GRU Frisbee in Antarctica

Due to a very fortunate set of circumstances, I went on an Antarctica cruise trip in early 2009 aboard the Ocean Nova. This was a fantastic trip with some amazing photographic opportunities ... plus I brought a couple of GRU frisbee's along in case some penguins were up for a game - D'OH!

Penguins were plentiful at our landings in Antarctica, so we found a semi-flat isolated section on the rocky beach - no layouts here! James, Paul, and I formed a triangle to toss the disc as one Gentoo Penguin came over to watch. Not only was it surreal throwing a frisbee in Antarctica, but the Gentoo penguin actually started tracking the disc - he wanted to play! ;-)

Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures/video of the frisbee tossing and Penguin-D ... darn, because we even had a few successful Hammer throws.
It did feel darn good to do some throwing and below are a few pics - how often do you see a (very rare) 1999 GRU Zodiac disc in Antarctica!

GRU Frisbee antarctica 9601

GRU Frisbee antarctica 9602

Gentoo Penguin chick at Neko Harbor seemed interested in playing frisbee

GRU Frisbee antarctica neko harbor

The GRU Zodiac Disc was also used as part of the Antarctica Snowman.

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