Seattle Mariner Ryan Langerhans hits walk-off home run on August 7th, 2009

On August 7th, 2008, my brother Kurt took myself and my two sons to a Seattle Mariners baseball game versus Tampa Bay and watched Raul Ibanez hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 9th to win the game!

So a year later we are visiting Seattle and once again, watching the Seattle Mariners play against the Tampa Bay.
And once again, we see a walk-off home run ... this time by Ryan Langerhans in the bottom of the 11th inning!

Ryan Langerhans hits a walk-off home run in the 11th inning - mouseover image for closeup

ryan langerhans seattle mariners

Sweet Swing of crushing home run by Ryan Langerhans

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seattle mariners ryan langerhans

The view of Home Plate shortly before Ryan's walk-off home run!

ryan langerhans seattle mariners  seat view

Uncle Kurt taking my sons Kyle & Dirk to the Seattle Mariner game

ryan langerhans seattle mariners  seat view

ryan langerhans seattle mariners  seat view 2

ryan langerhans seattle mariners  seat view

ryan langerhans seattle mariners  seat view 2

Kurt demonstrates "The Wave" ... or at least his version! ;-)

ryan langerhans seattle mariners  seat view

Kyle, Kurt, and Dirk react to something bad for the Mariners - mouseover image to see OH NO!

ryan langerhans seattle mariners wave

A couple of sea gulls fly by the scoreboard - mouseover image to see 'em in action

ryan langerhans seattle mariners birds flying
Photography Notes: Pictures taken with a Canon 50D and a 55-250 lens attached - ISO 3200, F/5.6, and 1/400 second.
The tie'ing run was on second and I was hoping that would score as I saw Ryan hit it well looking through the viewfinder and I heard the roar of the crowd. But as I looked up, I realized the crowd was going CRAZY as the ball cleared the fence and the Tampa Bay players walked off the field. Too bad I didn't keep shooting the swing ... plus the giant pile-up at home plate as Ryan came around. The 15 mega-pixel original is a bit noisy (and wish I could have shot faster shutter speed), but it looks pretty darn awesome. Be happy to send a copy to Ryan if he'd like it (contact me) as it was great way to end the game!

P.S. Two Seattle Mariners baseball games and both won via walk-off home runs. And point-of-impact pictures from both capturing the moment. I should retire right now from taking pictures at these! ;-)