Vermin Varmint Hunting

[Warning: These links may offend some ... click thru at your own risk ...]

First, I am NOT a "gun person" - never owned one and probably never will. But while I'm not a card-carrying NRA member, I'm also OK with folks who want to shoot/hunt ... although as a father of two little boys, I REALLY REALLY hope/wish those same people keep their weapons locked up - there are way too many tragic unavoidable gun accidents. Having said that, I've been "forced" over the years to go hunting vermin & varmints as various varmint species have "invaded" my house, and while I would love to simply say "please leave", that just doesn't work. So I've had to go:

And if frisbees/rifles/shotguns/traps aren't adaquate enough:

Vermin & Varmints beware!