Navy Seal Zodiac Boats

I have had a lotta fun with my radio-controlled hovercraft but I'm not in the same league as my brother Kurt. He's quite the boating person up in Seattle and among other boats, he used to zoom around in the Budweiser Airboat.

But his latest is a Navy Seal Zodiac Boat which now available for civilian purchase and use. This is produced by Zodiac Boats and is based on the actual boats used by the Navy Seals. It is over 23' long, has twin 150 horsepower engines, and can go over 50 MPH. Cost is $195,000 and for an extra $20,000, they will toss in a infrared night-vision system so you can do night-time assaults. Additional options (price unknown) are 50 caliber machine gun mounts and 6-man Navy Seal assault team!

Among other things, he cruised over to Bill Gate's house in Medina (which is on Lake Washington) and he said the security people there got quite "excited" when they saw a Navy Seal boat motoring toward 'em! ;-) Next time, he should bring his wife Mary, the Zodiac Boat Babe (see picture below) along for the ride and I'll bet they'd be friendlier. Kurt says he has never had to repair a zodiac boat (although they were used to evacuate passengers when the Ocean Nova Cruise Ship ran aground in Antarctica), but I'm sure he would do fine as he was able to fix a leak ... in the Hulk!

Kurt goes airborne in the CZ7 Zodiac Boat

zodiac boat

Closeup of Kurt in the CZ7 Zodiac Boat

CZ7 zodiac boat

Zodiac Boat Babes

zodiac boat babes

Super Zodiac - how fast can this puppy go! ;-)

super zodiac