014_12_22_21:09:41.107   096.037.219.xxx   i think we should ship all the squirrels back to europe (26)
2014_12_22_21:10:10.559   071.168.114.xxx   Alek we need a plasma ball wave!
2014_12_22_21:10:15.291   068.150.161.xxx   Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (28)
2014_12_22_21:10:55.614   208.074.177.xxx   Test
2014_12_22_21:10:59.759   099.036.127.xxx   Hi from Michigan
2014_12_22_21:11:06.300   071.168.114.xxx   ___b___ HTML? ___/b___
2014_12_22_21:11:09.830   073.191.174.xxx   I'm in michigan too
2014_12_22_21:11:29.436   096.037.219.xxx   i used to be in michigan, but not anymore (27)
2014_12_22_21:11:38.649   068.150.161.xxx   Michigan, shaped like an oven mit! (29)
2014_12_22_21:11:45.931   073.191.174.xxx   im only visiting here as well. miss it
2014_12_22_21:11:48.539   071.168.114.xxx   That was awesome Alek! Thank youuuuu
2014_12_22_21:12:27.644   073.191.174.xxx   I WILL SO MISS THIS YEARLY SLASHDOT POST
2014_12_22_21:13:06.790   107.191.033.xxx   Thanks Alek!!! Been coming back for years!
2014_12_22_21:13:29.537   096.037.219.xxx   i will miss squirrels, and also mayonnaise.  cheese too. (28)
2014_12_22_21:15:18.751   068.150.161.xxx   Alek, your green HO looks like 40 (30 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_21:15:20.351   096.037.219.xxx   (i'm sorry, doctor changed my meds) (29)
2014_12_22_21:15:29.764   099.031.225.xxx   learned this from /.
2014_12_22_21:15:48.274   073.191.174.xxx   i learned everything i know from /.
2014_12_22_21:15:50.350   068.108.041.xxx   I'll miss empty cans of PBR - missing one now!
2014_12_22_21:16:39.752   096.037.219.xxx   it's okay, i'm making empty cans of pbr for you (30 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_21:16:47.069   174.109.121.xxx   Awesome Thanks!
2014_12_22_21:17:16.761   107.147.165.xxx   Merry Christmas, everyone!
2014_12_22_21:17:21.925   096.037.219.xxx   just doing my part to abuse alcohol (31)
2014_12_22_21:17:47.340   068.108.041.xxx   Alek... raise the monitor an inch? last line cutting off
2014_12_22_21:17:52.094   067.177.142.xxx   hey Nate
2014_12_22_21:18:00.339   073.191.174.xxx   Alek, this dab is for you.
2014_12_22_21:18:16.298   071.168.114.xxx   DAB NATION
2014_12_22_21:18:34.251   096.037.219.xxx   This Bud's for people that like crappy beer. (32)
2014_12_22_21:18:38.448   073.191.174.xxx   Please, lead me into dabnation
2014_12_22_21:18:56.031   174.109.121.xxx   2 cool for me!
2014_12_22_21:18:58.082   071.168.114.xxx   Take a right, anywhere in CA
2014_12_22_21:19:36.219   024.056.171.xxx   Peace & love
2014_12_22_21:20:17.684   108.066.017.xxx   too bad theres no Mr. Hankey inflatable (30 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_21:21:00.317   068.150.161.xxx   Ship shape, the shop, snappy (31)
2014_12_22_21:21:59.440   070.191.241.xxx   merry xmas, s_________er's full!
2014_12_22_21:22:00.878   096.037.219.xxx   mayonnaise is love, smear it on your chest. (33)
2014_12_22_21:23:00.629   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Did someone ask for a beer? ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_21:24:29.800   068.150.161.xxx   5 beers (32)
2014_12_22_21:24:41.015   070.191.241.xxx   eggnog and rum, pls
2014_12_22_21:24:48.784   024.056.171.xxx   Thank you Alek!
