Reversing a Door

Our backyard patio door has always bugged me because it opens the "wrong" way - into the kitchen rather than against the wall. In fact, when we have had parties, I've taken this door off the hinges for easier in and out traffic to the outside deck. My father-in-law Larry is quite handy, so when he visited in June/2005, we finally decided to fix it. So here is my how to reverse a door ... or should that be how to switch a door?

He had previousely reversed our coat closet door that opened IN - therefore blocking about the right third of it - go figure! The patio door is a bit more work as it is heavier, and includes door hardware such as a deadbolt lock, blinds, and outside screen door - I was OK leaving the later as-is. As with many of my house projects, I shot a buncha of pictures as we went along ... so below is a summary with links to some more detail for those interested. Bottom line is I have wanted this done for a LONG time ... and I'm real happy with the final result. Larry did a great job, and said we could do the next project, which is the stamped concrete patio deck by ourselves, but I'm opting to contract that one out.

Hulk can't get in patio door!

Larry taking door handle off - blinds already removed

patio door hulk patio door larry

Buncha tools on our ceramic tile table

Alek says don't lose the door hardware!

table tools brass door hardware

Measuring upper hinge location

Bracing patio door before removing door hinges

measure door hinges brace door

Larry sharpening chisels

Chisel is pretty darn sharp now!

how to sharpen chisel sharpen chisel!

Larry makes new patio door hinge cutouts

Alek screws hinges back onto door

chisel patio door hinges screw hinges

Wood putty used to fill in old patio door cut-outs

Kyle taps the hinge into place with a hammer

wood putty kyle hammer hinge

Re-attach screen door hardware

Misc. sanding before painting

screen door hardware sanding patio door

Start painting the patio door from the bottom ...

... and work your way to the top

patio door painting bottom patio door painting top

No need to tape the patio door glass ...

... since it comes off easily with a razor

patio door scraping patio door razor

Alek installs the kick plate

Larry tests it out

installing kick plate larry kick plate

Hulk now can use the door to come in from the patio!

new patio door

©2005 - Alek Komarnitsky