John the Pirate

Among the 200+ trick-or-treaters that came by Halloween night was "John the Pirate - Ahhhyyyy Matey! The halloween decorations webcam got a few pictures of him checking out my halloween decorations and enjoyed some fine Port wine that I provided for all of the big kids - watch the pirate movie! ;-)

Alek hands John the Pirate a dixie cup of Port

john the pirate 1

A Pirate Toast - Ahhhhyyyy Matteee! (careful with that hook!)

john the pirate 2

Not bad, but Pirate Rum is better

john the pirate 3

But heck, I'm happy to drink it anyway!

john the pirate 5

Cowboy is a bit young for Port - he got candy instead

john the pirate 4

This Pirate was also too young to be served Port

kid pirate

John checks out the Halloween Display while a skeleton smiles for the webcam

john the pirate 6

Even Alek got into the Pirate Theme a bit ... ;-)

pirate alek