Colorado Hummingbirds

If you want to see some cool Colorado Hummingbirds - head up to the mountains!

The 2nd week of July in 2005, we joined several other families for a campout at Pickle Gulch, which is a state campground located about 3 miles north of Blackhawk and 10 miles south of Nederland on the Peak-to-Peak highway. Our friend CoyC had done his typical excellent job and reserved a group campsite. We were in #1 and nearby was the "Camp Host" who "lives" up there in an RV. I didn't catch his name, but real nice guy ... and he had a humminging bird feeder at the back of his RV. This turned out to be quite popular with the hummingbirds ... and therefore the kids who were able to use their fingers as hummingbird feeders. I have an action sequence of one sipping hummingbird nectar and even a few pictures of fighting hummingbirds that includes a possible duel plus closeups of their talons.

I shot over a hundred pictures just hanging out by the hummingbird feeder in the evening and the following morning. They really didn't seem to mind my presence at all, and it's neat to see (and hear!) 'em buzz into place - there really was a lotta traffic as seen in the pictures; pretty darn cool birds!

In 2010, I got some pictures of a Hummingbird Nest ... with babies - COOL!
And in 2011, I stumbled across a Hummingbird Moth in Grand Lake, Colorado

Hummingbird Closeup - more detailed image

Actual pixels from that picture

hummingbird closeup 1 hummingbird closeup 2

Eating some sort of bug

Three hummingbirds in flight at night

hummingbirds eating hummingbird night

Hummingbird comes in for a night landing

Closeup from another night picture

hummingbird night 1 hummingbird night 2

Everybody comes back in the morning

Closeup of the breakfast arrival

hummingbirds day 1 hummingbirds day 2

Another one comes in for a landing

Hovering Hummingbird - say that fast three times! ;-)

hummingbird wait hummingbird hover

Flying UP to the hummingbird feeder

Photohounds will note the minimal depth of field

under bird feeder depth of field

And for grins, an Alaskan Butterfly shot two weeks later

alaska butterfly

Jay Cossey at BugGuide.Net says this is a White Admiral also known as Limenitis arthemis ... and Robin McLeod chimes in to say it is a subspecies L.a.rubrofasciata from Canada- thanx!

©2005 - Alek Komarnitsky