Birthday Surprise

After a bit of planning between my wife and myself, it was finally time for Alek's 40th birthday. Coming from a big family that lives all over the place, I actually had not had a birthday with them since 1985, so while my brother Myke happened to be in town, my folks and other siblings were ~1,000 miles away ... or so I thought ... as little did I know, a birthday surprise was coming up! ;-)

As typical (no surprise!), Alek was running a bit behind schedule, so I was just mixing the first set of Hulk Lemon Drop Martini's as guests started to arrive. And as with most parties, there is an initial "rush" ... so I was frantically trying to keep up with the incoming guests, when the phone rang and my wife handed me the phone, saying it was my father calling. It was kind of hard to hear with the birthday party going on, so I retreated into the pantry and we started to chit-chat ... but it was nothing important, so I kinda said "hey Dad, I got a big party starting up here and am busier than all heck, can I call you back tomorrow?" to which he responded "so how is the weather down there" ... so I'm thinking dang, he didn't hear me, so I started to respond again, when I saw my brother Kurt out of the corner of my eye - my response on the phone was "wait a minute ..." and then I stepped out of the pantry ... and my Mom & Dad were there - "you've been setup!" to quote my brother Kris who showed up shortly after saying "I heard there was a party here and thought I would drop by"

I knew my wife had arranged with my friend Jon Wade to take pictures of the party ... but unknown to me, the main goal was to capture the actual moment of the birthday surprise, which he did quite well as you can see below.

Alek in the pantry - Mom in foreground

Still on the phone, but realize something is up

surprise 1 surprise 2

Guess I can talk to 'em in person now

I'm still looking at Kurt to the left

surprise 3 surprise 4

Hey Dad, how did you know the weather IS nice here today?

A big hug for Mom

surprise 5 surprise 6

I'm still trying to absorb it all with that big smile

Kurt, Dad, Mom, Alek, Myke

surprise 7 surprise 8

My hot babe lovely wife Wendy

Alek, Kris (showed up shortly), and Myke

surprise 9 surprise 10

They pulled a great surprise birthday on me!

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