Baby Hummingbird Nest

After having nesting house finches with 5 babies on my front door, a neighbor who enjoyed that saga Email'ed me about a hummingbird nest at a nearby golf course. I have some old pictures of colorado hummingbirds, but had never seen a nest.
It's amazing how well camouflaged it is - would have never seen it if it hadn't been pointed out to me - thanks Brian!
Be sure to scroll down as the pictures get better ... and check out the Hi-Def videos at the bottom - want prints?

Also check out these Cooper's Hawks ... and how about some house finches that nested on my front door! ;-)

July 24th, 2010: Momma feeding the baby hummingbirds two days before fledging
Videos: Image Sequence   -   Feeding in HiDef   -   in 5X SloMo!

hummingbird nest 0624l

A fly lands near the nest that shows how small the baby Broad-Tailed Hummingbirds are!

hummingbird nest 0624a

June 23rd: Brian "poses" with Momma Hummingbird on her nest keeping her eggs warm

hummingbird nest 0623a

She seemed quite calm and the telephoto lens makes us appear closer than we actually were

hummingbird nest 0623b

hummingbird nest 0623c

hummingbird nest 0623d

hummingbird nest 0623e

hummingbird nest 0623e

Here's a view from the Indian Peaks golf course parking lot

hummingbird nest golf parking lot

The Hummingbird Nest is very well camouflaged!
People would walk by asking why I was taking pictures of a tree branch! ;-)

hummingbird nest in tree

July 12th: I came back a few weeks later and there are two baby Hummingbirds!

hummingbird nest 0712a

hummingbird nest 0712b

hummingbird nest 0712c

July 15th: I bike over with Jeffrey, Drew, and Kyle (and Jen) to see the hummingbird nest

hummingbird nest 0715a

hummingbird nest 0715b

hummingbird nest 0715c

hummingbird nest 0715d

The Baby Hummingbirds in the nest - they seemed very relaxed with our presence

hummingbird nest 0715e

hummingbird nest 0715f

We backed away when Momma Hummingbird showed up to feed them

hummingbird nest 0715g

hummingbird nest 0715h

The Baby Hummingbirds wanted more food after he left - mouseover image to see wide-angle view

hungry baby Hummingingbirds

July 19th: The Baby Hummingbirds are getting bigger - mouseover image to see wide-angle view

baby Hummingingbirds in nest 0719

Head-on view of the baby hummingbirds in their nest eyeballing the photographer! ;-)

hummingbird nest 0719a

July 22nd: The baby hummingbirds are getting bigger - barely fit in the nest!

hummingbird nest 0722e

hummingbird nest 0722d

hummingbird nest 0722c

hummingbird nest 0722a

Closeup of the baby hummingbird

hummingbird nest 0722b

Even though the babies are bigger, it's still darn hard to see the hummingbird nest

hummingbird nest 0722f

hummingbird nest 0722g

Here's the camera setup - Canon 7D on tripod shooting video and pictures via remote release

hummingbird nest camera setup 2

hummingbird nest camera setup 3

hummingbird nest camera setup 1

July 23rd: Hummingbirds are getting bigger still!

hummingbird nest 0723a

hummingbird nest 0723f

hummingbird nest 0723b

hummingbird nest 0723c

hummingbird nest 0723d

hummingbird nest 0723e

Wider-angle views of the baby hummingbirds in the nest - mouseover image to see another picture

baby Hummingingbirds in nest wide-angle

Hummingbird siblings seem to like each other - mouseover both images to see a tongue stick out! ;-)

baby Hummingingbirds siblings 1

baby Hummingingbirds siblings 2

Hummingbird Baby sticks its tongue out!

Use the controls to play, step, pause, slow-down, and/or speed-up the animation.
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hummingbird baby sticks tongue out

Hummingbird Baby spreads its wings in the nest - may fledge soon!

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hummingbird baby spreads wing in nest

July 24th: A fly lands near the nest to provide scale - thanks!

hummingbird nest 0624a

hummingbird nest 0624b

Meanwhile on a nearby branch, Momma Hummingbird keeps an eye on things from above

hummingbird nest 0624c

hummingbird nest 0624d

The two baby Hummingbirds are pretty darn cute!

hummingbird nest 0624i

hummingbird nest 0624e

Baby Hummingbirds check out the paparazzi - mouseover image to see their normal relaxed pose

baby Hummingingbird look at camera 0624

They actually seem to be playing here - mouseover image to see how relaxed/playful they are

baby Hummingingbird hanging out 0624

Lots of wing flapping observed - the hummingbirds will fledge soon

hummingbird nest 0624h

hummingbird nest 0624g

Mouseover image to how scrunched the hummingbird nest is!

baby Hummingingbird flap wings 0624

Some close-in pictures of one of the little birds

hummingbird nest 0624f

hummingbird nest 0624g

Mom feeding the baby hummingbirds - watch the entire 47 picture sequence - COOL!

hummingbird nest 0624l

hummingbird nest 0624m

Mom shows up several times an hour to feed the babies - watch the entire 46 picture sequence

hummingbird nest 0624x

hummingbird nest 0624y

Mom also provides her share of the food - watch the entire 11 picture sequence

hummingbird nest 0624n

hummingbird nest 0624o

As the sun sets, the hummingbirds try to get comfortable in the nest

hummingbird nest 0624k

July 25th: My wife and I make an early morning visit to the hummingbird nest

hummingbird nest 0625a

Yet another feeding - mouseover next three images to see closeups - watch 32 picture sequence

baby Hummingingbirds feed 3

baby Hummingingbirds feed 2

baby Hummingingbirds feed 1

The nest is really, really getting cramped now!

hummingbird nest 0625b

The Baby Hummingbirds are totally ready to fledge from the nest

hummingbird nest 0625c

Bedding down for another night in the nest ... turns out it was the last one!

hummingbird nest 0625d

Mouseover image to see night feeding action - watch the entire 71 picture sequence

baby Hummingingbirds feed 3

Momma Hummingbird stops by to make sure the babies are tucked in

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hummingbird baby last feeding

July 26th: The Baby Hummingbirds have fledged from the nest!

hummingbird nest 0626f

hummingbird nest 0626e

While the hummingbird nest may look big in the pictures, it was darn small ... and shallow!

hummingbird nest 0626a

We did see the baby hummingbirds flying around ... and Momma came to the nest for a visit - mouseover image to see in action

Momma Hummingingbird comes back

Alek takes one last look at the hummingbird nest

hummingbird nest 0626b
A few Hi-Def videos (most less than a minute) of the hummingbird nest:

Image sequences of parents feedings the baby hummingbirds - very high quality, but no audio:

Photograpy Notes: Pictures taken with a Canon 50D & 7D using a Canon 70-200/F2.8IS2 with 2x teleconverter and the 18-200 lens ... later has surprisingly good Macro capability. On-and-Off camera flash was used, and needless to say, depth of field is a real challenge for this type of shooting ... plus the branch the hummingbird nest is on sways in the slightest wind. And while they are well acclimated to humans (lots of people walk by the nest every day to the golf course), I tried to maintain a respectful distance that they seemed comfortable with - too bad I couldn't get this close to the Great Horned Owl Nest! ;-)

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