Ushuaia Argentina

After 30 hours of air travel, it was nice to be back on solid ground ... especially since I was shortly going to be onboard a small ship for 19 days. Most Antarctica cruise ships, such as the Ocean Nova, depart from Ushuaia Argentina so arriving a day early is a good idea in case of any delays. The weather (late January) was nice - high temps were ~60°F with mostly sunny skies & scattered clouds and fortunately no major winds or rain.

Ushuaia Argentina from the airplane window just before landing

antarctica ushuaia 1

I stayed at a downtown B&B, but the "official" hotel for the Antarctica Cruise was pretty nice

antarctica ushuaia 2

The hotel was on a bluff with very nice views

antarctica ushuaia 3

The bathroom was just a wheee bit fancier (and bigger) than what was onboard the ship! ;-)

antarctica ushuaia 4

We gathered that evening for a pre-departure meeting

antarctica ushuaia 5

The expedition leader Conrad was great

antarctica ushuaia 6

A view of the people I would spend the next 19 days with - it was a fun group

antarctica ushuaia 7

Lots of smiles - people were excited about cruising to Antarctica!

antarctica ushuaia 8

Fellow travelers Paul and James with docked cruise ships at Ushuaia in the background

antarctica ushuaia 9

Close-up of Paul & James with National Geographic Explorer in background

antarctica ushuaia a

The keys to my B&B - much cooler than a digital passkey!

antarctica ushuaia b

Rainbow over Ushuaia - picture taken by fellow traveler Isaac

antarctica ushuaia c

Because of the far South Latitude (54.8°S), there was sunlight until quite late in the evening. After walking around town, it was finally time to hit the sack for a couple of hours of sleep, and then spend the day in Ushuaia, Argentina before our 5:00PM departure to Antarctica. I met up with the group at the main hotel the next morning, and two of us decided to head out to Terra Del Fuego Park

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