Antarctica Travel - "Getting on a Jet Plane"

The Ocean Nova, like most Antarctica cruise ships, departs from Ushuaia Argentina. So the first part of your trip is flying wayyy South! ;-)

Departing Denver International Airport - 7,658 miles to go!

antarctica travel 1

Denver and the Rocky Mountains to the West shortly after takeoff

antarctica travel 2

Atlanta Airport 4 hours later

antarctica travel 3

Engine Cowling reflection shows Delta Jet crossing over the last freeway before the airport

antarctica travel 4

JUST before touchdown at Atlanta

antarctica travel 5

After a 4 hour layover, it's a 10 hour flight from Atlanta to Buenos Aeries

antarctica travel 6

Alek before and after his nap!

antarctica travel 7

Sunrise in Argentina - mouseover image to see picture taken 13 minutes later

antarctica travel sunrise

Landing at Buenos Aeries International Airport - EZE

antarctica travel a

I run into Lindsay (who came down a day earlier) at the end of the security line

antarctica travel b

Lindsay got to the front of the line at the gate - mouseover image for a close-up image

antarctica travel eze

It's been a while since I walked up stairs to an airplane

antarctica travel e

Aerolineas "steam-powered" 737 with Analog cockpit

antarctica travel f

Yours truly had a nice aisle seat for the 3+ hour flight down to Ushuaia

antarctica travel g

Some beautiful scenery as the airplane approaches Ushuaia

antarctica travel h

Another break in the clouds shows one of many high mountain lakes

antarctica travel i

A few minutes before landing in Ushuaia, Argentina

antarctica ushuaia argentina

So after traveling almost 30 hours, the next experience was an enjoyable 24 hours in the port city of Ushuaia, Argentina.

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