Halloween 2004 Web Stats

Here's various usage stats on the halloween webcam and all of the halloween decorations stuff

For Halloween/2004, there is the stats from webcam program itself for and all 33 days of operation.

1,176,888 hits, 350,210 page views, 146,143 unique IP's, and 17.9 GBytes - WOW!

Tons of web sites mentioned my Halloween stuff, and noteable ones that generated quite a bit of inbound traffic were Earthcam, Ernie's House of WhoopAss, Fark, The Inquirer, Kim Komando, MajorGeeks, Slashdot, User Friendly, #!/usr/bin/girl, USA Today, and even the X10.com folks (who were nice enough to send me some X10 gear). I talk in detail about the traffic from some of these in my Slashdot Effect analysis.

What type of browser/operating system do people use?

The full Analog report has detailed information on what type of browsers/operating systems people were using - note that this can be spoofed (as can most everything), but that isn't done very often in this area. I would expect the numbers to be biased toward Open Source products since a lot of the visitors came from more technical sites such as Slashdot and MajorGeeks ... but here's the summary data that is based on hits:
   Percent   Browser
   57.83%    MSIE - vast majority MSIE6 - saw 87 hits from MSIE7.66 - Bill Gates?!?
   25.78     Firefox - the best browser around!
    5.28     Mozilla
    4.08     Safari - Apple browser
    3.10     Netscape - even 58 from Netscape3.x - ahhh, the good old days!  ;-)
    2.05     Opera
    1.88     Other (includes various search engine bots)

   Percent   Operating System
   63.68%    Windows/XP
   13.24     Windows 2000
    5.29     Windows 98
    3.57     Other Windows
    6.78     Linux
    0.38     Other Unix
    5.93     Macintosh
    1.13     Other (includes various search engine bots)

How frequently did people come back to the webcam?

I did a "wc|sort|awk|grep|etc" on the 33 days of log data and found the following distribution of usage:
      Freq    Count
         1   89,516   IP addresses used the webcam once and never came back (boo-hoo!)
         2   15,631   Used the webcam twice
	 3    4,860   Used the webcam 3 times
         4    2,415   Used the webcam 4 times
         5    1,501   Used the webcam 5 times
         6    1,060   Used the webcam 6 times
         7      909   Used the webcam 7 times
         8      695   Used the webcam 8 times
         9      533   Used the webcam 9 times
     10-19    1,737   Used the webcam 10-19 times
     20-49      533   Used the webcam 20-49 times
     50-99       81   Used the webcam 50-99 times
      100+       31   Used the webcam 100+ times *
            119,513   Unique IP's and 232,608 uses of the webcam

* Top IP address with 334 hits is which is cache-dtc-ab13.proxy.aol.com
  A number of these do NOT appear to be proxies though ... must be folks who like halloween!   ;-)

  One IP addresses had 815 hits, but this appear to be "Kerry-Bot"
  I've banned that IP's and adjusted the numbers.  BTW guys, this is my personal family web site, 
  so give it a break, allright - call off the "bots" and the hacking attempts ...