Canon Rebel XTi (400D) for Sale

Here is the eBay auction for the less than one-year old XTi - SOLD!!!
I have owned a Canon Rebel XTi (400D) for almost a year ... and while it's a darn nice camera, I recently upgraded to a Canon 40D. So I'm selling my XTi (bought 11/13/2006 - still under Canon USA warranty) along with two extra (3rd party) batteries, RC-1 remote controller, ACK-DC20 AC Adapter, and 2 GByte Sandisk Ultra II CF Card ... i.e. a complete package for 'ya! ;-)

I have pictures of everything below - the XTi is in great shape and here are some recent full-res pictures I took with it. As noted above, the two extra batteries are not Canon, but have worked fine for me. The RC-1 remote is great because of its small size - damn shame that the 40D doesn't have InfraRed remote capability. The ACK-DC20 allows you to power the XTi via AC power for long exposures, shooting, etc. As shown, I have the original boxes for all of this. Note that there is not a lens included with this - I'm keeping those for my new camera ... but this way, you can go with the very cheap 18-55, or spend that on better glass.

I'm listing this on Craigslist for a week or so in case someone local wants it ... and then will sell on eBay where there is tons of demand. If you are truly interested in getting some good gear at a decent price, drop me a note.

Here's what for sale - 10 Megapixel Rebel XTi specs from Canon

XTI Front

XTI Back


XTI Bottom

XTI Left & Right