Arapahoe Basin

After having an enjoyable day skiing Steamboat Springs, I met my wife's company at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area - often called A-Basin - for their annual Winterfest. They take the bus up with lotsa of food and drink. I usually do the BBQ'ing but that a small price to pay for a good time with a fun group of people.

Yea, those are jeans I'm wearing - thought I'd go totally retro to match my $4 Bill Johnson ski helmet. I look a bit more dashing in my tux on the eldora page and an awesome looking Colorado Gold Pass would just not have looked right with this attire. But I still skied the bumps! ;-)

The Palli at Arapahoe Basin

Palli at Arapahoe Basin

Nice way to get to Arapahoe Basin

Palli at Arapahoe Basin

Another Spring Skiing day at A-Basin

Palli at Arapahoe Basin

Spring Sking at A-Basin ... with bagpipes!

Palli at Arapahoe Basin

I have skied days like this at Arapahoe Basin! ;-)

Utah Skiing

Brother Kris buried in Utah powder - original and lightened w/o date stamp

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