Skiing Eldora Colorado

bond ski

While I'm not usually quite so dashing on the ski slopes as pictured at the left - see Arapahoe Basin pictures - I do enjoy getting out on the mountains. And this is a great family activity, so I was excited to put my kids into ski lessons at Eldora Colorado Ski Resort. They started out barely able to move around, but after the 1st day of getting the hang of things on the "Magic Carpet", they progressed to the chairlifts. It actually was a bit scary seeing my little boys way up the big chairlift. After a few weeks, they informed me that they "defeated all of the greens" and were ready for the blue runs ... although Kyle still needs to learn how to turn - he likes to go straight down!

Scroll down to see a sampling of pictures from "the boys" and I may eventually loaded some video of them skiing too. And too bad I didn't have a Colorado gold pass with me for that picture since it would have made a nice compliment to the tux.

BTW, the ONE time (March 5th, 2006) I don't bring my camera, the Flight for Light rescue helicopter showed up. Was another glorious sunny blue day and the light was perfect for taking a great shot as it landed in a dust-up of snow. Not good when these guys show up (rumor was that the guys they evacuated wasn't critical), but would have made a stunning picture. On a lighter note, there was a funny story that day ... thanks to Kyle and the Wall Street Journal! ;-)

Dirk and Kyle ready to hit the slopes

boys at Eldora Colorad

Boys goes up the Eldora chair lift

ski lift

Kyle carving ... or falling?

ski fall

Kyle's Ski Pizza

kyle ski

Dirk in a ski tuck

dirk ski

Eldora bus unloads a group of skiers

eldora bus

What they look like coming down the hill

ski class

Kyle carries his skies

carry ski

While Dirk goes jumping!

ski jump

Kyle smiles in the snow

kyle in snow

and has a bevy of Eldora Girls after him

eldora girls

They do more than skiing during their lessons

snow fight 1

Incoming snowball!

snow fight 2

Skiing sans skis

kyle snow

Kyle's instructor Eric

eldora eric

Ready for the 2022 Winter Olympics

ready to ski

Friends Drew and Dave at Eldora

eldora dave
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