Carcass Island - Falklands

After a morning at West Point Island, we had lunch on board the Ocean Nova as it motored over to nearby Carcass Island. We landed on a very nice beach that had a smattering of wildlife, and then walked several hundred yards to the other side of the island where there were several thousand penguins (which seemed like a lot ... stay tuned!) on a picturesque sandy beach. After spending several hours there, we zodaic'ed over to another Falkland Island single family settlement and had fantastic afternoon tea & crumpets provided by the sole residents, Rob and Lorraine McGill.

Zodiac Landing (Ocean Nova in the background) at Carcass Island - Falklands

Carcass Island - Falklands 1

Greg Pierce hiked up to take this picturesque picture of the Carcass Island beach landing

Carcass Island - Falklands d1

Isaac got a wider-angle view ... McGill homestead can be seen at the top left of the Bay

Carcass Island - Falklands z1

A pair of Magellanic Penguins - mouseover image for another view

magellanic penguins

Magellanic Penguin looks out near its burrow

Carcass Island - Falklands 2

I hooked up my wireless remote to my Canon 40D and placed it near the burrow

Carcass Island - Falklands 4

Once I walked away, the Magellanic Penguins pretty much ignored it

Carcass Island - Falklands 3

The ultra-wide lens provides an interesting very close-up perspective

Carcass Island - Falklands j

I snapped this picture of me with a hugenormous Magellanic Penguin of Carcass Island! ;-)

Carcass Island - Falklands k

There were also some Gentoo Penguins on Carcass Island

Carcass Island - Falklands a

Carcass Island - Falklands b

While people were watching some Gentoo's in the surf, another group came down to the beach

Carcass Island - Falklands 5

Pewan took this nifty picture on the sandy beach

Carcass Island - Falklands z1

Glen getting some close-up pictures as they trot on by

Carcass Island - Falklands 6

I had also seen Upland Goose's at Terra Del Fuego Park

Carcass Island - Falklands c

Another Upland Goose pecking on the seaweed

Carcass Island - Falklands 7

A Skua nesting on Carcass Island - they make a loud racket - mouseover image for another view

carcass island skua
As the first group of passengers walked across the island to the beach on the other side, they spotted an Owl that was "hiding" in the tall grass. Everyone stopped to see it and take pictures, including me, even thought I knew they wouldn't be any good since the Owl was so well camouflaged. So after a while, everyone moved on ... except my friend Carol Monaco (check out her web site!) who set up her tripod and waited ... and waited ... and then was rewarded with this awesome picture of the Owl as it emerged from the grass and then flew away - WOW!!!
Mouseover image to see my lousy picture of the well hidden owl! ;-)
carcass island owl

An immature Night Heron flying low by the McGill house

Carcass Island - Falklands d

Roldan was serious about making some fantastic pastries ... and had a great smile!

carcass island mcgill 1

carcass island mcgill 2

Lorraine McGill was a gracious hostess and also provides B&B accomodations

Carcass Island - Falklands h

Yes, the McGill's put out quite the spread!

Carcass Island - Falklands g

Stephanie interviewing Johnnie Shackers for Outside Magazine story on the Falklands

Carcass Island - Falklands i

Hotel Manager Rene saw this pair of Dolphins by the Zodiac as we returned to the Ocean Nova

Carcass Island - Dolphins

Lorraine McGill sent this picture of a 50+ foot long Sei Whale - mouseover image for closer view of bite marks

magellanic penguins

I didn't eat much dinner onboard the ship that night since I had filled up on crumpets - these were were especially yummy for me because I usually don't eat them as my kids have Celiac Disease. After dinner, the ship pulled anchor and set course to the capitol city of the Falklands - Port Stanley.

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