Hulk Lemon Drop Martini

Short before my 40th Birthday Party, I ended up acquiring a 9-foot inflatable Hulk. He was a big hit at the party, so I decided to name an alchoholic drink after him. So I made a big batch of Lemon Drop martini's ... but as I served 'em, I offered folks the option of adding some "Hulk Juice" ... which then made it into a Hulk Drop. Post the printable PDF of the image below by your bar and it will be a talk of the party. Also entertaining is this movie of my kids making lemons drop. This is a great drink to have before/during a BBQ along with some of these BBQ Grill Recipes ... and if people don't care for Lemon Drop's, then try making 'em a watermelon martini and/or watermelon margarita. This is a pretty strong martini ... as this wasp found out when he decided to have a sip! ;-)

If you enjoyed this recipe/page, send me an Email along with any funny pictures. And for those non-drinkers out there, check out this Hulkin Lemonade Stand! So without any further ado, here is how to make the Hulk Lemon Drop Martini

Lemon Drop Martini
   20 ounces decent Vodka
    4 large fresh lemons - juice 'em!
    4 ounces Cointreau
    Sugar, Sugar syrup, or sweetener to taste (remember you can always add more)

Mix before-hand, pour a couple of ounces into a cocktail shaker with ice, 
and shake vigerousely - martinis are best well chilled.  Wet rim of a 
martini glass with lemon, dip into sugar, and then strain drink into glass. 
You may want to add a few drops of sweetener and/or ice to personal taste.
There's a lotta alcohol in this drink, so sip, don't gulp!

    4 ounces decent Vodka
    4 large fresh limes - juice 'em!
    Add lotsa green food coloring
    Strain into a container and label as HULK JUICE
    Chill is much as possible - martinis are best very cold

Add teaspoon or two directly to Lemon Drop martini glass above and stir.
You now have a Hulk Drop!

BTW, if you want to see the Hulk Drop, check out these pictures of the Big Green Guy jumping off my roof! ;-)

hulk lemon drop

©2003-2006 Alek Komarnitsky