Donate to Celiac Disease on behalf of the Hulkin' Lemonade Stand

$406 raised for charity - Hulk'in Limeade Stand was open Saturday, June 10th, 2006.

100% of online donations will go the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research. I will also toss in any profits I make from actually selling limeade to the people that stop by.

$1 and $5 are suggested donations for the "virtual" limeade and Tequila - for you lawyers out there, yea, you must stop by in person (duhhh) to receive/drink `em! If you toss $100 (or more) to charity, then you can NAME IT! I.e. request something zany and assuming it's reasonable, I'll do it for everyone on the Internet to see via three live webcams - some examples/suggestions:

  1. Turn Sprinklers on!!!
  2. Kids will make a goofy face on the webcam
  3. I`ll put your name/message on the website/webcam
  4. I`ll make a toast to you as I take a shot of Tequila (limit five (or so) requests)
  5. Alek has (!) to give his wonderful wife Wendy a long smooch on webcam - my recommended choice!

I prefer you donate directly to the University of Maryland (I've raised over $10,000 for them with various off-beat stuff) - they accept credit cards and will issue you a receipt as a charitable deduction for your (US) income taxes - click here to do that and in the "Special Instructions" block, please mark as "For Hulk'in Lemonade!"

You may also donate via my PayPal account and I will forward all of that to the University of Maryland after the sale is over. The buttons below go to my personal account which has no fees associated with it if you have a Paypal balance. I'm in the process of setting up a "Premier" account that can accept credit cards, but that charges 30 cents plus 3% fee ... so I'd recommend you use the UofM site at the URL above instead.

Email with any other fun/zany ideas and forwarded receipt of your donations.

Accounting of funds

$346 online donations - 100% of this goes to Celiac Disease Research.
$206 Direct to UofM: Thanh from Texas ($101), Michel from Norway ($5), plus $100 from Terra who showed up with his biker friends ... or were they Power Rangers? BTW, he initially wanted to write the check in person, but I said please donate online directly to UofM.
$140 Via Paypal: Philipp from Germany ($50 plus anonymous match), Jeff ($20), Jon ($10), JFielding ($5), Android Technologies ($5).

$60 - Actual Limeade Stand Profits
$91 Sales: many people tossed in a few extra bucks since it was for charity.
$31 Expenses: 3 bags of limes, sugar, one gallon OJ, small dixie cups, large bag of ice. Alek paid for Tequila out of his pocket, large cups were donated.

$200 settle up ($140 Paypal plus $60 stand profits) paid to UofM on June 12th.
$406 total raised for Celiac Disease Research.

Thanh from Texas made the first $100 donation and YOU NAME IT!!! was a $100 glass of limeade
$100 limeade

Philipp from Germany asked for Captain Copyright
captain copright

Terra from Futurequest requested Biker Dudes and Power Rangers! ;-)
biker dudes

power rangers