Seward Alaska Birds

Given that there is a ton of fish near Seward, Alaska it should come as no surprise that there are a lotta birds. I have no idea what type of bird this is, but they also like to fish as can be seen in the pictures below. They were also a bit annoying around the cleaning station back at Seward since they would, of course, hang out around looking for scraps. I'm not a "birder" - last one I took pictures of where these Colorado hummingbirds ... ;-)

A Seward Alaska bird and its reflection

Two of 'em soaring over the water

seward alaska bird seward alaska birds

Nice catch - can I have a nibble?

No way - I'm taking off to get outa here!

fish fight 1 fish fight 2

I'm coming after 'ya ...

Oooops - I guess I gotta go fishing my own

fish fight 3 fish fight 4

Nurse Whale just outside of Seward Alaska nurse whale

Yea, I was a little slow in snapping this picture! ;-)

nurse whale