Elsehul - South Georgia

After two days of cruising on the Scotia Sea, the Ocean Nova arrived at the South Georgia Islands. Even though I live in Colorado and have seen many mountains & glaciers, South Georgia was breathtaking ... and when combined with the incredible diversity & number of animals, it was amazing. The weather was cool, grey & dreary that first morning we stopped at Elsehul, and due to some aggressive fur seals, we were not able to do a landing, but had an enjoyable (and somewhat surreal experience due to the misty fog) Zodiac ride around the harbor.

Checking out the beach at Elsehul South Georgia

Elsehul South Georgia 1

Quite the diversity of wildlife co-existing here: King & Gentoo Penguins, Skuas, Baby Fur Seals and Elephant Seal

Elsehul South Georgia 2

One big happy (?) family of Fur Seals

Elsehul South Georgia 3

King Penguins at Elsehul, South Georgia - mouseover image for close view of molting penguin

king penguins

A pair of Gentoo Penguins - mouseover image for close view of wife nagging her husband! ;-)

king penguins

Northern Giant Petrel takes off next to the Zodiac

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Northern Giant Petrel

Fur Seals in the mist on the lichen colored rocks of Elsehul, South Georgia

Elsehul South Georgia 4

It was pretty surreal motoring around in the Fog

Elsehul South Georgia 5

The weather improved dramatically that afternoon, but it was good to have an off-weather excursion which added a surreal element to the trip.
As we ate lunch on-board the Ocean Nova, the sun came out and it got much warmer as we cruised over to Salisbury Plains, South Georgia.

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