Nancy's Speech/Toast at Wendy's 50th Birthday

I think it is safe to say that no one here knows Wendy as long as I have, we met in first grade! Wendy is an open book so we all really do know Wendy. What I love about Wendy is she has a limited filter so we all get to really know Wendy. Wendy's life is like a book, an epic adventure and we are all characters in her story. But I was in her story from Act I. Wendy's life as a child

Wendy looked exactly the same in first grade as today. Long straight hair. One brown eye, one blue eye. She also had a very high need for action and adventure, and still does. Hence, we are here skiing, snow shoeing, swimming, cross country skiing, etc. all while celebrating her 50th birthday. I go on record saying there is no one in this world that I share such a long history with than Wendy. Here are a few fun facts: Wendy taught me to ski and not to lick the chocolate off her cupcake or take away any of her chocolate. I almost lost a finger trying. Wendy and I jumped out of our windows at night and met at 11:00 pm to roam the neighborhood and get ice cream. We were in 6th grade and did this fairly frequently. Wendy and I went to sleep away camp together where she lost 25 lbs. and almost starved to death. Hard to believe. I feel fortunate that Wendy forgave me for sticking her in the bed wetter bunk that summer but she got back at me that school year in 5th grade by telling me I was the rotten fruit in the bowl of cherries and kicked me out of the group table. I was happy to have Wendy as a Best Friend during the awkward years of pimples and puberty

Act II Wendy is Single and Boy Crazy
Every story in this chapter involves a boy. Jeff, Andy, Ira, John Paulo, The guys at Rolm and the guys in Rome! There was Jewish, Very Jewish, not so Jewish. Blond hair, dark hair. short and tall. Our post-college trip to Europe together! (That began Wendy's passion for travel that has become her career and hobby) Club Med boys ... on the beach There was our life after college as roommates in Baltimore. That was a big blur of broker hearts: Mine, hers but mainly HIS! There were nights of bad behavior. Topless in Greece. There were The Hamptons and Fire Island (with Rochelle too) And then the phone call of "I am leaving NY." In what seemed like a week, she quit her job, dumped the boyfriend and sold the house And traveled the world for 18 months but still managed to meet me on my honeymoon in Australia! So, you get it ... Boy Crazy But finally

Act III involves All of you and Alek

Wendy as an Adult and MOM ... Well almost adult
Wendy set off for Vancouver but stopped in Boulder and found the perfect job and then the perfect Spouse. (The cover for her pot) But her life was not yet perfect because she was waiting to become the Queen with the arrival of Dirk. I personally was worried. Does Wendy have any maternal genes? I was skeptical. As it turns out, Wendy is a fantastic Mom to both Dirk and Kyle, nurturing, always caring, very fun to be with and a fantastic listener. These are some of the many qualities I love about Wendy but she is also one of the smartest friends I know! I want to wish Wendy another 50 years of High Adventure, Love and great times!

Here's to Wendy!