2014_12_22_21:25:03.560   096.037.219.xxx   i want beer and mayonnaise, mixed together. (34)
2014_12_22_21:25:22.794   024.066.198.xxx   hello
2014_12_22_21:25:23.921   068.150.161.xxx   Yuck (33)
2014_12_22_21:26:06.837   096.037.219.xxx   beeronnaise (35)
2014_12_22_21:26:26.758   068.150.161.xxx   Awesome! Way to go ALEK (34)
2014_12_22_21:26:43.143   070.191.241.xxx   did you just pick your nose?
2014_12_22_21:26:45.797   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Have a PBR Internet!    ___-) ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_21:27:33.342   099.099.008.xxx   Have a Merry Christmas, thanks for doing this Alek!
2014_12_22_21:27:40.272   068.150.161.xxx   PBR, PBR! (35)
2014_12_22_21:27:42.384   024.056.171.xxx   Don't mind if I do
2014_12_22_21:28:16.520   096.037.219.xxx   Merry Christmas to all, and also exploding squirrels (36)
2014_12_22_21:28:49.700   050.140.101.xxx   text
2014_12_22_21:29:24.326   068.108.041.xxx   Alek - last line on monitor is burried below cam
2014_12_22_21:29:32.642   096.037.219.xxx   this is not text.  please do not read this. (37)
2014_12_22_21:29:59.987   070.191.241.xxx   we're goin streakin'
2014_12_22_21:30:34.132   096.037.219.xxx   i'm gonna streak while goin' (38)
2014_12_22_21:32:02.787   098.186.071.xxx   Merry Christmas Alek and Family
2014_12_22_21:32:08.624   024.154.141.xxx   Hi Santa
2014_12_22_21:32:34.240   024.245.018.xxx   Hi Santa!
2014_12_22_21:33:08.841   173.062.066.xxx   shut down n korea internet______
2014_12_22_21:33:18.749   096.037.219.xxx   ask s**** for good presents.        wait (39)
2014_12_22_21:34:07.789   096.037.219.xxx   whoa,  the devil's name is censored? that (40 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_21:34:47.310   096.037.219.xxx   thank you for moving the screen alek (41)
2014_12_22_21:34:49.287   098.186.071.xxx   Merry Christmas everyone
2014_12_22_21:35:08.026   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Raised the laptop - lets type a long test 1-2-3-4 line and see if the displays  ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_21:35:31.005   096.037.219.xxx   Looks ___&___#___& great! (42)
2014_12_22_21:35:52.343   024.056.171.xxx   Hi Allison I love you
2014_12_22_21:36:18.394   096.037.219.xxx   I don't love you allison, you're just a frie3nd (43)
2014_12_22_21:36:20.412   173.062.066.xxx   Santa wears red p*******
2014_12_22_21:36:28.769   024.158.244.xxx   Very nice!
2014_12_22_21:37:08.631   096.037.219.xxx   this one time there were donkys. (44)
2014_12_22_21:37:15.219   068.108.041.xxx   TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST
2014_12_22_21:37:35.469   024.158.244.xxx   Rock indeed!
2014_12_22_21:37:49.564   130.185.221.xxx   Greetings from Bulgaria!
2014_12_22_21:38:02.459   072.239.209.xxx   Merry Christmas!
2014_12_22_21:38:03.626   096.037.219.xxx   don't eat yellow snow.  melt it first. (45)
2014_12_22_21:38:58.083   024.158.244.xxx   that clock is cray cray
2014_12_22_21:39:08.610   096.037.219.xxx   also, don't eat black snow, it is made out of squirrels (46)
2014_12_22_21:39:54.067   096.037.219.xxx   do not taunt happy fun squirrel (47)
2014_12_22_21:40:01.616   024.158.244.xxx   santa should drink that pbr then "light up"
2014_12_22_21:40:18.732   072.239.209.xxx   Happy Festivus! The Grievences can begin......
2014_12_22_21:40:31.334   068.108.041.xxx   Alek much better THANKS!!!!
2014_12_22_21:41:41.153   173.062.066.xxx   Me too.
2014_12_22_21:41:52.719   076.011.171.xxx   Woot!
