June 27th, 2009 Raptors Baseball Game

The Raptors played at 10:00AM on June 27th, 2009 under sunny skies. This was our only morning game of the season, so for once, the batters would be illuminated via natural light without having to resort to using flash which can be distracting. Most of these were taken while I was standing on a step stool outside the center field fence ... and it is a bit of a reach with the Canon 55-250 telephoto lens ... but it seems to capture the action ... especially Bambino's crushing homerun!!! ;-)

Albert, Will, Drew, Helton, A-Rod, Clay, Pudge, and Nick taking swings

baseball 1

baseball 2

baseball 6

baseball 7

baseball a

baseball h

baseball f

baseball 9

Nick on the mound - mouseover image to see related picture

nick pitching

Sultan nicks one on the underside of the bat - mouseover image to see where the ball goes!

sultan hitting

Kyle hits a hot one - mouseover image to see another contact swing

Kyle hitting

Drew fouls one off

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Animated Hitting

Bambino CONNECTS for what ended up being an inside-the-park home run
Mouseover image to see the ball go flying!

bambino home run

Closeups of the crushing hit!!!

baseball a1

baseball a1

And after running around the bases, Bambino was "SAFE" at Home!

baseball a1

Another swing for the fence later in the game - just missed!

baseball g

Maybe in 10 years, a walkoff home-run in the majors like this!

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