Canon Wireless Remote

One disadvantage when I switched from a Canon 400D to a 40D was that the former uses a small and dirt-cheap ($20) RC-1 InfraRed remote control whereas the 40D uses the much larger and expensive ($300!) LC-5 wireless remote control. But after poking around a bit, I found a compatible Canon wireless remote control that is sold on eBay under the brand name Phottix by HKSupplies for about $35 (including shipping) that works great. While I don't use it too often, it has worked well when I have, plus you can't beat the price!

There are 4-dip switch settings that allow you to set a semi-unique code. Basically plug the receiver into the camera (Canon 40D below - see second picture) and turn it on. A red light goes on ... and then simply press the transmitter to take a picture and green lights will go on both units. As seen in the last picture (1 second hand-held with my Canon SD800IS P&S), it works from over 500 feet away - 9 outa 10 times from here. BTW, you can press halfway for exposure/focus - i.e. this is a dirt simple/easy-to-use Canon wireless remote.

Canon Wireless Remote

Wireless Remote Connected to Canon 40D

Closeup of the Phottix Wireless Remote

Examples of the Canon wireless remote in action

Wireless remote from 500+ feet away - worked 9/10 times!

Note Wireless remote in my Left Hand

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