Great Birthday Ideas!

As the sun set, there was a little presentation from my brothers who apparently had a birthday idea for me. They provided some clues that I pondered ... but after thinking about it for a while, I pointed to the west in the direction of Longs Peak Colorado which is a 14'er I had always been interested in climbing.

Because this is an ardeous one-day climb, I had always wanted to do it as a two-day trip, spending the night in the Boulder Field ... and they had obtained the required permit - what a great idea for my 40th birthday.

Kris & Myke as Alek ponders the clues

birthday ideas 1

Kurt on the far right as I'm still thinking

birthday ideas 2

Ummmm ... let me guess - we go West!

ideas 3

The Boulder Field permit

ideas 4

When you turn 40, your eyes don't work too well!

birthday ideas 5

Wife Wendy asks if I'm ready for this?


Ummmm ... am I really ready for it?!?

birthday ideas 6

YEP - lets start carbo loading!

carbo load

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