Boulder Colorado Aurora Borealis imaged by Halloween Webcam

There was a major Solar Storm/Flare on Tuesday, October 28th, 2003 with subsequent additional activity the next few days. This caused the Aurora Borealis to be visible much further South than normal - I'm at 40.017° North Latitude ... so I let the Halloween webcam operate until dawn to see if it could get a picture of a Boulder Colorado Aurora Borealis ... and it did! My neighbors probably wondered why my Halloween decorations & lights were all on night ... and blinking on & off as people fiddled with 'em via the Halloween webcam, but it was all for the sake of science! ;-)

There was an local paper (The Denver Post) that included the picture below. This appears to have been shot from just beyond the Boulder, Colorado foothills looking to the East - my guess it's about 20 miles W-NW of the Hulkster and my house is probably about dead-center in this shot ... and the halloween webcam was looking to the South - i.e. to the right in that picture. Unfortunately, the webcam only slews to a maximum elevation angle of 20° ... so I don't think I got high enough to get the reds, but I did get some pretty good shots of the green aurora borealis.

Note that (as commented), not only were people looking at the Boulder Colorado Aurora Borealis, but they were also fiddling with the lights at the same time!

For those interested in space stuff, check out these free satellite images of my house and I also have some nifty images of a lunar eclipse.

Boulder Colorado Aurora Borealis picture from local paper (used from source)

stock shot

2003_10_29_23:47:17 - Zoom=1x

boulder colorado aurora borealis

2003_10_29_23:48:18 - Zoom=2x (someone turned Hulk OFF!)

boulder colorado aurora borealis

2003_10_29_23:49:29 - Zoom=5x and Pan Left (closeup doesn't look like much)

boulder colorado aurora borealis

2003_10_30_03:06:25 - Zoom=1x

boulder colorado auroral borealis

2003_10_30_03:08:51 - Zoom=3x (note roof lights turned back on)

boulder colorado auroral borealis