Vacuuming the Basement

A significant portion of every project always seems to be the clean-up phase, and the basement crawlspace was no expection. With only one piece of flooring left to install (plus some trim work), I decided it was time to tidy things up and make the basement presentable. After cleaning up all the tools, loose materials, trash, etc. I swept the 400 square feet of flooring - this is a bit more work than you might think since it is pretty cramped down there. I then grabbed the shop vacuum and had my two boys go to work as can be seen below (and check out video of 'em vacuuming the basement) - give us a holler if you ever need anyone to vacuum your basement! ;-)

Boys go to work with the Shop-Vac!

vacuum basement 1

Kyle and his (OSHA approved) suit of armor

vacuum basement 2

Pretty cute if you ask me

vacuum basement 3

Dirk with main vacuum - Kyle using (?) attachment

vacuum basement 4

Gotta vacuum those basement beams

vacuum basement 5

Even vacuuming the last main piece of the floor to go in

vacuum basement 6

View from south side of basement - boys hard at work

vacuum basement 7

Looks to me like they are having fun! ;-)

vacuum basement 8

Dirk gives it one last sweep - even he has to duck

sweep basement 1

Concrete chunks (heavy!) moved to permanent location

sweep basement 2

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