2000_02_19 Pinball Pictures

Dave Mercer was nice enough to invite me to his Pinball Open House at his house in Fort Collins, CO on Saturday, February 19th, 2000. So my Son Dirk and I wandered up there yesterday - needless to say, we had a GREAT time.

I had heard Dave's house described as having a kitchen table, a few chairs, a bed, a couch ... and 23 pinball machines. That was a pretty accurate description ... basically pinball machines EVERYWHERE - although I didn't see one in the bathroom ... yet! ;-)

I happened to talk with Jim West as I was leaving - he had driven up from Colorado Springs. It was kinda funny watching his kids SPRING out of the car - they were READY to play! BTW, Jim was mentioned in the Pinball article in Sunday's Denver Post - LifeStyle Section.

Attached below are a few pictures (Click here to see 'emall on one page - 1.8 MBytes) I took while there - I've justa kinda slapped 'em up there.

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Pinball for your X-mas Tree , Dave w/Joust , The infamous (?) Sneezer , Dave's WebTV Internet Access! ;-)

Some other misc. pictures: pin1 , pin2 , pin3 , pin4 , pin5 , pin6 , pin7

Fish-Tales ... this is for Kurt , Close-up , GOOD Close-up of Fish-Tales

Dirk firing the ball up the playfield , Dirk (and other kids) LOVED this game , What a look of determination! ;-)

Motocross track at Exit 250 on the way back ... this is for Kris
Horse training faciliy near Erie ... don't want Stephanie to feel left out! ;-)

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