Fixing Frankenstein!!!

Frankenstein is (no surprise!) one of the most popular things in my halloween display. But he suffers some wear-n-tear after a few years of being constantly inflated/deflated by web surfers on the halloween webcam. But Dr. Frankenstein can fix anything! ;-)

Frankie must have cut himself shaving!

frankenstein duct tape 1

Duct Tape fixes everything - even Frankenstein!

frankenstein duct tape 2

Slight tear in Frankenstein's head

fix frankenstein 11

Closeup - not good if you are an inflatable!

fix frankenstein 13

Decided to use Scotch Tape for this problem

fix frankenstein 21

Does the job ... and not visible at night!

fix frankenstein 22

Frankenstein in the halloween display


Closeup of Frankenstein at night

frankenstein closeup