Dan Murray 50th Birthday

Here's toooo many pictures from Dan Murray's 50th birthday get-together at 4580 following by pinball in Lyons - a fun time!

Dan modeling the new Chaos T-Shirt

pinball v1

pinball b1

pinball a9

pinball a0

pinball b2

pinball b3

pinball b4

pinball b5

pinball b6

pinball b7

pinball t1

pinball u1

pinball z1

pinball y1

pinball b8

pinball b9

pinball c0

pinball a2

pinball a1

pinball a7

pinball a8

pinball a3

pinball a6

Richard demonstrates the REAL "evil eye" look! ;-)

pinball a5

Stare at this picture for a minute - it totally messes with your brain!

pinball a4

After an enjoyable dinner, we then went to Lyons for full-on Pinball!

pinball c3

pinball c4

pinball c1

pinball c2

pinball c5

pinball c6

pinball c8

pinball c7

Dan's favorite Pinball machine was Indiana Jones

pinball c9

pinball c0

pinball d1

Meanwhile, Alycia was getting the cake ready

pinball d2

pinball d3

pinball d4

pinball d5

pinball d6

pinball d7

pinball d8

pinball d9

pinball d0

pinball e1

pinball e2

Dan offers the cameraman a bite of cake - it was darn good!

pinball e3

Then it was back to pinball!

pinball e6

pinball e5

A closeup for the Mick Jagger fans

pinball e7

Indiana Jones was a crowd favorite

pinball e4

For the next Indy movie, they should cast Dan in the lead role!

pinball e8

pinball e9

pinball e0

Some videos of Dan playing pinball: 1 and 2 ... plus Indy!
Photography Notes: Canon 7D with 17-55/2.8 and 10-22 ultra-wide angle ... EXIF in image. Both venues were very dark and neither had white ceilings to bounce a flash off of ... so needless to say, a bit challenging. So in addition to an external flash mounted on the camera, I used a slave flash pointed at whatever was nearby to generate a bit of off-axis light. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't! ;-)

Six months later, I had my 50th birthday - YIKES! ;-)