Port Stanley - Falklands

After an enjoyable day before visiting West Point Island & Carcass Island, our ship arrived at Port Stanley in the morning and we zodiac'ed into town. Port Stanley has a population of about 2,000 and is perhaps best known recently for its role in the Falklands war between Argentina and England - the museum in town (highly recommended) has an excellent exhibit about the conflict and unfortunately, many areas are still off-limits due to mines.

We spent about 4 hours onshore which was enough to walk the town and even get online at the Malvina hotel that had wireless Internet ... via satellite! Fortunately, I had pre-written my Emails onboard. A number of other people went on a wildlife bus trip (I felt there had been ample wildlife viewing already and more to come) and ate in town (I was getting plenty of food onboard the ship).

The Ocean Nova near Port Stanley - Falklands ... and yes, the wind constantly blows here!

Port Stanley - Falklands 1

Ships that wrecked are named in the far hillside - they didn't "Give Way" - mouseover for close-up

falklands port stanley rooftops

Jim took this picture of the Lady Elizabeth shipwreck

Port Stanley - Falklands b1

As the father of two boys, it was emotional to walk by the school ... and what a nifty slide!

Port Stanley - Falklands 3

Jim took these two pictures of the outside and inside of the whalebone church

Port Stanley - Falklands b2

Port Stanley - Falklands b3

Whalebones and Reindeer ... what would the Homeowner's Association say?!? ;-)

Port Stanley - Falklands 4

Guess it is OK with the Alan Huckle, Governor of the Falkland Islands
Picture provided by fellow passenger Tom Huckle on the left! ;-)

Port Stanley - Falklands governor

Satellite links to the outside world with a "weed controller" on the job

Port Stanley - Falklands 2

After dinner that evening, a group of us hung out in the Aft Library and drank some of the Malbec Port I had brought onboard. As I was about to go to bed, I saw Conrad on the upper deck checking out the stars ... and he proceeded to give an impromptu astronomy show (using a laser pointer) of the Southern Sky - very cool! I turned in late as the ship continued east and turned (guess which direction!) down toward the South Georgia Islands as we had two days of cruising on the Scotia Sea.

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