Climbing Longs Peak Colorado

On my 40th Birthday Party, I was surprised by the appearance of my out-of-town folks and brothers. I was even more surprised when they announced that we were leaving (my three brothers Kris, Kurt, and Myke ... plus my Dad Oleg Komarnitsky) first thing in the morning to climb Longs Peak, which is a Colorado 14'er I had never climbed, but can see every day from my upstairs office. This borders Rocky Mountain National Park.

I have climbed a number of Colorado 14'ers - here's a snazzy picture of the Subaru Outback with the Colorado 14'ers Mountains in the background ... and on August 22nd, 1994, I summitted Mt. Rainier in Washington State. Longs Peak is the most popular 14'er in Colorado because of the easy road access from the Denver Metro area. However, it's consider a long 14'er since the trailhead is at 9,400' and it's 7.5 miles to the summit at 14,255' ... plus it's a bit of a (non-technical) scramble beyond the Keyhole. We left Sunday morning, July 14th, 2003 and returned the following evening.

We took a lotta pictures, so you can read, see, and hear about the whole saga here:

Kris, Alek, and Myke at the top of Longs Peak, Colorado - 14,255'

longs peak colorado

P.S. While I've been on an African Safari, I've never climbed Mount Kilimanjaro which would be fun to do sometime. BTW, for you scientists out there, could I have used my home made manometer to measure the summit elevation ... and if so, how?!? ;-)

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