Hawaii 2011

While Hawaii 2011 was another fun gathering of the K-Krew, my Dad passed away six months earlier, so it wasn't the same as previous years such as Hawaii 2010. But he would have wanted us to go and have the good time we did; several times I felt he was there with us in spirit. A summary is below with more pics/videos at these links:
    Panoramic Sunrise at Kailua Beach - Sunrise Portraits - Boogie Boarding & Surfing - Kyle's Marine Haircut!

Family portrait

kailua hawaii family

A bit more zany Family Portrait - mouseover image to see in action

hawaii family funny

Kyle and I were delayed 3 hours so they could fix a leaky seal on the door - D'OH! ;-)

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Fix United Plane

Since the DEN-HNL flight was late, we saw a nice sunset coming into Hawaii

kailua hawaii sunset from plane

Kyle (before Marine Haircut) with sunburned Uncle Kurt - mouseover image to see 'em flex

hawaii family funny

kurt kyle closeup

Kyle's Marine Haircut: Front, Side, and Back profile at Sunrise on Kailua Beach, Hawaii

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Kyle Marine Haircut

YouTube Video of Sergeant Kurt and Private Kyle on Sunscreen Safety!

Kyle at sunrise with Marine Haircut - mouseover image to see without flash

hawaii family funny

Kurt and Kyle mixing it up Marine style - mouseover image to see Kurt land his kick! ;-)

hawaii family fun fight

Sunrise at Kailua Beach, Hawaii

kailua sunrise

180° Panoramic image of the sunrise

kailua sunrise vertical

Kyle and Kara at sunrise - mouseover image for less serious look! ;-)

kailua hawaii sand castle

Hannah smiles for the camera as the sun rises through the clouds

sunrise kailua beach hawaii a2

Kaelyn has a big smile for Grandma

sunrise kailua beach hawaii b1

sunrise kailua beach hawaii b0

Kaelyn, Myke, and Li-Ming

sunrise kailua beach hawaii c1

"Wooooo ... this water is cold and deep - get me outa here!!!"

sunrise kailua beach hawaii c4

Kyle and Sophia working on their sand castle - mouseover image to see wave come in
YouTube video of 'em working on the Sand Castle

kailua hawaii sand castle

Hannah, Kyle, Kara, and Sophia in their fort

kailua hawaii dragons nostrils 1

Kaelyn is quite busy in her "own" world - mouseover image to see her go back to work! ;-)

hawaii family funny

Watching the Moon Rise from the deck

kailua hawaii moonrise

Fisherman trying to catch stuff under a full Moon

kailua hawaii moon fishing

Long exposure of Kurt, Kara, Mary, Kris, Mom, and Kyle around the beach fire

kailua hawaii beach fire

Steve, Kurt, Stephanie, Kris, and Kyle do a group Boogie Board

kailua beach hawaii boogie board group

Kyle and Kara on Boogie Boards - they were quite the team

kailua beach hawaii surf a0

Kris in the tunnel - mouseover image to see not quite as impressive wide-angle view

kailua hawaii

Nick only had a few days in Hawaii, but whooped it up strong

kailua beach hawaii surf c2

Uncle Myke "helps" Kyle and Nick learn how to balance on the Long Board! ;-)

kailua beach hawaii surf b4

Little bit easier when one is sitting on the Long Board ... plus having Uncle Kurt as ballast

kailua beach hawaii surf b8

Kyle, Kris, and Kara better start paddling fast ... NOW! ;-)

kailua beach hawaii surf b6

Then it was time to try surfing on the Long Board ... first attempt didn't work too well

kailua beach hawaii surf c1

But pretty soon, Nick was looking like a pro!

kailua beach hawaii surf c0

Kurt was also a bit wobbly at first, but picked it up fast

kailua beach hawaii surf c4

Kara rocked on the board

kailua beach hawaii surf c8

Kyle "flying" over the waves - mouseover image for wide-angle view

kailua hawaii

Kyle and Kris take a break from surf boarding

kailua beach hawaii surf d9

So Kyle goes back in the waves for some body surfing - D'OH!

kailua beach hawaii surf a2

P90X takes on the waves at Kailua Beach - Myke says "Bring It!"

kailua beach hawaii surf a9

kailua beach hawaii surf a8

Kris and Myke paddle out "Hawaii Five-O" style in the Kayak

kailua beach hawaii surf a3

Kyle Snorkeling at Lanikai Beach - mouseover image to see without flash

Lanikai hawaii kyle snorkel

Alek, the fearless underwater photographer!

kailua hawaii alek snorkel

There was a little bit of "action" underwater to see and photograph

kailua hawaii scuba 1

Alek and Kurt scuba-diving ... pictures taken by fellow driver with Canon G9 in hard case

kailua hawaii scuba 1

Alek up close with a turtle

kailua hawaii scuba 1

Kurt hanging upside down and hamming it up with the turtle

kailua hawaii scuba 1

Dragon's Nostrils near the Makapu Lighthouse - these were wild!

kailua hawaii dragons nostrils 2

kailua hawaii on deck a0

My Dad enjoyed hanging out on the deck overlooking the ocean - bummer he wasn't there to be with us ... :-(

kailua hawaii deck