Bat Tupperware takes care of TWO Bats in one night!

bat tupperware

So after putting the kids to bed, I'm futzing around on the Internet and all of a sudden a large furry creature comes flying out of my closet and starts circling over my head. Nope, it wasn't a politician, but (for those who are counting) the seventh (and later that night, the eighth) bat in the house we've had!

My heartbeat, blood pressure, and adrenaline levels all triple in about 20 milli-seconds, and I then high-tail it out of my office in about another 20 milli-seconds ... being sure to close the door behind me - at least I got 'em trapped and know where he is.

I'm a bit noisy in my hasty retreat mad scramble outa there, so my wife (who is downstairs) asks "what the heck happened" and I explain we have yet another bat in the house. I go downstairs and take a few screens off the windows - these will be my shields that hopefully the bat radar will pick up. And to trap 'em, I choose a large tupperware container ... recall I had used one when we had a bat in the kitchen sink.

The final item I needed, of course, was my digital camera to take picture. Well damn, that was in my office ... with the bat. It was time to go into battle!

I opened the door a tiny crack ... and could see him circling around. By now, my oldest son was asking what was going on and when I mentioned we had a bat, we wanted to see it - I told Dirk to standby for a bit. I timed the bat's circling so that as he was flying away, I opened the door and tossed the Bat Tupperware in the room ... and a couple of laps later, jumped in with the window screens, bringing 'em up quickly for 100% full-on Bat Shields ... I hoped!

I first make a move for the digital camera as the bat continues to swoop around. Fortunately, I had my "Bat Shields" as can be seen below. Using those, I was able to make my way to the far corner of the room and remove that window screen, and then opened the window all the way. I was hoping he would just fly out - I was not so lucky as after another couple of dozen loops, he settled on the closet door.

While holding on to my Bat Shields, I closed the closet doors, and then in a daring move, placed the Bat Tupperware over the top of him. He didn't move - good. By now, both my wife and son are outside the door asking what is going on - it's now safe for them to come in, so I invite 'em in. Wendy wasn't upset that I was using her tupperware at a Bat Trap and even took a few pictures for me - what a great wife, eh?!? ;-)

So then I slide a folder underneath the tupperware, and Mr. Bat does NOT like that and gets quite agitated. Too bad the Bat Tupperware wasn't clearer for the pictures below. I then slid a calendar underneath that, made sure I had a clear route to the open window, and tossed the whole contraption out there; quickly closing the window - i.e. got that one out alive - good news.

I downloaded the pictures and then (of course!) started working on this web page ... but then heard some noises from my closet! Holy-Moley ... double Bat Trouble! Read part #2 of the Bat Tupperware Sage.

Window Screens as Bat Shields

bat shields

Here's where the bat finally settled down

bat in office

Trapped in the Bat Tupperware!

bat alek 1

Note Wings Extended now

bat alek 2

Mr. Bat is NOT a happy-camper in the Bat Tupperware

bat tupperware


bat tupperware closeup