2013 Boulder Flood - 95th street just North of Valmont
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Here's 95th street looking to the North and then to the South - a week (9/21/13) after the big rains - there is still over 6" of fast flowing water

2013 boulder flood valmont 95th

iPhone flash doesn't light up the grey-bearded Alek much (probably good!), but check out the road damage and flowing water - YIKES!
And yes, I rode through the water on my bike - fortunately didn't end up like this guy - YOWSERS!

2013 boulder flood valmont 95th street

Valmont handicap access trailhead (East of 95th street - here's the other side) ... that sidewalk is going to need some repair! ;-)

2013 boulder flood valmont trailhead

Water is still flowing over the 95th street bridge as seen from the North at Noon the next day, Sep 22nd, 2013

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boulder flooding 95th street valmont closed

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