180° Panoramic of Kailua Beach, Hawaii

One of the best parts about Kailua Beach, Hawaii are the awesome sunrises. The picture below is from seven images stitched together - note that since this is a 180° panorama, some distortion is unavoidable when projected on a two dimensional plane. View the resulting 30+ Megapixel images stitched spherically and cylindrically - an "Easter Egg" was added in the later! ;-)

Mouseover sunrise picture to see spherical compared to cylinderical stitch - which looks better?

kailua beach hawaii panoramic

Another sunrise panoramic from 9 vertical images stiched together - standing next to deck

kailua sunrise vertical

Single frame image of the sunrise taken several minutes earlier but exposed lighter

kailua sunrise
Note: These pictures were actually taken ~15 minutes after sunrise since there were some dense clouds right on the horizon.
BTW, the "Obama House" is at the North end of the beach a little over a mile walk away.
More Kailua Beach, Hawaii sunrise pictures ... and some from 2010

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