2014_12_22_21:42:46.750   068.150.161.xxx   Me three! (36)
2014_12_22_21:42:54.188   076.011.171.xxx   Jingle Jangle Jingle Jangle, Ho Ho Ho
2014_12_22_21:43:11.527   109.224.161.xxx   Merry Christmas from the UK :-)
2014_12_22_21:43:36.240   096.037.219.xxx   jingle bells, jingle bells, squirrels exist (for real) (48)
2014_12_22_21:43:51.658   173.062.066.xxx   Who's winning?
2014_12_22_21:44:22.988   068.150.161.xxx   What's with your squirrel obsession? (37)
2014_12_22_21:45:24.087   096.037.219.xxx   squirrels are love, and since god is love, squirrels are god (49)
2014_12_22_21:45:43.198   099.041.101.xxx   Merry Christmas
2014_12_22_21:47:26.721   096.037.219.xxx   someone stole my nose.  give it back. (50 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_21:47:31.086   173.028.189.xxx   MERRY TOASTMAN
2014_12_22_21:47:52.872   073.169.240.xxx   Peace on Earth
2014_12_22_21:48:11.805   096.037.219.xxx   peace on earth, goodwill towards squirrels (51)
2014_12_22_21:48:14.219   068.189.060.xxx   Good will to man
2014_12_22_21:48:52.272   096.037.219.xxx   no!  to squirrels!  you ruined christmas (52)
2014_12_22_21:50:07.682   173.028.189.xxx   HELLO JENNY
2014_12_22_21:50:49.432   096.037.219.xxx   chestnuts roasting on a dumpster fire... (53)
2014_12_22_21:50:54.839   068.150.161.xxx   You ertyu (38)
2014_12_22_21:51:21.462   070.121.134.xxx   Hidey Ho!
2014_12_22_21:51:37.437   096.037.219.xxx   ...squirrels nipping at your nose (54)
2014_12_22_21:52:24.061   173.028.189.xxx   CLARK W GRISWOLD
2014_12_22_21:52:25.297   193.086.243.xxx   ahoj zumpo!
2014_12_22_21:52:32.664   096.037.219.xxx   silent night....squirrel night...all is calm, all is squirrels (55)
2014_12_22_21:52:38.098   072.200.126.xxx   hello
2014_12_22_21:53:57.051   096.037.219.xxx   please try to not be on fire this christmas season (56)
2014_12_22_21:54:52.264   072.200.126.xxx   I love you Jamie! Will you marry me? - Zach
2014_12_22_21:55:23.579   096.037.219.xxx   I'm sorry, I can't do that.  I'm married to Fidel Castro  -Jamie (57)
2014_12_22_21:55:47.716   173.062.066.xxx   Is the lightning sphere controllable?
2014_12_22_21:55:50.521   073.002.203.xxx   Hi All
2014_12_22_21:56:01.698   072.200.126.xxx   She said yes!!!!
2014_12_22_21:56:03.046   068.150.161.xxx   I love Alek - Jamie (39)
2014_12_22_21:56:16.692   173.073.057.xxx   what happened to Manning and Denver tonight?  Yuk!
2014_12_22_21:56:17.726   073.020.028.xxx   sup dude
2014_12_22_21:56:42.735   203.052.130.xxx   umm just having alook
2014_12_22_21:56:59.581   068.150.161.xxx   Jamie doesn't believe in marriage (40 IM's so far today)
2014_12_22_21:57:07.604   073.002.203.xxx   trun off all the lights
2014_12_22_21:57:21.178   073.020.028.xxx   your mom doesn't believe in marriage
2014_12_22_21:58:22.144   173.193.189.xxx   ***ALEK*** Congrats Zach and Jamie! ***ALEK***
2014_12_22_21:58:24.768   068.189.060.xxx   Merry Christmas, Alek and family!
2014_12_22_21:59:41.865   096.037.219.xxx   Merry Christmas to all, to all a rabid squirrel. (58)
2014_12_22_21:59:56.274   068.150.161.xxx   Last post (41)

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