Kurt in the Budweiser Airboat

I recently obtained a Taiyo Edge Radio Controlled Hovercraft which is quite a lot of fun, but is nothing compared to the Budweiser Airboat that my brother Kurt used to drive when he was part of the Budweiser fishing team.

Recall that a hovercraft works by using forced air to inflate a rubber skirt underneath the vehicle which lifts it up and minimizes friction. On the other hand, an airboat has a slick underside and Hulkish power - right behind Kurt is a 454 cubic inch big block V-8 behind him that is capable of 600 horsepower - yea, it's a bit noisy. It is coupled to a 2-1 gear box with twin 6 bladed composite props mounted on the shaft and was capable of 40 MPH down a wet fairway - can you imagine the "FORE!" the guys at your local golf course would say if they saw this on their fairways - Kurt and his airboat shoulda been in Caddyshack!

Kurt also had some fun in a CZ7 Navy Seal Zodiac Boat and is famous as the Fall City Rat Hunter ... so with the Budwieser airboat (note the guns left and right of the seat), those vermin aren't safe on land or water! ;-)

Budweiser Airboat

Budweiser airboat

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