Door Hardware

One step in how to reverse a door is dealing with all the door hardware. This entailed pulling the blinds, removing and switching the brass door hinges, and finally the deadbolt lock and door handle. This is all fairly straighforward, but it's a good idea to keep all of the brass door hardware in a container so you don't misplace anything. "Before" digital pictures are also a good idea as you can refer to them when re-installing on the door.

Door Blinds On

Door Blinds Off

brass door blinds on brass door blinds off

Larry pulls the brass door knob

Closeup of the door hardware

larry door hardware brass door knob

Lotsa hardware and tools for the door project

Alek says keep track of your brass door hardware!

door tools brass door hardware

Use screwdriver to start screen door hardware

Finish up (carefully) with a drill

screen door hardware 1 screen door hardware 2