The Incredible Hulk and ARBY's!

So I've had The Incredible Hulk (actually two of 'em) for a number of years and they've made countless crazy appearances. But one of the more unusual ones was shipping 'em from Colorado to Michigan for ARBY's ... yes, the Roast Beef restaurant!

I got an Email out of the blue in early 2010 from Eric Ballance who is a Senior Director of Operations at Arby's. He was interested in using the HULK's as a tie-in to a "Flint FORCE" meeting he was having with his managers. I explained that the HULK's were "like family" and had never been out of state ... but long story short, I said OK. But since I was out of town, my wife Wendy (yes, I owe her dinner at Arby's now! ;-) had to box up the Big Green Guys in a huge BBQ box. Eric, who was genuine pleasure to deal with and classy dude, said the HULK's were a big hit at the Arby's gathering and sent a few pictures.

The Hulk'in Arby's Team - Puny Human Eric in the front row

Hulk arbys team

Hulk arbys solo

I was on vacation with my extended family at the time and Eric was able to set us up with some Arby's - thanks!
Brother Myke, my Dad, and Brother Kris pick up some Roast Beef to feed 17 people in Kailua, Hawaii!

Arby's kailua Hawaii

UPS returns the HULK's in the giant BBQ Box

Arby's Hulk UPS