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So a few weeks before my wife's 35th birthday, she informs me that she would like a pinball machine ... even though I had never seen her play before and she had not indicated in any way that this is something she liked doing. At that time, nobody was making (new) pinball machines, so it was all a secondary market. After a mad scramble, I found someone selling one on eBay that lived closed by - went over to check it out, and with some help from friends (pinball machines are HEAVY!), got Pinbot over to my house a day before her birthday. While the surprise wasn't as much as on her 40th birthday, she was pretty happy about it ... especially since I'm usually sooooo lame when it comes to gifts.

We've had a great time with this machine - everyone, especially the kids love it - watch 2 year old Kyle play Pinbot Pinball from an "interesting" perspective! ;-) And here is a four minute movie of Kyle at age 6 really getting into playing Pinbot and having the "best shot I ever did!" And oh yeah, Kyle knows Karate! ;-) So one of these years, I gotta collect more of the pictures and stories of playing Pinbot Pinball. Here's a few videos from early 2011 of my sister Stephanie playing Pinbot: serious body english to get over 500,000 - getting 2.5 million - resetting the game after a bad first ball ... and Kyle can't lose in this game! ;-)

I originaly put up this page for Dave Mercer who runs a GREAT Pinball Open House periodically at his place in Fort Collins, CO. He's been nice enough to invite me, so here are some misc. pictures I've shot. I only have one machine at my house - Pinbot - so it's a real treat to play a buncha of 'em. I had heard Dave's house described as having a kitchen table, a few chairs, a bed, a couch ... and 23 pinball machines! That was a pretty accurate description ... basically pinball machines EVERYWHERE - although I didn't see one in the bathroom ... yet! ;-) BTW, Dave also runs "For Amusement Only" - check out their web site for misc. pinball information.

Attached below are a few pictures I took while there - I've justa kinda slapped 'em up there ... and they weren't all that great in the first place (it's hard taking pictures when you have little boys tugging at 'ya! ;-) but they give you a feel for the good time had by all.
      January 24th, 2012 Dan Murray 50th Birthday Party at Lyons Pinball
      July 20th, 2002 Pinball Pictures
      Febuary 24th, 2001 Pinball Pictures
      Febuary 19th, 2000 Pinball Pictures

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