Bat Tupperware Part 2

Be sure to first read Bat Tupperware Part 1 where at the end I talked about how I had downloaded the pictures of Bat #1 and then (of course!) started working on this web page ... but then heard some noises from my closet ... Holy-Moley ... Double Bat Trouble!

No sign of Mr. Bat yet, but I leave the office, taking the window screens (aka Bat Shields) with me as I close the door behind me. I go downstairs and outside to retrieve the tupperware I had previously tossed out the window with Bat #1 inside - everything is there except, thankfully, Mr. Bat. I go back upstairs ... open the door a tiny crack, and Bat #2 is swooping around the room!

By now, everyone else is asleep, so I'm totally solo on this one ... but I've got the routine down. I wait until he is circling away from the door and jump in fast, bringing up the Bat Shields quickly. After another couple of dozen loops, he lands on a pile of stuff. Ummmm ... not a very flat surface - this could be difficult; fortunately, I've had a bit of experience on Bat Patrol.

I first (of course!) grab the digital camera and get a few pictures. I then very carefully pull some of the stuff away from where he is ... and then eventually reach the point where I can drop the Bat Tupperware on top of him - success!

This guy doesn't seem to mind too much either until I slide the envelope underneath him. I place a keyboard on top (to insure he can't escape) while I take few pictures. And then once again, I take the whole contraption and toss it out the window ... closing that quickly behind me. I was glad I was able to release him alive; now hopefully him (and his buddy) will stay outside.

I've heard a few noises while I type this up ... but I think I'm imagining things - lets just hope that Bat #3 doesn't show up ...

Window Screens as Bat Shields were again used

bat shields

Not a very flat surface

bat2 free 1

A bit nervous for the close-up pictures

bat2 free 2

Bat Keyboard used while picture taking

bat keyboard

Bat #2 trapped in the Bat Tupperware!

bat2 escape 1

Bat was looking for a way out

bat2 escape 2