Jim Oliver Handstands - from McMahon Hall balcony 7 stories up!

2006 Update: AndrewH, a Comp Sci major at UW who lived in McMahon Hall, tipped me off that the picture below is used by the McMahon Hall Facebook - he was nice enough to send me screen shot - awesome!

I lived in the McMahon Hall dorms at the University of Washington from 1980-1984 while getting my undergraduate engineering degree. I was (randomly) paired with a roommate when I started and was very fortunate to get Jim Oliver, and we got along well. Jim didn't stay in the dorms the entire time, but we had fun with various hijinks over the years. While we never really did anything "bad", some of the stunts that come to mind were:
    The Coppertone Girl
    Funnelating water balloons (and other items) at other dorms
    Various shin-digs (the infamous "cocktail hour" and the s*it-kicking county parties)
    Charter bus ski trips
    Many others I've forgotten and/or will research/recall at a later date

Jim had done gymnastics in High School, so he would do various "tricks" such as while standing, do a back-flip and end up back on his feet. Years later, we climbing a Colorado 14'er, and he even did one there. As a footnote, I climbed Longs Peak, Colorado on my 40th birthday. Another impressive thing was handstands ... not just "normal" handstands, but handstands on the balcony railing of our dorm cluster - 7 stories up! Sorry, no satellite photos of this - only the pictures below. Jim claimed if he ever felt unstable, he would push himself back toward the balcony - he did this numerous times and it never got "dicey" - but it's a long way down, so needless to say, this activity is NOT recommended.

Jim Oliver Handstand view from nearby McMahon Hall balcony - yes, this is 7 stories up!

JRO Handstand

Jim Oliver Handstand view from our McMahon Hall balcony

JRO Handstand