North Pole Polar Bears

My wife's company runs tours of the Churchill polar bears and has been there to seen them. That is pretty far north ... but check out these north pole polar bear pictures which I was sent. The text describes 'em as coming from the USS Honolulu, which is a Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine that was in the Arctic Circle about 280 miles from the North Pole. I've only been as far North as Fairbanks, Alaska, but my wife has made it up to Spitzbergen, Norway above 80° North latitude ... and my father and sister have both actually flown over the north pole ... but they didn't see any polar bears on their trips! ;-)

North pole polar bears check out the USS Honolulu

Sunrise or sunset (or noontime!) at the North Pole

north pole bears north pole polar sub

Polar Bear stands up for a better look - probably facing South!

North pole polar bear in the scope!

north pole polar bear north pole bear scope