Antarctica Snowman!!!

As part of our Antarctica expedition, we landed on Neko Harbor the afternoon of Feb 6th, 2009 and climbed to a plateau overlooking the bay. There was a bit of snow there so Paul made a snowman which we then outfitted appropriately. After a group picture (I'm the one on the far right who brought the frisbee to Antarctica), we wanted to make sure we "left no trace behind. My Canon 50D shoots 6.5 frames/second so speed up the slow-motion animation (via the "+" button) below if you want to see (in real-time) Paul tackling the Antarctica Snowman!

Posing with the Antarctica Snowman - mouseover image for less serious picture

antarctica snowman

Paul Tackles an Antarctica Snowman

Watch in real time and use the controls to play, step, pause, slow-down, and speed-up the animation.
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Animated JPG

Antarctic Explorers James and Paul survey the Landscape

GRU Frisbee antarctica 9602
After that, James and Debra did some cartwheels in Antarctica! ;-)

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